Mike Golic's Salary

Mike Golic’s Salary

It is no secret that people in professional sports make money. Whether it be the coaches that can pull down millions per year, the players that can pull even more, or even the support staff that can command incredible salaries, sports is a good industry to be in. That being said, lets take a look a look at a coveted position in sports, the host. In particular, we will look at Mike Golic and see ho... »

Candace Parker's Salary

Candace Parker’s Salary

When people think about sports stars, they think about having wealth, fame, and anything they want. However, this isn’t always the case. For example, the majority of professional athletes earn significantly less then the top earners out there. While one or two people may be bringing home millions of dollars in their contracts, the majority of professional athletes make due with much less. So, wher... »

Careers for Right Brained People

Careers for Right Brained People

Studies suggest the left side of the brain controls logic, reasoning and language while the right controls creativity, emotions and motivation. This would suggest those who are dominantly right or left brained would excel in certain jobs. Left brain jobs typically are science, math, technology and engineering and tend to pay higher than right brain jobs like, theater, literature and arts. Right br... »

Careers for Nonconformists

Careers for Nonconformists

With more college students graduating every year with debt and entering into a job market where jobs are slim, it has many wondering if college is the right path for them. Now there are plenty of careers that can offer the benefits and income of a college degree without the cost and debt. 1. Dog Trainer The pet industry is a $55 billion industry. This leaves a lot of room for pet training and spec... »

Forensic Anthropologist Salary

Forensic Anthropologist Salary

A forensic anthropologist works closely with law enforcement and other government agencies. That is not to say that forensic anthropologists are limited in their careers or in the salaries they may obtain, but, in general, work related to the field of criminal justice is the most common application of said skills. As the name itself implies, forensic anthropologists, usually hone their skills to b... »

Scott Van Pelt Salary

Scott Van Pelt Salary

Scott Van Pelt is a popular American sportscaster for ESPN. He was born in 4th August, 1970 in Brookeville, Maryland and was raised in the Washington, D.C. Scott Van Pelt’s Education and Career Van Pelts education came from Sherwood High School. He received his high school diploma from there. He then attended the University of Maryland to study Radio/Television Broadcasting and Film. He completed ... »

Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Salary

Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s Salary

Born in Cranston, Rhode Island in 1977, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a well-known television personality with a net worth of approximately $12 million. She has worked for an array of renowned companies but developed her popularity as the co-host for Fox & Friends. Her Early Years Elisabeth Hasselbeck attended Boston College and was the captain of the women’s softball team, the Eagles. She led the ... »

Mortician's Salary

Mortician’s Salary

If you have ever watched a popular television show such as Six Feet Under or even a horror movie that has to do with funerals and funeral homes, you have probably seen a mortician. A career as a mortician is far more than the movies and television shows portray as there is an ample amount of education and experience that goes into the job. In some cases, there is a high level of scientific knowled... »

Pat Sajak's Salary

Pat Sajak’s Salary

Have you ever had the opportunity to stay home from work and watch daytime television? Or perhaps you enjoy watching game shows on your time off. Regardless, you have probably heard of the Wheel of Fortune, which is an incredibly popular game show that has been broadcasted in countries around the world. The host, Pat Sajak is one of the most popular game show hosts on television today, as is his a... »

Judge Judy's Salary

Judge Judy’s Salary

Have you ever considered the amount of money that TV and movie stars make on a yearly basis? In comparison to a variety of different actors and actresses, Judge Judy makes a significantly larger sum than many others. As the highest paid personality on TV today, Judge Judy’s salary is something that will not only shock you, but also ask why and how she makes as much money as she does. Judith Sheind... »

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