Discrimination Against Smokers in the Workplace

During the earlier years smoking in the workplace is accepted and this activity is viewed to be just as drinking coffee. But now, this practice is not accepted anymore. Concerned about the negative impact of smoke and the comfort and welfare of non-smokers have triggered some state to ratify laws restricting smoking in workplaces. Many individuals agree with this law but there are some who views this as discrimination against smokers in the workplace.

Even in hiring employees, this issue has become apparent. There are those employers who do not hire employees who are smokers. This is probably because of health concerns and other underlying factors. However, just because other employers or organizations do not hire smokers mean that you also easily can. You first need to figure out if banning smokers is permitted in your state. If you fail to do this thing, you might unknowingly display discrimination.

Workplace Smoking and Discrimination Issues

Various states have ratified legislation prohibiting or banning smoking in public areas including workplaces. However, it is essential to note that there might be several state laws that prohibit using or smoking tobacco products in public places, there are also many states prohibiting discrimination according to off duty and legal activities like smoking tobacco.

Therefore some employers might have the right to restrict smoking on designated areas of prohibit this activity entirely however, it is a must to check their state’s anti-discrimination legislation carefully. They are also advised to work with legal counsel regarding any decision related to employment that is strictly based on individuals’ smoking habits and concerns.

Applicants and employers must understand that there are some states that do not enact laws protecting smokers and entitling them to equal protection especially in terms of promotions and hiring. But if your company is in a state that offer smokers’ protection, you cannot refuse hiring individuals just for the reason that they smoke.

Smoking has been a common practice linked to most men and now this has becoming an issue whether one should be hired or not. Individuals are really divided in thoughts and opinions regarding discrimination against smokers in the workplace. Some says that banning smokers in the workplace is just a right and fair approach while some considers this is a clear manifestation of discrimination against smokers in the workplace.

What State Laws Prohibit

However, for state that enacts law prohibiting smokers in the workplace, individuals got no choice but to comply. On instances that smokers are denied of employment by employers living in state that does not really enact laws, smokers applying for certain positions can file complaints. While it is not fair to judge people based on their smoking habits, individuals have to keep in mind that there are still logical reasons why banning smokers in the workplace is valid and legit.

Discrimination against smokers in the workplace is expected to be highly talked upon and debated topics these days. Individuals are advised to make extensive research in order to gain better understanding regarding this issue.

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