10 Best Paw Patrol Sayings and Quotes

PAW Patrol is an animated series that features a group of six rescue dogs led by a tech savvy boy by the name of Ryder. With the many adventures undertaken by the PAW Patrol team, here is a look at some of the most memorable PAW Patrol sayings and quotes.

Chase is on the case!
Don’t lose it. Reuse it!
I’m fired up.
Let’s dive in.
Let’s take to the sky. This pup’s gonna fly.
Pups to the rescue.
Ready for a Ruff, Ruff rescue.
Ready, Set, Get Wet!
Rubble on the double! Let’s dig it.
These paws uphold the laws.

Here is a look at some interesting facts about Paw Patrol character Rubble. The smallest member of the PAW patrol team, Rubble has great skills in digging and building.