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List of Monosyllabic Words

A monosyllabic word is a word with only one syllable such as cat. The longest monosyllabic words is nine letters. There are some monosyllabic languages found throughout the word such as China and Southeast Asia. Here is a look at some of the most common monosyllabic words in the American language. act base bid blame bomb break bus cat cord count door drop dumb faith fear few glove head heat high k... »


List of Micro Prefix Words

Micro is commonly seed as denoting a factor of one millionth in size of the metric size. It roots from the Greek word meaning small. Used as a prefix in the English language, here are some great examples of micro prefix words in the following list. microaction microanalytic microapp microartifact microassault microassembly microbomb microbrew microburst microcard microchip microcinema microcity mi... »


List of ISM Suffix Words

The ISM suffix is used to take action nouns and convert them into verbs. It is used to indicate an action, a condition, a characteristic, or behavior. Here is a good list of ISM suffix words you are probably familiar with. Absenteeism Accidentalism Alcoholism Americanism Antagonis Athleticism Baptism Barbarism Charisma Colloquialism Despotism Exorcism Favoritism Heroism Journalism Mannerism Mechan... »


Intra Prefix Words List

Intra is a word forming element that refers to inside or within something such as with the word intravenous. Here is a look at some great examples of intra prefix words in the following list. intracellular intracerebral intracompany intracranial intractable intraday intradermal intrados intramolecular intramural intranasal intranet intransigent intransitive intrant intraocular intrapersonal intrap... »

Iambic Pentameter Words List

Iambic Pentameter Words List

Iambic Pentameter is a line of a verse with a short syllable followed by a long syllable. These are commonly found in traditional English poetry and verse drama. Here are some great examples of Iambic Pentameters in the following words lists. Example #1 The only news I know Is bulletins all day From Immortality. The only shows I see, Tomorrow and Today, Perchance Eternity. Example #2 When I was on... »


Hypo Prefix Words List

A hypo prefix means that it is beneath or below. As the opposite of hyper, hypo may be used in medicine and science to explain something that is less than normal or in a low state. Here is an example of some hypo prefix words in the following list. hypoacid hypoblast hypocalcemic hypocenter hypochlorite hypochondria hypocorism hypocoristically hypocrisy hypocrite hypocycloid hypodermal hypodiploid... »


List of Words with the Prefix Hyper

Hyper is a prefix that means excess or over. Hyper is commonly found in medicine to explain items of excess such as hyperhydration or hyperacidity. It is also seen in science with terms such as hypertension or hyperthyroidism. Here is short list of words with the prefix hyper that are commonly used. hyperacid hyperacute hyperaesthesia hyperalert hyperbola hypercalcemia hypercatabolism hypercautiou... »

List of Homophone Words

List of Homophone Words

Homophones are what words are referred to that have two different meanings but are pronounced the same. Homophones are commonly spelled differently with their own set of symbols. Here is a short list of homophone words commonly used in the English language. aisle, isle bare, bear, bear be, bee cell, sell cent, scent cereal, serial dear, deer die, dye eye, I fir, fur flour, flower heal, heel him, h... »


Homograph Words List

A homograph is a word that has two or more meanings, but is spelled the same. Sometimes these words may not even be pronounced the same. Here is a look at some of the most popular homograph words encountered in grade school. abuse addition bass bow capital capitol close construct contest delegate desert digest edition estimate excuse expose fair flour flower offense record recount refuse resent sc... »


Hardest Spelling Bee Words List

Depending upon how a word is pronounced or sounds to some, many words used in the English language can leave people with a blank on how to spell. Here is just one list of some of the hardest spelling bee words. Not only are many of these words foreign to others, but knowing how to spell them can be equally exhausting. abomasum abscissa acclimatize alopecia anglophile annulet anthophilous arriviste... »

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