18 Great Class of 2018 Sayings

After years of academic study, making it to the big day of graduation is a relief to many. To celebrate, here is a look at some great Class of 2018 sayings to add to your invites and t-shirt sayings.

18Orn To Be Great
All Or Noth1N8
Class Dismissed 2018
Doing It B18
Don’t Hate, Class of 2-0-1-8
Feelin’ The V18E
Graduate 18. Yes I Did!
I graduated! Now I’m ready to retire.
I graduated. Now I’m like smart and stuff.
I have grad-itude
Ist grade was so 12 years ago.
One – Eight, Keep Calm And Graduate
See You 18Tr!
Too Cool for School
We Are Incred18Le
We Are Infinite 2018
We Are Invinc18Le
Whatever you are be a good one.

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