20 Great Kentucky Derby Sayings

The Kentucky Derby has been held annually since 1875. The Derby is frequently referred to as the ‘Run for the Roses’ because of the amount of red roes that blanket the winner each year. To commemorate this much anticipated event, here is a look at some great Kentucky Derby sayings to get you inspired.

Am I Good or What?
And That is How the Game is Played
Beating a Dead Horse
Bits and Pieces
Champing at the Bit
Dark Horse
Everyone Should Have a Hobby. Mine is Winning
Gettin’ Lucky in Kentucky
Hands Down
Horse Racing Makes Life Worth Living
Life is Good
Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth
Man O War
May the Horse Be with You
Starting from Scratch
The Only Place Where People Party for 2 Weeks for a 2 Minute Race
Welcome to my World
You Can’t Make a Fast Buck on a Slow Horse

Here is a look at some of the greatest moments in the long history of the Kentucky Derby.

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