50 Best Thank You Messages for Baptism and Christening

Sometimes it is tough to figure out what to write in a baptism thank you card, or to decide on christening thank you card wording. Here are some great examples of thank you messages for attending those ceremonies, for attending and giving a gift, and notes to say thank you to a priest or pastor.

Baptism Thank You Messages
Christening Thank You Messages

Baptism Thank You Messages

#1 Thank you for coming to my child’s baptism. It’s always a joyous time when family and friends come together in celebration, and this day would not have been the same without you there. To be able to share in this moment with you means the world to me, as does your love and support.

#2 Baptizing a child is a commitment to guide them through life. To surround them in love, security and hope. Seeing your face in the crowd reminded me of how important a role our family and friends play in this journey, and in our lives. Thank you for joining us on such a significant occasion.

#3 This mama cannot fully express the joy I felt as you sat near me. Like sunshine on a cold day, you arrived, bringing a smile that renewed my soul. I never told you just how much I needed you there. Thank you for attending my child’s baptism.

#4 As we navigate the twists and turns of each year, our paths may cross frequently, or sometimes not at all. In such a busy world, it is a privilege to have our loved ones make the effort to join us as we celebrate the baptism of our child. Thank you so much for coming.

#5 I am as happy as a honeybee you made it to my child’s special day. Your support in our life is as sweet as honey. Even the thorns in life cannot stop me from letting you know how grateful I am that you made the time to come. Thank you for being there for this historical day in our family’s life.

#6 Raising a child is an incredible task. It’s filled with ups and downs, and a constant rollercoaster of overwhelming love and new experiences. Without the support of special people like you, the ride would not be the same. Your presence at our child’s baptism was proof of how much we can rely on you. Thank you for coming.

#7 There are moments in life we will treasure forever. These moments are made better by the people we get to share them with. Our child’s baptism was one of those times. I will forever remember your presence on such a monumental day in our lives. Thank you for joining us.

#8 When life presents us with big moments that can last a lifetime, we want you there beside us. You showed up just as we hoped for an important occasion and were that steady rock of support. Thank you for coming to my child’s baptism. I will always appreciate that.

#9 The world is overflowing with beautiful things. The cheerful chirping of birds. The endless colors of a garden. The soft sway of the ocean as its waves hit the shore. And your familiar face in the assembly of people. Thank you for joining us. With a simple act, you made my child’s baptism that much more beautiful.

#10 When you plan something like the baptism of your child, it suddenly becomes clear whose presence you value in your life. You realize the importance of those people, and how much you want them there for your big moments. It is an honor to know you return the love we have for you. Thank you for coming.

#11 As we go through the various stages of life, people filter in and out. Some pass through as swift as the wind in your hair. Others are as constant as the ground beneath your feet. I’m glad you are the latter. It has meant so much to us to have you there for the baptism of our child.

#12 All too often, we take for granted the people around us. We become used to seeing their smiling faces. We assume they will always be at our side. Today, I was overcome with gratitude at what it truly means to have you in my circle. Thank you for being a part of our day as we baptized our child.

#13 I felt a new life spark within me when you came with your kind eyes and reassuring smile. Your words deepened the true meaning of the ceremony that took place on this important day. You brought hope and purpose when you made the effort to be here for my little one’s baptism.

#14 On the day we baptized our child, I was grateful for many things. For the love that filled the room. For the chattering voices that filled the air. For the loved ones that filled the seats. For your smiling face, kind words and loving heart. Thank you for celebrating this milestone with us.

#15 I want my little one to have a community of support in their early stages of life, beginning with their baptism. You proved that very support I was searching for just by being there. It was an honor and a true delight to have you there. Thank you for coming!

#16 Thank you for coming and being part of such a special day in my life and that of my child. Your presence added so much. Knowing that our cherished friends are taking such an active part in our lives is an honor.

#17 It was such a delight to see you at our child’s baptism. It was a special day that I will always treasure and remember, and your presence made it even more special. Thanks so much for coming!

#18 Thank you for attending the baptism of my child. I hugely appreciate having the support of loyal friends and family at such an important life event. Thank you for coming and showing your support and friendship.

#19 Thank you for coming to the baptism of my child. It makes the job of being a parent so much easier knowing that our child will grow up in this world surrounded by warm and positive people like yourself. Your attendance meant a lot to me.

#20 It was so thoughtful of you to find the time to attend our child’s baptism. They are so lucky to be growing up nurtured and cared for by such a strong network of friends and family. Thank you!

Thank You for the Gift & for Attending
#1 What a sweet time it was for us to share the baptism with you. Your presence there was an honor for us, and we also thank you for the treasured gift. We had planned this day with great care, and hope it was a meaningful time for you, too.

#2 Thank you for coming to the baptism, which meant so much to our family. We are grateful to God for the loving influence you are in our lives and thank you for the sweet gift. We treasure our memories of that day and are delighted you were a part of it.

#3 We were honored to share the baptism with you. Your attendance brought joy to our hearts and we appreciated your thoughtful gift, too. It is with hearts overflowing with gratitude that we offer our thanks to you, and for a day that was filled with loving-kindness.

#4 We are glad you were there to celebrate the event with us and want to thank you for your kind gift. We recognize many blessings in our lives, which come in different forms. It is a truth we celebrate that you are indeed a great blessing to our family.

#5 Your meaningful gift was a kind gesture, and your attendance a delight to us. It was an important day, filled with reminders of all the good things we experience as part of God’s family. We love you and appreciate you sharing it with us.

#6 Sharing the baptism with you was a moment to treasure. We loved your kind gift and thoughtfulness. Everything came together beautifully, and we delighted in your presence there. We hope that you felt part of something that made your heart rejoice and celebrate.

#7 Our hearts were made so happy by your attendance and your kind gift. It was a day filled with tears of joy, smiles and laughter as we shared this time together. You are so cherished by our family and we are thankful for you.

Thank You Note for Baptism to Priest or Pastor
#1 We want to thank you for the christening you have provided to our child. We recognize the importance of this ceremony and are grateful that we could trust you to do it. We will always cherish this memory and remember it fondly.

#2 On this important day, the christening of our little one, we want to send you a special thanks for all the love and support you have provided us through this sacrament. We are delighted and honored that you were able to provide this service for us.

#3 Having a child grow in the same faith as a parent is a significant part of any spiritual path. Having you provide the christening sacrament for our child has allowed us to feel God’s love even more. We thank you for your guidance and continued support.

Christening Thank You Messages

#1 Every life has a history. Thank you for coming to our baby’s christening ceremony and being part of ours. We will remember everything about that day, from the smiles you brought with you to the sights and sounds all around. Your presence added beauty to the memories. We appreciate you so much.

#2 A baby has a way of bringing happiness, and the christening day doubled that happiness for our family. Thank you for being a part of the day. In the book of Psalms, children are described as being a gift from the Lord, and we have been so blessed. Your presence was another gift to us. Thank you again.

#3 This short message isn’t enough to thank you for being part of the christening. Your presence added such meaning to the day, and we were overjoyed to have you there as a witness. You were more than just one in a crowd, and we appreciate you so much. Thank you again.

#4 God has blessed us with this baby, and with people like you in our lives. The book of Jeremiah tells us that God has plans for each of us to give us hope and a future. I know His plans included having you as a part of our baby’s christening. Thank you so much for being there, and may God bless you, as well.

#5 A christening marks an important day in life’s journey, and your presence added a beautiful light and energy to our baby’s step along the path. We were surrounded by such joy, and you amplified that joy by bringing more with you. The entire experience will rest in our hearts, along with our thankfulness, for having you with us.

#6 With people like you in our lives, we can move forward with confidence in love as we watch our child grow. Thank you so much for being with us at our baby’s christening. You brought us warmth and joy, which made the day even more special. We appreciate you and look forward to seeing you again soon.

#7 The christening of our child was a day our family had looked forward to with great anticipation. Having you there to share it with us reminded me of how truly blessed we are to have you in our lives. Thank you for being there to bear witness to this cherished ceremony.

#8 We were so happy to see you at our child’s christening. It was an important moment in their lives. Thank you for being a part of this sacred milestone.

#9 [Insert name]’s christening was a huge event for all of us. Being surrounded by so much love as we took that important step with our child made me feel so very thankful for the goodness in my life. Thank you for coming.

#10 You are an important person in my life, and I know I can count on your support. I wasn’t surprised that you went out of your way to come to the christening, because that is who you are. I hope you know that you mean a lot to me, and having you there made the event complete. Truly, I thank you.

#11 When I look back on that day, I will remember the activity of the ceremony, but just as powerfully, I will remember how you made me feel. At the ceremony, my heart was overflowing with joy because you were there to share it with me. I am blessed to have you in my life, and I thank you for coming.

#12 It is hard for me to express what your presence meant to me. You made time, despite your busy schedule, to be there for an event that meant a lot to me. You show me, time and again, that you are a true friend. I will forever be grateful, and I thank you deeply for your love and your gift of friendship.

Thank You for the Gift & for Attending
#1 Thank you for the joy you brought to our baby’s christening and for your loving gift. Your generosity will not be forgotten, nor will your part in that special day. It’s having people like you in our lives that brings fulfillment to our family. Thank you again.

#2 Every day the Lord gives us a reason to celebrate our blessings. On our baby’s christening day, we had even more reasons to be joyful. The ceremony itself was a blessing, as was your presence there. Thank you, also, for your gift. We appreciate your generosity and your part in our lives.

#3 Time can mark so many moments in our lives. Each minute of having you at the christening marks a moment of joy and thankfulness. Your love and support will continue to mean so much to us as we move through our weeks, months, and years. We appreciate the gift of your friendship and also the gift you gave us on that special day.

#4 Thank you so much for taking part in our baby’s christening. The day wouldn’t have been the same without you being there. We appreciate you for the person that you are and for taking the time to celebrate with us. Thank you also for the gift. We’ll cherish it always.

#5 The beauty of the christening was made possible by our friends and family, and we thank you for that. It is your love and generosity that brought so much meaning to the day. Not only did you bring happiness to the celebration, but you also bring that to our lives every day. Thank you also for your gift. We are so lucky to have you.

Thank You Note for Christening to Priest or Pastor
#1 Your words of affirmation were so encouraging and uplifting. You imparted great meaning and significance to the event, and we are immensely grateful to you. We will always treasure our memories and the great step of faith our child made in being baptized. Thank you so very much.

#2 Thank you for reminding us of the great truths of our faith. We are grateful for the way that you brought such an important sense of occasion to the event. May God continue to bless you in your ministry as you serve others with the sincerity of your heart.

#3 Please accept our deepest thanks and appreciation for the way you led the baptism. It was a day filled with light and love, and you helped us to embrace the significance of it all. Everyone was uplifted, and you made it a truly delightful experience for everyone in attendance.

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