21 Funny Retirement Cake Sayings

Decades in the workforce take you down the road to retirement in your latter years. With dreams ranging from fishing to gardening and golfing, retirement is commonly referred to as the golden years. It is a time to slow down, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. To celebrate this transition, here is a look at some funny retirement cake sayings that are perfect for the occasion.

A Retired Husband Becomes A Wife’s Full Time Job.

Congrats on Crossing the Bridge

Good Luck on Your Retirement.

Goodbye Tension. Hello Pension.

I’m Retired. Having A Good Time Is My Job!

Leave the Relaxing to Her!

Life Begins At Retirement

No Alarm Clock. No Commute. No Problem.

Now Gainfully Unemployed – And Very Proud of It, Too!

Now There’s Time For Everything.

Retirement Is Just The Beginning.

Retirement Means No Pressure, No Stress, No Heartache… Unless you Play Golf.

Retirement Takes All the Meaning Out of Weekends

Retirement: World’s Longest Coffee Break.

The End is Just a New Beginning

The Trouble With Retirement Is That You Never Get A Day Off.

Time For Seven Day Weekends!

We Know That There Will Be Life After Retirement for You – a Great Life, Indeed!

Working Part-Time to Spoil the Grandkids.

Young At Heart. Slightly Older In Other Places.

Your Specialty Can Now Be Doing Nothing.

Retirement is a time that many people work their entire life just to enjoy. Do not make this period of your life any more difficult than necessary. Check out these amazing retirement tips for success to keep you on the right track.