21 Great Teenage Birthday Card Sayings

Becoming a teenager is an important milestone in any child’s life. To celebrate this rite of passage, here are some great teenage birthday card sayings that you can share as a special message on their big day.

Birthday wishes for a phenomenal day and even more hopes for everything going your way. Happy Birthday.

Fantastic birthday wishes to you. Happy Birthday.

Flowers and wishes, gifts and cake, I hope your birthday is awesome and great. Happy Birthday.

Good things, good times, good things, good times, good things, good times…May your happy day come with plenty of good things and good times. Happy Birthday.

Happy 13th birthday. Did you know that the number “13” is a so-called “happy number”. May every day as a 13 year old be filled with more happiness than you can take.

Happy 13th birthday. Happy coming of age. Not.

Happy 13th birthday. It’s time to take your medicine. You are a teenager today, so you’re ready for a major dose of adolescence.

Happy 13th birthday. There’s no denying it. You’re a teenager now, so you are ready for the most important thing in life: a smartphone.

Happy 13th birthday. Today, you are officially an adolescent, with all the privileges and responsibilities that come with it. That could only mean one thing: it’s your turn to take out the trash.

Happy 13th birthday. Welcome to the teens. It’s going to be a bumpy, yet exciting ride you’ll never forget or regret (well, maybe you’ll regret a few things you’re about to do).

Happy birthday. You only get to turn 13 years old once, so you should have the greatest and grandest celebration ever.

I can’t believe that you’re already 13 years old and a full-fledged adolescent. You have so much to look forward to. Being a teenager rocks. Happy 13th birthday.

I couldn’t just give you a simple birthday gift. It would be incomplete with a special birthday wish. Happy birthday wishes to you.

Let happiness flow on your birthday and throughout the year to come. Happy Birthday.

May you have the biggest, bestest, happiest birthday of your life.

May your bash be the boomingest. Happy Birthday.

May your birthday be so amazing that it makes everybody green with envy.

On your special day, cut loose and be sure to get a huge hunk of cake. Licking the icing from your hands is optional. Have an extraordinary birthday.

There’s so much that goes into having a fantastic birthday. Birthday wishes for you to have them all: Joy, Friends, Love, and Special Moment

Turning 13 years old and becoming a teenager are one of the few times in life when really BIG changes happen to you. Enjoy the adventure that awaits you. Happy 13th birthday.

Wow, you’re 13 years old. Everything they say about this age is true. enjoy every acne-filled, grounded moment of it. Happy 13th birthday.

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