23 Best Teacher Appreciation Card Sayings

Good teachers can be hard to find. An exceptional teacher exuberates knowledge, patience, and kindness. Finding the right words to share your feelings of appreciation at the end of the school year is one way to communicate your gratitude. Here is a listing to some of the best teacher appreciation card sayings to keep in mind this school year.

Classrooms can survive without iPads and computers, but never without inspirational teachers. Thank you for being the irreplaceable teacher that you are.

Dear teacher, thanks for not making us learn the way you wanted to teach, but teaching us the way we wanted to learn.

Dear teacher… you are the best because you brought out the best in us.

I am lucky to have the best teacher in this world. Wherever I may go in my life, I will always remember that I had an excellent guide in the form of a teacher, You.

I feel so fortunate to have been placed in your class. You have amazed and inspired me daily and for that I am thankful because you are truly a wonderful teacher.

I may not always say it, but I mean it whenever I say it. Thank You, Teacher, for all the extra efforts you make to help us grow, and the challenges you encourage us to face to help us become who we are.

I may not remember what my teacher said but I’ll never forget my teacher’s voice.

Instead of leading us by holding our hands, you asked us to walk ahead while you caringly observed from behind. Thanks.

It is easy to take you for granted but it is difficult to forget your inspirational words. It is easy to misbehave in class but it is difficult to overlook your motivational advice. It is easy to spot annoyance in your behavior but it is difficult to realize the patience you have while dealing with us. Thanks for overlooking our EASY’s and never forgetting to do your DIFFICULT’s.

Mere words could never express my gratitude to you for truly caring and being there for me. Thank you for teaching me lessons that I will carry throughout my life’s journey and giving me fond classroom memories that I will treasure forever.

Next to our mothers and fathers, we spend more time with our teachers growing up than with any other adult. You’ve been such an amazing teacher and friend and I will always be thankful to have been taught by you.

Ordinary teachers teach their students to succeed. Great teachers teach their students to convert their failures into success.

Right now I am doing exactly what you have always taught me to do when someone does something nice for you – say thank you. Thank you for making me what I am.

Technology has made it easier for students to learn with devices new, but nothing can come close to the experience of being taught by an inspirational teacher like you. Thank you.

Thank you for creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning, appreciation for growing, and room for making mistakes along the way. I am grateful to have you as a guide, leading by example.

Thank you for providing me with all the knowledge and moral support I need to be able to face my future. you will always be my best teacher!

Thank you for sharing your gift of teaching with us!

Thank you for your guidance, friendship, and even for your discipline. I learned that I am strongest when I recognize what yet is weak and how I might best develop those parts of my character. Thank you for taking the time to be my friend. (Maybe not from a five-year-old, unless the child is a precocious specimen successfully shaped by this remarkable teacher’s effective teaching method.)

The loving ways of teachers like you is the difference between teaching and educating. Thanks for teaching us, educating us and empowering us.

The most sincere and heart-felt ‘Thank you’ to the teacher who provided us all the support, guidance, and precious life lessons. Your students will always keep you in their hearts.

To my favorite teacher. You have helped me in more ways than simply enriching my basic knowledge. You have also helped shaped me into the person I am today and for that I will always be thankful!

You are not only our teacher, you are our friend, authority and guide, all rolled into one person. We will always be grateful to you for your support and kindness.

You have worked so hard in shaping me into the student I am today, I thank you for being such an amazing teacher and for all your great lessons.

Knowing how to show that extra step of kindness for a teacher is a great way to pay it forward. Here are some great ideas on how to bring that extra bit of kindness to your favorite teacher this school year.

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