50 Best Save the Date Sayings and Quotes for Weddings

Here is a list of the 50+ best save the date sayings and quotes for weddings to making planning easier.

#1 He popped the question, now get ready to pop the champaign. Save the date!

#2 He snores. She steals the covers. Neither is perfect, but they are perfect for each other.

#3 We’re ready to grow old together, but first, let’s party!

#4 Two people madly in love. AND there’s cake!

#5 She stole his heart, so he sentenced her to life. Be there!

#6 Heard about the happy news? It will soon be time to fill the pews.

#7 We are on the wings of love. Come soar with us.

#8 The only thing we never get enough of is love, so come share in ours!

#9 With hearts aflame and home fires burning, we have struck a match!

#10 They aren’t really swimmers, but they’re taking the plunge!

#11 A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…SoulMates. It is a period of matrimony…save the date!

#12 Before you ask, yes, it’s an open bar. Save the date!

#13 Finding love is the sweetest thing. They will make it official with a wedding ring.

#14 [His name] is going to make an honest woman out of [her name]! Save the date as their witness.

#15 Your favorite couple is tying the knot! Come celebrate with us!

#16 Only the best girlfriends get promoted to wife. We are going to make it official.

#17 What do you do when you meet the man of your dreams? You marry him, of course! Join us as we make our dreams a reality.

#18 He said ours is his favorite love story, and he wants to keep reading forever. Join us as we start our new chapter.

#19 They say it’s only when you find true love that your life really begins. On [date], we finally start our life together.

#20 First, there was Romeo and Juliet. Then there was Brad and Angelina. Now there is [name] and [name]. Join us as we make couples’ history.

#21 Once upon a time, a boy and girl fell in love. Want to know the rest of the story?

#22 Across a crowded room, their eyes met and locked. Now, their eyes will never look at another.

#23 Neither one of them know anything about sailing, but they are going to tie the knot.

#24 Move aside Shakespeare. There’s a new Romeo and Juliet in town.

#25 Come for the vows. Stay for the free food. Save the date!

#26 Both are quiet souls, and yet together, they make fireworks.

#27 She wished upon a star. The first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might have this man for the rest of my life. Wish granted.

#28 Wedding bells are ringing, wedding guests are singing!

#29 Roses are red, and vows will be read too!

#30 He popped the question, and then they popped the cork!

#31 He loves her so, and to the alter they go!

#32 To the world, they are just two people. But to each other, they are the world.

#33 We found our mate, so we set the date.

#34 A couple of hikers bumped into each other. Now they are on the same trail.

#35 We are taking a boat to happiness island. Help us set sail!

#36 We found love and are reeling, and soon wedding bells will be pealing.

#37 We are feeling the happy vibe, come and celebrate with our tribe.

#38 It must have been fate, so save the date.

#39 Her ring is a perfect circle, so circle this date on your calendar.

#40 They could not imagine being apart, so decided to give each other their heart.

#41 Their love is like the sweetest rose, and so he felt the desire to propose.

#42 We may be crazy – crazy in love with each other. Save the date and go crazy with us!

#43 Love was simply a word until they met each other.

#44 We belong together, and now you belong at our wedding. Save the date!

#45 She gave him her hand, so he gave her a band.

#46 My walk down the aisle is going to be a run, straight into the arms of my loved one! Save the date.

#47 It must be love. There is no other rational reason for taking the plunge! Save the date.

#48 Wedded bliss alert! Save the date!

#49 We did it…she finally said yes!

#50 Bring your smiles, and we’ll provide the bells!

#51 Made for each other and madly in love. So save the date for our big day.

#52 Join us as two hearts become one.

#53 The venue is booked. Your presence is requested!

#54 You’re invited to the biggest event of the year!

#55 The secret’s out…we’re getting hitched!

#56 There’s no stopping us now!

#57 I opened up my heart, and she stepped right in.

#58 Together we created a real-life love story.

#59 Gifts are welcome, but your presence is all we need. Save the date!

#60 Who needs a trip to paradise when you can join our celebration?

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