28 Good M&M Sayings

Candy is a great way to share a treat with a friend and leave a quirky note on it for laughs. Here are some good M&M sayings and other candy phrases you can use on your next candy bouquet.

“Everything happens for a RIESEN. Thinking of you!”

“Happy Anniversary! Meet me AFTER EIGHT to celebrate”

“Happy Birthday! Have a WHOPPER of a good time!”

“Happy Birthday! Hope you have MOUNDS of fun today!”

“Happy Birthday! TAKE 5 and enjoy the spoiling.”

“Happy Birthday! Take a FAST BREAK and enjoy!”

“Hope you get feeling BUTTER soon! Don’t lift a FINGER ’till you’re well.”

“I can be such an AIRHEAD sometimes! I’m sorry!”

“I got to PIECES when I know you’re unhappy.”

“I heard your going through a SOUR PATCH. Know I’m thinking of you!”

“I know it’s been a ROCKY ROAD lately. I’m sorry!”

“I love that I can still ROLO-ver next to you each morning.”

“I love you more than a 100 GRAND!”

“I love you NOW & LATER”

“I made a WHOPPER of a mistake! I’m so sorry!”

“I really SKORed getting you!”

“I’m sorry! I never MINT to hurt you!”

“Just thought I’d BREAK THE ICE. I’m sorry!”

“Life can be hard, hope this help you ROLO with the punches.”

“Life is BUTTER with you! So glad to have this ring on my FINGER!”

“Our love is GOOD & PLENTY!”

“So lucky to have married a BIG HUNK like you!”

“Sometimes I can be a real WHAT-CHA-MA-CALL-IT. I’m sorry!”

“There are a millions REESES why I love you!”

“U-NO I love you, please forgive me!”

“We were MINT to be together!”

“We’re always here to help when you’re in a CRUNCH!”

“With you, every day feels like PAYDAY!”

M&M’s come from a surprising background. Here is a great video on the history of M&M’s.

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