50 Great 2nd Birthday Card Sayings

Here is a look at some of the best 2nd birthday sayings to help you with how to say happy birthday to a 2-year-old.

#1 It’s not every day that you get to turn two. But as luck would have it, today’s the one day you do! You’ve grown so much since you were young and one. No more crawling for you now, forget walking, you run! So, here’s a secret, and I know it’s true, today is your birthday and you’re Terrifically Two!

#2 You’re totally two! Have a fabulous birthday, big kisses to you! You’re happy, you’re silly, you’re cute, and you’re sweet. Being around you is such a fantastic treat.

#3 Now that you’re two, I think we should talk. Word on the playground is that you’re now in what they call “The Terrible Twos.” But don’t worry. I know that won’t happen to you. Come on, you? Terrible? No way! So, enjoy your birthday. I’ll make sure everyone knows the truth. Happy 2nd birthday!

#4 Happy birthday to one impressive kid! From crawling to climbing, walking to running, and babbling to singing the ABCs, you’ve grown and learned so much. You’re already a little too clever. I even hear you scribble like Picasso now. Keep it up. You’re making two look good!

#5 It’s your birthday! I know you keep hearing stories about your one-year-old way of life, but you stand tall and walk all on your own now. You’re not just ready for bigger and better, you ARE bigger and better – you’re TWO! So, here’s to your first experience of what it’s like to get older. You’ll show ‘em who’s boss next year.

#6 Welcome to the Terrible Twos! It’s not as bad as it sounds. You get to throw tantrums that make no sense and cry to get what you want. Everything you see is yours now, and you can say no to everything, even when you mean yes. Enjoy it while it lasts, kid. Happy 2nd birthday!

#7 You are two today and a bundle of joy. Your wiggles and smiles make everybody’s heart overflow in delightful ways. You are as sweet as apple pie, and I wish you happy discoveries as you begin these toddler years. Happy birthday!

#8 You were all fingers and toes, but now look at how you have grown. In two short years, your little personality shines, and I love seeing you discover things that make you happy. You fill the day with smiles and cuddles. Happy 2nd birthday.

#9 You are made to reach for the stars, discover, and dream. You have already changed the world just by being here. I wonder what great things lie in store for your life. One thing is certain. I am going to stay around and find out. Happy 2nd birthday!

#10 You were born with a sparkle of joy and delight. It fills your eyes with wonder as you discover the world around you. May you always know that you were made to accomplish great things and a bright future. Most important of all, know how much you are loved. Have a very happy birthday.

#11 One, two, three, four, please don’t grow up anymore! Five, six, seven, eight, let’s celebrate this special date. Happy 2nd birthday! We are so lucky to have a baby like you in our lives. You are a miracle and a pure joy.

#12 It is a happy day, as I celebrate you, now you have reached the age of two. You bring joy to everyone here and light up the world with your smile. I know you have a future filled with good things, starting right now with your birthday.

#13 Let the fun begin and the party start. The cake and balloons all play a part. You begin a new adventure today, at the age of 2. With a world of discovery and delight ahead, there are lots of things to explore. I wish you a very happy 2nd birthday!

#14 Happy 2nd birthday! I spoke to all the fairies, dragons, and unicorns, and they wished you a happy birthday too. They promised to visit tonight in your dreams so you could eat some cake together. I asked if I could join, but they said it’s only for extra special kids like you. Have a magical day.

#15 Happy 2nd birthday to one super special, incredibly awesome, out-of-this-world kid. You’re growing at the speed of light! One day soon, you’ll reach the stars. And after that, the moon. It makes my heart so happy that I get to watch you grow. I hope you have a wonderful day.

#16 You are growing so fast, little one! From first steps to first words, and all that’s in between. You have reached so many milestones and continue to “wow” us with everything that you can do. May the next year be filled with more firsts and memories made with the ones who love you. Happy 2nd birthday, superstar.

#17 This year, you will get to have double the fun, two times the love, and twice the number of memories! I can’t believe you are turning 2 years old already. The time has flown by. I can’t remember a time before you were born because you have made it all that much sweeter! Sending you so much love today on your birthday.

#18 Now you are two, and already there are many memories made in just two exciting years. You are bright and adorable and full of life. I am sure you will go on to make many more childhood memories that will become a strong foundation for the rest of your life. Have a very happy 2nd birthday.

#19 Beginning so small, and now age two, you have already made a big impact on the world. May everything you do grow as if from a tiny seed into a mighty oak. Then one day, you will look back and see how much you have flourished in life. May your birthday be your happiest yet!

#20 Childhood is full of learning and growing. I am sure you will always find it to be as much fun as you do right now. There is wonder and excitement in discovering new things. Hold on to this precious truth as you make your way in the world. I hope you have a magical second birthday.

#21 Hip, hip, hooray, you are turning two today! Watching you grow brings us an endless amount of joy. We wish you the very happiest of birthdays.

#22 Your personality lights up our lives, and you have given us so much. Such a kind and loving child, you bring out the best in everyone. We hope that you have an amazing birthday filled with happy memories and big smiles. Happy second birthday!

#23 On this, your birthday, we reflect on all that you have shared with us. You have taught us to stop and admire beautiful things, to play and have fun. We can’t wait to see what more you have to share. Happy second birthday to someone special!

#24 Your spirit is matched by no other, coupled with an energy that you share with everyone around you. It fills me with happiness to watch you grow bigger and smarter every day. Happy 2nd birthday to a wonderful kid.

#25 Happy, happy birthday! May today bring you everything you wish for and more. You are a special little person in our lives, and we are so lucky to know you. Wishing you an extraordinary day on your second birthday!

#26 Today, the people who love you most will sing songs and play games to celebrate your birthday. I couldn’t possibly think of a better reason to celebrate. Happy second birthday to someone so incredible!

#27 I hope your second birthday is filled with fun and that you get to do the things you love most. We love to see your smiles and admire your endless curiosity. Having such a special person in our lives makes it all the better. Happy 2nd birthday!

#28 We have treasured every single day of your first two years and look forward to all the beautiful memories to come. Happy second birthday to the most amazing kid we know!

#29 From your sweet little feet to your big soft cheeks, everything about you is perfect. We’ll love you forever, even when you don’t fit into your baby shoes anymore. We are so excited to watch you grow up! Happy 2nd birthday!

#30 Even though you only entered the world two years ago, it feels like a lifetime. Once you learn to walk and run, don’t leave too fast! I will always be close behind you to catch you when you fall. Happy birthday.

#31 Happy 2nd birthday to the most precious baby in the world. When you’re older, I hope you can see and understand how big my love is for you. We’ll hug you and carry you even when you’re taller than me. You are surrounded by people who will always cherish you!

#32 I can’t believe how quickly you have grown. Soon you’ll be off to school, then to college, and then you’ll be married with babies of your own. No matter where you go, you will always be our bundle of joy. You are going to go far, little one. Happy birthday!

#33 I’ve searched the deepest oceans and every corner of outer space. I’ve looked through the bins in the basement and in the attic. I couldn’t find any two-year-olds as great as you. Happy birthday. Let’s explore together!

#34 From now on, I’m going to keep my eyes wide open. As soon as I blink, you’ll grow up, and you’ll have a big, beautiful life on your own. Let’s hug and play together while you’re still little. Happy 2nd birthday!

#35 People say that you don’t know love until you love a baby. You have shown me that this is true because you’ve shown me such great love in just two short years. You don’t know how incredible you really are. I hope that one day you will feel this love, too. Happy birthday.

#36 You are the baby that spreads love and joy everywhere you go, wherever you are, and with whoever you meet. Everyone falls in love with you instantly when they see your smiling face! I can’t wait to watch you grow and get to share more memories with you. Sending you the best birthday wishes on this day.

#37 In the two years you’ve been born, you have changed all of our lives for the better, made everything sweeter, and filled every room with love. That is a lot accomplished in such a short time, and I know you will be able to move mountains when you are older! Wishing you a very special birthday today and always.

#38 What a special child you are! Some would call this upcoming time the “terrible twos” when it’s actually called the “terrific twos”! You are going to experience so many new things this year and get to discover more of the world around you. That’s terrific! You are a shining star today and all days. Happy second birthday.

#39 Your family and friends will gather around, celebrating your second birthday. With so many people cheering you on, we know it will be a lot of fun! Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!

#40 Yay, you’re two! That means you get to blow out one more candle this year. Enjoy all the yummy cake on your special day. All the people here love you so much. Have a great second birthday!

#41 You just turned two and you’re already this cool? You are my favorite two-year-old. Thank you for sharing your cake with me. Try not to eat too much cake today! Have an incredible second birthday!

#42 You are a gift to us all. We will always encourage you and hope you fulfill all the exciting things you have yet to dream about. May those dreams take you far beyond two, into a lifetime of happiness and personal achievement. Happy second birthday!

#43 Someone told me you’re turning 2 today. Happy birthday! I hope your day is filled with lots of candy and kisses, cuddles and hugs, and ice cream in every flavor. And if anyone tries to tell you no, just tell them, “It’s my birthday!”

#44 You’re already two today? Wow! In two short years, you’ve learned to sit, crawl and walk. Soon you’ll learn to hop, skip and talk. One thing’s for sure, the world better get ready. To one extraordinary kid, happy birthday. I hope you are spoiled with extra hugs and kisses.

#45 On some days, you’re a superhero. On other days, you’re an astronaut. Some days, you’re the ruler of a kingdom, and on others, you live in the wild. But on this day, you’re the birthday child. Happy birthday to a very special 2-year-old.

#46 In two years, you have changed so much. Every day is an exploration, with so many treasures to find! Have a very happy second birthday.

#47 Look at you. You just turned two. When you eat your cake, remember to chew! Have a very happy birthday!

#48 Snacks, toys, presents, and everyone giving you all this attention. Turning two is pretty good so far, isn’t it? Happy birthday!

#49 You have to be the smartest two-year-old in the world. Remember that you can be whatever you want to be if you try your best. Happy birthday!

#50 You must be the coolest person in the world to have all these people come to your party. I hope you have an awesome day. Happy birthday to the coolest two-year-old.

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