32 Best Short Church Signs Sayings

Your church sign is the best way to communicate your message to those beyond your walls and create interest to bring people in. From funny puns to outright truth and encouragement in the world, here are some of the best short church signs sayings that are perfect to use as a message.

Be friends with Jesus, use Faith book, the Bible.

Cremation is your last chance for a smoking hot body.

Cross Training inside!

Don’t believe everything you think.

Even dying churches donate their organs.

Forbidden fruit creates many jams.

Get Connected Upload A Prayer.

God doesn’t believe in Atheist!

I was addicted to the hokey-pokey but I turned myself around.

If we could mind our biscuits, life would be gravy.

If you haven’t heard from GOD” lately, Try sending some knee mail!”

If you think it’s hot now, just wait.

If you want to be Hater “Hate Evil”

Invest here. 100% return guaranteed.

Is Your Life Running On Empty? Free Fillups Here Every Sunday!

Jesus Christ! The answer is on everyone’s lips.

Jesus did the only extreme world makeover, the flood.

Jesus died for Myspace in heaven.

Jesus IS coming…… Hopefully Before Election Day

Jesus loves you more than the Easter Bunny.

life a mess? try Jesus the original quicker pickerupper.

Make a right turn. It’ll be the right turn.

May you be in Heaven half an hour before the Devil knows you.

No pokemon here just God

Our safe combination: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

Put your troubles in HOLY pockets.

Smoking or Non Smoking section

Some people are like buttons, always “popping” off when they don’t need to.

The government will never have an Eternal Life Policy.

The man who tries to walk two roads at the same time will split his pants.

Time is Horizontal, Eternity is Vertical.

Yellowstone might blow its top. Don’t worry. God’s got the date.

Just because you are Christian doesn’t mean we don’t know how to laugh. Here are some humorous and unusual church sign sayings that have been captured on film.

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