34 Good Pennsylvania Dutch Sayings

Pennsylvania Dutch English is widely spoken in the Old Order Amish and Old Order Mennonite communities. With a variety of words and pheases to know, the World War II Generation was the last generation that widely spoke Pennsylvania Dutch. Here is a look at some good Pennsylvania Dutch sayings to know.

Alle Daag rumhersitze macht em faul. – Sitting all day makes one lazy.

Der Keenich muss mer erhehe. – On must exalt the King.

Der Siffer hot zu viel geleppert. – The drunkard had just sipped too much.

Die sunn is am unnergeh. – The sun is setting.

Die Zeit fer in Bett is nau! – The time to go to bed is now.

Duh’s uff die Rechning! – Put it on the bill.

En Schtich in Zeit is neine wart schpaeder naus. – A stitch in time, saves nine.

Er hot en iwwerflissich lewe gfaahre. – He lived the abundant life.

Er hot net der glaawe. – He doesn’t keep up the faith.

Er is en faehicher schreiner. – He is an able carpenter.

Er is ganz ab. – He’s quite out of his mind.

Er is weenich ad. – He’s a little off in the head.

Er kann vun wunners net saage. – Speech fails him.

Ferwas bischt allfatt so schtarrkeppich? – Why are you so stubborn?

Gott segen eich. – God bless you.

Ich eeger ihn so viel. – I owe his so much.

Ich hab en aker grummbiere geblanst. – I planted an acre of potatoes.

Ich hab nix dagege. – I don’t object.

Ich saag dank am disch. – I offer thanks at the table.

Mer muss uff sich selwer achtgewwe. – One has to take care of himself.

Mir gleiche die Amische brieder bsuche. – We enjoy visiting our Amish brethren.

Mir hen Englischer bsuch ghadde. – We had non Amish visitors.

Nix hot sich verregt, net jewens en Mause. – Nothing stirred, not even a mouse.

Sell is nix as baeffzes. – That is nothing but triffling talk.

Sell kann ennichpepper duh. – Anyone can do that

Setz der disch. – Set the table.

Sie Batt nemme duhn ich gern. – I’ll willingly take his part.

Sie hot die hosse aa. – She wears the pants in the family.

Sie hot die Kinner hiede misse. – She had to mind the children.

Sie hot sich widder verschlofe. – She overslept again.

Sie scheie sich vun haddiArewat. – They shrink from hard work.

Sis alles hendich eigericht. – All is handily arranged.

Sis unvergleichlich hees dohin. – It’s terribly hot in here.

Was der schinner is letz? – What in the world is wrong?

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