4 Careers to Avoid for ESFJ Personality Types

One of the personality types is known to be The Provider in which this person takes the role of the social contributor. Yes, ESFJ personality types are mainly concerned with details that directly involve their friends, their acquaintances, and their own. They are happy to offer their energy and time to ensure that they have met the needs of others.

As conscientious helpers, these people are extremely focused on their responsibilities. Likewise, they are attuned to the emotional environment, keen on others’ feelings, and sensitive on how others think of them. Most of all, they adore a sense of cooperation and harmony as they always want to provide and please.

When it comes to careers, these people would prefer to work alongside others and would become energized when working in a team that is action-oriented, conscientious, and motivated. Moreover, they want to work according to the values they have and they treasure working with people who are cooperative and supportive. However, there are careers not fit for these types of personalities as enumerated on the list below.

1. Working as Software Developer

This type of job requires the creation of computer applications allowing people to perform tasks on the computer. Basically, it is a highly analytical career and some are required to write the codes by themselves instead of giving it over to a computer programmer.

The nature of working as a software developer can be a lonely experience for ESFJs. Although it can allow interaction with others, their nature of being so selfless can overwhelm their coworkers. More so, they tend to become hurt and defensive when criticized which is common in this type of environment.

2. Working in Freelance Jobs

Freelancers work alone and the personality of an ESFJ will seek to be in a team environment built on security and loyalty. This makes it very challenging for ESFJs because they seek a secure and stale job in which freelancing is not. Since uncertainty is common in freelancing jobs, it will definitely drive ESFJs nuts.

3. Being a Journalist

An appealing job can be one that involve journalism as it may require them interaction with others. In fact, it can develop relationships that they can refer to easily for future information. The only problem with this type of job is the unstructured hours that the journalist is required to work with. Thus, this type of job will simply not work out for ESFJs.

4. Job as an Actor

Factors limiting the open-mindedness and creativity of ESFJs such as influence and social status would stress out people with ESFJ type personality. This is due to the fact that actors will be involved with constant criticism from employers, critics, and even random strangers. This can happen in social media or simply on the street. For this reason, being an actor it is important to be able to cope with this type of environment including the type of criticisms handed to him or her. Consequently, even being an actor can be quite tempting to pursue, it is just not the right fit for people with ESFJ personality types.

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