43 Best Employer Farewell Message to Employee

Whether your employee is leaving the company for retirement or to another job position elsewhere, finding a great way to pay tribute to their time served at your organization by reciting one of these great farewell messages. Here is a look at some great employer farewell message to employees that will get you inspired.

“A perfect employee is the one who inspires his boss as much as his boss inspires him. Thanks for being my inspiration.”

“All bosses would be cool and calm if they had efficient employees like you. Thank you.”

“Awards like Employee of the Month are of no value for employees like you perform well every single day of the year. Thank you.”

“Dear employee, as you wish us farewell, I would like to extend appreciation wishes for your sincere help and effort in the project last week. You are an indeed good and funny person.”

“Dear employee, I extend my appreciation of your help in the last task management project. It has been your great help in handling and managing the databases of the organization.”

“Dearest employee, I would like to thank you and extend my appreciation wishes as you bid farewell. You have been a treasured employee of the company.”

“Employees like you are the epitome of professionalism. Thank you for bringing your best to work every single day.”

“Farewell to one great employee. Your hard work and dedication were an important part of our team. As you turn the page in your life’s story, we join together in wishing you every success in all your future endeavors.”

“For my employee, I extend my formal appreciation wishes for your good work over the years in the organization as you bid farewell. Your service has been much valuable and you are indeed a good employee to give us all party.”

“From friendship to mentorship to leadership, you have given this company a warm kinship in every possible form. Thanks.”

“Good luck to a wonderful Boss. It was wonderful working with you. We’ll miss you and wish you well.”

“I am thankful for having employees like you who never shirk responsibility even if it means taking blame when mistakes are made. Thank you.”

“If your perseverance and integrity were contagious diseases, everyone at work would be as perfect as you. Thanks for doing a good job.”

“It has been a great pleasure working with a colleague like you. Now, you are off to your next big challenge. Good luck and farewell.”

“It is sad that you are moving, and we’re wishing you much happiness in your new place. Good luck and stay in touch.”

“It is sad to see you leave. The office won’t be the same without you. Best wishes on your new endeavors.”

“It sounds like an exciting opportunity for you, but I still can’t believe you are leaving. I’m looking forward to hearing all about it soon. Good luck.”

“It takes a college degree to get a nice job but it takes a lot of hard work to get appreciation from your employer. Thank you for working hard.”

“It was a pleasure working with you and your loss will be greatly felt. Thank you for your time and dedication while you worked for us. Best wishes as you embark on a new challenge.”

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you. Missing you already and wishing you every success.”

“It’s really hard to say goodbye, to such a colleague and a friend. All my good wishes are with you.”

“Lovely employee, as you bid farewell, I would like to appreciate your since work and effort you have extended over the years. Your service is indeed much valuable and it would be hard to replace you”

“My words can never be enough to praise your actions because your work always meets my expectations. Thank you”

“Nobody can do your job quite like you. How will we ever make things work around here without you? Our whole team will miss you. Farewell and best wishes.”

“Remembering you and the impact you’ve made to our company. We all want to say goodbye and good luck.”

“So sorry to see you go, boss, and we’ll sure miss you. We wish you all the best for the future.”

“Successful companies are run by successful entrepreneurs who hire successful employees. Thank you for being a key part of this chain.”

“Thank you for bringing your positive attitude to work every day. Projects become easier to execute, changes become easier to implement and problems become easier to solve.”

“Thank you for realizing that by taking ownership of every project, you have taken ownership of your own success.”

“Thank you for showing all your colleagues that the pursuit of excellence is the best way to climb up the organizational ladder in this company.”

“Thanks for backing up the credentials in your resume with hard work, perseverance and loyalty to the company.”

“Thanks for being an asset to the company, a trusty subordinate to your boss and a source of inspiration for your colleagues.”

“Thanks for being that employee who assumes leadership when the boss is not around and ensures compliance when he is.”

“The walls of our office would be weakened without your presence. Thank you for standing strong.”

“The world of business survives less on leadership skills and more on the commitment and dedication of passionate employees like you. Thank you for your hard work.”

“We’re sad you’re leaving the company. You were a wonderful coworker. Goodbye and good luck.”

“You are so irreplaceable to this company that it makes me wonder whether you are my greatest strength or greatest weakness. Thanks.”

“You are the employee that every intern dreams of becoming, every colleague thinks of having and every boss wishes he had. Thank you.”

“You have been a much appreciated and highly regarded asset to this company. Good luck in all your ventures.”

“Your enthusiasm is a personality trait that cannot be learnt and a skill which cannot be taught. Thank you for being the life of the workplace.”

“Your excellence and brilliance have always made for a stunning performance at work. Thanks for bringing so much permanence to our company.”

“Your professionalism embodies the company philosophy and your hard work is a prime example of how employees can further their careers in our organization. Thank you.”

“You’ve been great to work with and you’ve left your mark with us. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy. Congratulations and best wishes on your retirement.”

Here is a great look on how to construct a farewell speech that will honor the employee leaving the company and pay tribute to their time spent.

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