50 Best Baby Congratulations Message for a Boy or a Girl

Here are some great baby congratulations messages for a boy or a girl to say congrats on your friend’s or loved one’s newest addition.

Congratulations on Your New Bundle of Joy
Congratulations on Your Newest Addition to Your Family
Congratulations on Your Baby Girl
Congrats on Your Newborn Baby Boy

Congratulations on Your New Bundle of Joy

#1 From the first coo to the first smile, to that first baby laugh, I hope you enjoy all the baby snuggles and that delicious baby smell. Indulge in every minute of this precious time, as it goes by too fast. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy.

#2 Welcome to the world, baby. You can expect the happiest of memories to come from these new moments you will experience. Be sure to wrap yourself up in these cherished times as tightly as you wrap up your new bundle of joy. All the best to you and your beautiful baby.

#3 Congrats on your new bundle of joy. A new addition to your family means that you get to add in more joy, more laughter, and more love. I hope you soak in every moment and every “first” that you are about to experience. Love and kisses to your new arrival.

#4 Having a new baby in the family will bring you lots of unique and wonderful experiences. It is amazing how something so little can bring us such delight. I want to wish you a lifetime of happiness, love, and laughter together. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy.

#5 I want to wish you the happiest of congratulations on your new bundle of joy. I hope you and baby are doing well as you get to know one another during this special time. May your days be full of the extraordinary, and may they be bursting with lots of love.

#6 Let me be one of the first to welcome to the world your new baby. May your heart be overflowing with love and happiness as you begin this new adventure together. I hope you are able to slow down and enjoy all the snuggly cuddles and baby tickles.

#7 Congrats on your bundle of joy. I can imagine how much this moment means to you, and I am happy that it has finally arrived. I hope you take it all in, from the sleepless nights to the diaper changes, to the immense love you are feeling. Remember it all, always.

#8 Congratulations to you and your new bundle of joy. We can never be fully prepared for what a new baby will bring to us, but we know they will always bring us love. From little toes and little hands, to big eyes and big dreams, enjoy your new delightful treasure.

#9 When a new baby comes into our lives, we experience so many “firsts.” From first smiles to first laughs, to first steps. But that biggest and most important first is the first time you hold them and realize how much you love them. Congrats on your new bundle of joy.

#10 Congratulations to mama and to the new baby. I look forward to meeting your little one, but until then, I know you will be soaking up every inch of baby cuteness. I’m sure you can’t wait to get to know one another. All the best to you and your little darling.

Congratulations on Your Newest Addition to Your Family

#1 How beautiful it is to have a little one to adore and cherish. I hope that your baby is settling into a routine for sleeping and feeding and that you are fully embracing the excitement of your new family dynamics. Congratulations on your new addition.

#2 I am so thrilled to hear news of the safe arrival of your precious baby and offer my congratulations. I am sure this brings great excitement and adds to all the fun for your family. Enjoy every second of new life and the gift of such a treasure.

#3 I want to extend my warmest congratulations on the birth of your child. With tiny fingers and toes and giggles and smiles, I am sure your home is filled with all these things and more. How fulfilling to watch them flourish in a world of discovery.

#4 Congratulations on your new addition. We hope that this darling child fulfills all their hopes and dreams, and that they cherish their uniqueness. As parents, may you champion their efforts and inspire them to be all that they can be. We trust there will always be strong bonds of love between you.

#5 We want to welcome your new addition and offer our congratulations. We are grateful that everything has gone so well, and that you now have a beloved child to call your own. You are the best parents for this child, and we look forward to seeing your little one thriving and growing in future days.

#6 Welcome to your sweet baby. We celebrate with you on the growth of your family and wish you all the best. A baby brings so many moments you want to capture forever. I am sure everyone will be doting on your new arrival.

#7 Congratulations on your new addition. Surely your heart is full to overflowing as you hold your child in your arms. It is with a sense of wonder that children cause us to be grateful and bring us such joy that we never knew existed before.

#8 We want to say hello and welcome to your new addition. We are beyond happy for you and your family and offer our congratulations. We are sure this new season is a thrill for you all. Having a little person around will add much to your family adventures. Congratulations!

#9 This is such wonderful news that your baby has arrived. It is such a momentous occasion, and your life will never be the same. I am sure your heart is bursting with the thrill and privilege of raising your child to know they are cherished. May the happiness of being a parent be your constant reward in the years to come.

#10 The promise of new life requires patience as expectations and dreams grow right alongside our babies. Now you are truly rewarded with a new member of your family. The wait has been worth it all, and we get to say welcome to the world, little one. Please accept our congratulations and best wishes.

Congratulations on Your Baby Girl

#1 Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! May her smile make you smile, and her laugh make you laugh. May her sense of adventure keep your spirits high, and may her soul speak to your heart. Wishing you a beautiful lifetime together.

#2 What amazing news of a sweet, happy, and healthy baby girl! She will shine like the sun and make every day brighter and more meaningful in your life. Congratulations on the arrival of your daughter.

#3 Congratulations to your family on its newest little edition! She is a shining star, brighter than any star in the sky, and she has captured our hearts already. Sending all my love to you and your radiant baby girl on this special day.

#4 My heart is soaring and full of love for you and your family. May your little girl be the healthiest and happiest baby that there ever was. Wishing you an amazing journey in raising a very special baby girl.

#5 Congratulations on your little baby girl! May there be a smooth transition filled with all things pretty and sweet into this world. Remember to hold onto every moment, as time moves too quickly when you have a baby girl. Wishing you love and happiness.

#6 I think you will soon realize how dull and boring life was before your sweet girl came into your life! Your time will now be filled with endless love and adventure, making lasting memories. Wishing you a lifetime of joy with your sweet baby girl.

#7 Welcome to the world, little one. There has never existed such a beautiful baby girl! She takes after her mother in her beauty, and may she gain her mother’s intelligence as well. With both beauty and brains, your sweet baby girl will rule the world one day. I can’t wait to see it.

#8 What a special day to celebrate the arrival of a baby girl! I hope the day has been filled with magic and happiness, one that you can look back on and cherish forever. I am sending my most heartfelt congratulations to you.

#9 A new little princess graces us with her presence! Welcome to the world, little girl. She picked the perfect family to join, one that is filled with love and support. Wishing you a special day today and always.

#10 I am so happy to hear your news of a baby girl! She will bring smiles and joy into your life today and every day, creating memories that last a lifetime. Sending my love to you and your family on this wonderful day.

#11 Congratulations on the arrival of your baby girl. Families are like constellations shining in the sky. The connection a mother shares with her daughter is as powerful as the rays of the sun. As you pour your warmth into her, she’ll develop into a star.

#12 To see your baby for the first time is a feeling that can’t be described. Holding her in your arms, watching her blink at you, and knowing the weight of her potential, creates a change no mom can deny. I welcome to the world your new baby girl.

#13 Like a butterfly in the spring, your baby girl has come into the world. What joy you will feel as she spreads her colorful wings and learns to fly. Until that day has come, enjoy your bundle of joy.

#14 Now your space is complete, with a little one to bring joy, energy and surprise to your life. She’ll make your home even fuller with her vibrancy and life. Congratulations on the newest addition to your family.

#15 You’ve packed your bags for parenthood, and have begun your steep climb through sleepless nights and uncharted territory. One day you will look back fondly on your exhausted days when you held your priceless baby girl tenderly in your arms. Absorb every moment of her beauty. I am so happy for you on the birth of your baby girl.

Congrats on Your Newborn Baby Boy

#1 Congrats on your new bundle of joy! In his world, worms are spaghetti. Rocks are gold. Boogers are diamonds. Bedsheets are capes. Broccoli is poison. Ice cream is life. The bathtub is an ocean. And he is an explorer. The best part of all? You get to explore with him. This is going to be awesome.

#2 Now that your little boy has arrived, here are a few survival tips. Learn to love the noise, even at night. Practice holding worms. Keep a jar aside for collecting cool rocks. Appreciate the awesomeness of a stick on the floor. Do not buy white clothes. Do not buy white anything! And most importantly, enjoy your bundle of joy. Congratulations!

#3 Your baby boy has arrived! That’s awesome. You are about to discover a world unlike anything you’ve known before. A world as beautiful as it is messy. As content as it is chaotic. Filled with joyful noise, cannonballs and terrifying (but oh-so-impressive) stunts. You are going to love it! Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

#4 Congratulations on the arrival of your little man. From sippy cups and superhero shirts, to bow ties and tuxedos, there is so much to look forward to. Maybe he will be a doctor. Or a policeman. Maybe he will race cars? Only time will tell. One thing I know for certain is that he will always be loved.

#5 Congratulations on your baby boy! A few things to remember: If it can be sat on without breaking, it is a horse. If it can fit in both hands, it is a bazooka. If it is slimy, or creepy, or lives in the flower beds, it is food. Get ready to experience the world as you never have before.

#6 Your baby boy is here, and we couldn’t be more excited. Bringing a child into your life changes everything. It’s difficult, exhausting and there always seems to be a mess (no matter how often you clean). But it is one of the most spectacular, fulfilling, and worthwhile things you will do. Congratulations on your new addition to your family.

#7 As you wipe mud off the walls, notice the smallness of the handprints. As you scrub stains from pants and empty sand from socks, consider the fun that was had. And as you finally sit down after bedtime stories, appreciate the fullness of the day. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy. A lifetime of joy (and mayhem) awaits.

#8 From diaper bag to school bag to moving boxes. It goes by slowly, then not slowly at all. Somewhere in the noise, laughter and dirt, time passes. So, whether it’s collecting bugs and beetles, or giving kisses and cuddles, or playing cowboys and sheriffs, or reading homework and books, I hope you enjoy every second. Congratulations on your newest addition.

#9 Your little boy is here! Remove your breakables! Hide anything that resembles a crayon. If it fits in your nostril, throw it away. Finally, warn your neighbors (even apologize in advance). You are about to be hit by a tiny, loveable, destructive tornado. You might lose your mind, but your heart will thank you. Congrats on the newest family member.

#10 Welcome to the world, little one! Your family has eagerly been awaiting your arrival. Now is where things really get interesting. May your days be filled with exciting adventures. May your nights be filled with peaceful dreams. And may your home be filled with endless love. All the best wishes to a very special family.

#11 Receiving a reward is a joyful moment, but there is no gift as precious as life. Presents may lose their sparkle, but a son will continue to dazzle. I welcome your baby boy to this world. Enjoy your bundle of joy!

#12 The excitement of birth is like no other. Parenthood is a devoted journey. The path is long and full of twists and turns. No day will be like the next. Congratulations on your baby boy and the times you will spend together.

#13 Cherished seeds grow into beautiful gardens, full of pride and charm. Families, too, develop and bloom, each flower as special as the next. I welcome your baby boy into your life – a place where he can blossom.

#14 The earth is a marvelous place with endless places to explore. How magnificent it is to teach a child of its wonder and see that curiosity in their eyes. Congratulations on the arrival of your baby boy – a new addition to the globe. Welcome to the world, little one.

#15 Beautiful moments can be had alone, but are treasured when had with another. To share in blissful memories creates everlasting bonds. Congratulations on your baby boy. I wish you a future filled with heartfelt moments you can tell for years to come.

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