5 Careers to Avoid for ESTJ Personality Types

There is one among the sixteen personality types that are known to be the Supervisors. It is their forte to be great at problem solving as they adapt and apply past experiences. More so, they like to work wherein they can see quick, visible and tangible outcomes.

Likewise, ESTJs are keen at enforcing procedures and rules and they are serious by making sure that other people will toe the mark or they will surely face consequences for it. According to research, they are likely to display a Type A behavior in which they are most content with their job. At the same time, these personalities are many among business owners, bank officers and financial managers.

They also represent order and tradition as they utilize their comprehension of right, wrong and what is acceptable in the society for the reason of bringing communities and families together. Moreover, they adore honesty, dignity and dedication in which they are important at giving clear advice and guidance. But what are the careers that they should avoid as ESTJ personality types? Here is a list of some notable jobs they should get rid of.

1. Being an Actor

For ESTJs, imitating real life can be a challenge as the world of acting doesn’t have much structure. Despite the fact that the extroverted are attracted to being in the limelight, it is simply not their forte. As they adore stability, acting is not the right fit for their type of personality. For this reason, acting does not sit well with them who are well glued to security and stability, as this career is never secure nor safe for them.

2. Career as a Writer

Similar to being an actor, the life of being a writer just is not the securest and the safest of all jobs out there. Although there are notable writers who made it to the top, it is simply not the case for everybody. Additionally, it will take many years to establish a name in the writing career.

3. Being a Musician

Musicians are not always the career best fit for ESTJs as it is not stable either. This is because the life of being a musician can have uncertainties when it comes to recording labels or not being able to get a contract out of it. In other words, there isn’t much security of being a musician.

4. Career as Preschool Teacher

As a lover of structured environment, ESTJs should not fit the life of teaching small children. As preschool children have a tendency to be free and disorderly, it is simply the opposite of what ESTJs like because they adore order, rule, and obedience.

5. Data Entry Careers

Basically, data entry jobs are quite lonely. In contrast, extroverted personalities often seek social situations that just aren’t available in data entry jobs. The secret to job satisfaction for ESTJs is to connect with others but data entry workers are only faced with loneliness and repetitive nature which makes the life of an ESTJ socially isolated.

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