6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Zoos

Present all over the world, zoos are a great way for people to learn about wild animals without having to travel to other countries and put themselves in danger. But while we admire these animals, many of us are not aware of the circumstances these caged animals face, thus making the matter a hot subject of debates over the years. Generally, this directly relates to environmental issues that many people visiting zoos do not think about. To build a well-informed opinion about this matter, let us take a look at the main advantages and disadvantages of zoos.

List of Advantages of Zoos

1. They play an important role in education.
As schoolchildren want to know more about animals, zoos will let them see these creatures up close and personal, which would be a truly amazing experience for them. And with this opportunity, these children will learn about animals, while enjoying it. You see, today’s zoos are already very well-organized, guiding people about animals, including their natural habitats, and educating them about their status in this modern world. Moreover, these establishments help with raising awareness towards important issues regarding animals.

2. They now offer fair treatment to animals, unlike in the past.
In the past, zoos were having a bad reputation about giving unfair treatment to animals, but things have changed. Having realized that it has not been good for business, they are doing their continuously improve the way they handle animals over time. In fact, zoo animals are starting to get the treatment of kings, given that they are the livelihood of the business. Moreover, zoos that were mistreating animals have already been caught and targeted for their actions.

3. They are crucial in protecting endangered species.
As you may already know, some animals these days are being hunted down for their body parts and even just for pleasure. Now, zoos are keeping them safe against hunters and other people with malicious intent. While these establishments are not paradise for these animals, they obviously act as a safe haven for them.

List of Disadvantages of Zoos

1. They can cause animals to suffer from negative psychological effects due to confinement.
Critics say that no matter how good the zoos’ facilities are or how much space they provide to the animals, it is still not be comparable to the freedom animals would enjoy in their natural habitats.

2. They are seen as cruel.
As animals have their own rights, they deserve to lead their own lives in the wild, and capturing them in zoos can destroy their natural way of living. They is certainly true among elephants that need to travel long distances as natural way of living.

3. They prevent the chance for new born animals to see and live in the wild.
If zoo-born animals are released to the wild, they would have a very difficult time adapting to the environment, given that they do not have any experience of it. They will have to provide for themselves, which is something they are not used to do.

While zoos serve a function in educating and entertaining people, they also come with disadvantages. Based on the things listed above, what do you think?

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