6 Careers to Avoid for ISFP Personality Types

Personality types are abundant, ISFPs (introversion, sensing, feeling, and perception), for one, are those who find it hard to make decisions regarding jobs and careers. However, this can be outdone if they can understand their strengths first. In order to understand any type of personality, it is best to first know its function. For example, if you are going to make a decision about careers, you must consider whether it is compatible for the auxiliary and dominant functions that you have. Such functions can be attributed to their strengths or their weaknesses.

Career choices can also be a challenging task for ISFP personality types. For those who are pretty confused on which jobs to choose from an array of choices, perhaps it is great to learn about the jobs that must be avoided instead. Here are a few positions to stay away from to help ISFP individuals when hunting for career opportunities.

1. Avoid Managerial Jobs

The individualistic nature of ISFP personality types will not be suitable when the job involves managerial positions. This is particularly true for positions that involve leadership and planning, which has been proven to be their weakness.

2. Stay Far from Administrative Work

When faced with administrative tasks that involve achievement of goals in a short period of time, then this is a job for ISFP personalities. However, when it comes to long-term goals, it can be a very complicated task. Take note that admin tasks can be a mix of rigid and fixed schedule, it will threaten these types of personalities.

3. Accountancy Jobs to Avoid

The fact that ordinary tasks are hated by ISFP people, accountancy must be on top of the list. Nevertheless, they can still do such jobs but not to the point that their patience can be challenged. In other words, it would be best to avoid this type of career.

4. Financial Planning Can Be A Bad Choice

Personality type specialists state that financial planning must be one of the jobs that ISFPs must stay away from. This is because such personality types find it difficult to deal with any sort of planning for that matter. Despite the fact that they are so good at being very practical and logical in nature, they can be bad decision makers in the financial arena.

5. Keep Away from Social Work

Some characteristics of ISFPs can be suited for social work. They have a tendency to hold back from careers such as counselling, teaching, and psychology. This is due to the fact that it will require them to do long-term planning to begin with.

6. Clerical Jobs Are a No-No

The personality of the ISFP are independent in nature that prioritizes on freedom of expression. If there are rules that contradict with this sense of liberty can create an oppressive ideology for them to deal with. Consequently, if they encounter certain situations that get out of hand, they have the tendency to lose their creativity and charm at this point.

Learning a few tricks about careers to avoid can help ISFPs in securing jobs. Hence, those who belong to this group should know where they ought to be when the need arises.

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