6 ISTJ Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the personality types under the Myers-Briggs has been referred to as reliable, sensible and pays attention to detail. Basically, an ISTJ personality type tends to be systematic and dependable, as they like to work within clear processes and systems. Most of all, they are decisive, task-oriented, and traditional in nature.

These personality types face some favorable situations as well as challenges within their careers. Hence, it is essential to learn a little more about them to determine which areas can be used to make them more productive and successful. Learning about their main characteristics should provide insights on which qualities they have must be cherished or not. To do this, here is a list of the strengths and weaknesses that ISTJs are popular for.

List of Strengths of ISTJ

1. ISTJs are Direct and Honest.
ISTJ personality types adore integrity, which is at the center of their temperament. So they abhor the idea of manipulation, reassuring lies, and mind games. This is because they prefer plain and simple uprightness to manage reality of situations as they encounter it.

2. Compliant and Strong-Willed.
This type of personality symbolizes honesty in the way they do things, such as staying focused and working hard to achieve their goals. Because they are determined and patient ISTJs always fulfill their responsibilities.

3. They Are Very Responsible.
The word of ISTJs are considered a promise, which means everything to them. They would rather push themselves to the limit even if it means losing some sleep than to ever fail at delivering results that they promise to meet. They also are very loyal as it is their strong sentiment and they definitely fulfill every duty they have committed their lives to.

List of Weaknesses of ISTJ

1. They Have a Stubborn Temperament.
One of the weaknesses of an ISTJ is that they have the tendency to resist new ideas that they feel uncomfortable with. This type of weakness often makes it difficult for them to accept about the wrong at some instances.

2. Sometimes They Are Insensitive.
Although they are not naturally harsh, they often hurt the feelings of the sensitive type. This is due to their strong adherence to their belief about honesty as the best policy. They might take emotions at some point, but only to determine the most effective way to speak what requires to be told.

3. Unreasonably Owns the Blame.
The problem with ISTJs in terms of responsibility is that they put the blame on themselves whenever they fail to deliver at some point. This is due to the fact that when they load themselves with responsibilities and extra work, they turn down helpful ideas and good intentions that will end up to failure in delivering results.

Due to their practical and dedicated nature, ISTJs are known for their hard work and trustworthiness. Moreover, they are good at maintaining and creating a stable and secure environment for their loved ones and themselves. In conclusion, their dedication is precious in their personal growth and in many related areas of their lives.

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