7 Best Jobs for INTJ Women and Men

Introverted (I), Intuitive (N), thinking (T), and judging (J). These are the characteristics of people with INTJ personality type. The combination makes INTJ excellent in creating and implementing innovative solutions whenever thrown with analytical problems.

They have the natural ability to see possibilities for improvement, even with the most complex of systems. Being quite comfortable with abstraction and theory, they get the most satisfaction when they can turn ideas into reality. But they much prefer to work independently or with a small team, what with their introverted side that keeps them from interacting too much or within a wider circle. As strategies go, they prefer to take measured, strategic steps and ensure things are kept organized.

INTJs prefer to work in an efficient, structured, logical and analytical work environment. They thrive most with colleagues that are intelligent, competent and productive. Given their analytical skills and the ability to solve problems and present innovative ideas, INTJ make the ideal mastermind.

Based on these characteristics, INTJs have better career prospects, especially because they earn more when they are self-employed. INTJs are also the least likely to be a stay-at-home parent, as they need to be out there using their skills and abilities.

Best Jobs for INTJ Women and Men

Some of the areas that INTJs are most likely to succeed and thrive are:

  • Business and financial
  • Math
  • Architecture and engineering
  • Sciences
  • Arts, design and Communications
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Computers and information technology
  • Construction
  • Legal
  • Protective Service

But not all careers within these sectors would suit people with INTJ personality. Which jobs are ideal for them, then?

1. Mathematician

A mathematician solves problems, which is very fitting for the kind of personality INTJ women and men have. The analytical requirement for the job, whether it is theoretical or applied mathematics, demands that they constantly think and come up with solutions. This makes working as a mathematician very enticing. It also keeps their analytical juices flowing.

Other math-related jobs for INTJ women and men are actuary, statistician, and operations research analyst.

2. Accountant or Auditor

It is the amount of number crunching required for the job that draws INTJ to this kind of profession. Combined with their knack for keeping things organized, they will gain a lot of satisfaction in keeping records balanced and in order. Because part of being an accountant involves finding strategies to improve profits and enhance revenue while reducing costs, INTJ women and men will enjoy formulating ideas and solutions to make these things happen.

Other business and financial-related jobs they will enjoy are budget analyst, financial analyst, cost estimator, insurance underwriter, logistician, loan officer, management consultant, tax examiner, personal financial advisor, market research analyst, top executive, sales engineer and financial manager.

3. Economist

What makes this job very enticing for INTJs is the amount of work needed in collecting and analyzing data, evaluating economic issues, and researching trends needed to study the production and distribution of goods, services and other resources. Add to this the need to come up with recommendations and solutions to economic problems, and INTJ women and men are sure to thrive as an economist.

Other sciences that these individuals might be interested in are atmospheric scientist, chemist or materials scientist, biochemist or biophysicists, geoscientist, environmental scientist, medical scientist, hydrologists, microbiologist, political scientists and historian.

4. Architect

The challenge of planning and designing houses in an awkward space calls to the problem solver and analysts in and INTJ. But even when a space is well-suited for a building, creating a plan that will meet the needs of its occupants would make working as an architect very desirable for INTJ. Coming up with the right solutions and making those plans happen are likely to make them sing with happiness.

Other architecture and engineering jobs that would appeal to INTJs are aerospace engineer, chemical engineer, biomedical engineer, civil engineer, agricultural engineer, environmental engineer, industrial engineer, computer hardware engineer, health and safety engineer, mining or geological engineer, electrical or electronics engineer, mechanical engineering technician, mechanical engineer, surveyor, nuclear engineer, architectural or engineering manager and petroleum engineer.

5. Writer

Writing fiction or nonfiction may not have as much analytical value as being an engineer, but it does require critical thinking and creativity, two traits that INTJs are known to have. It also calls to the intellectuals in them, as writing requires a certain level of intelligence. After all, they are not only writing words, but stitching together ideas that will become great stories or documentaries.

Other jobs in arts, design and communications that goes with INTJ women and men are art director, technical writer, industrial designer, translator, editor, reporter and photographer.

6. Physician or surgeon

Imagine what a doctor has to do to identify a patient’s problem. They need to collect data about symptoms and analyze them to determine what is wrong before they can prescribe a treatment. The job could be harder than that of an engineer because there is no fixed formula to base their diagnosis on. Every patient is different, and doctors need to come up with a different solution every time. No doubt, working as a physician or surgeon would suit INTJs very well.

Other healthcare positions suitable for these individuals are podiatrist, optometrist and pharmacist.

7. Computer Programmer

Creating a computer program often involves analyzing data from real-world scenarios to develop a flow chart from which the code will be based on. While coding is in progress, programmers have to test and check for bugs that they would have to fix before it can be deployed. The entire process calls for analytical thinking, and part of their duty is to provide resolutions for every bug and error encountered. No INTJ would say no to the challenge of this job.

Other careers in Computers and Information Technology that INTJ women and men would be interested in are computer support specialist, database administrator, computer systems analyst, network administrator, information security analyst, software developer, web developer, computer scientist, computer network architect and computer and IS manager.

INTJ women and men are generally drawn to careers where they can take advantage of their strengths and work with independence and autonomy.

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