8 Advantages and Disadvantages of Cell Phones

It is impossible not to notice that cell phones are everywhere these days, where everyone seems to have one (or more) of older or newest model. Without a doubt, these devices have completely changed the way we live and interact, giving us convenient means of calling, sending text messages, reading emails, playing games as well as reading and editing documents on the go. In fact, leaving home without them would feel like leaving without our shoes on. These devices are clearly is one of the phenomenal inventions of this modern age, so what are the consequences of always using them day in and day out? Here is a definitive list of the advantages and disadvantages of cell phones:

List of Advantages of Cell Phones

1. They make communicating with family, friends and colleagues a lot easier.
Since the first cell phone was introduced, people have been able to make calls while mobile. These days, where almost everyone owns at least a basic mobile device and a huge number of people carry their phones most of the time, we are able to get in touch with others nearly 24/7. Even enhancing the experience are the cell phone towers that are constantly popping up to provide better reception, whether we are inside a closed building or outside of town. This perk really comes in handy in so many important ways, such as keeping tabs with your children, notifying your boss about last-minute changes to certain business deals and calling a friend for an impromptu hangout.

2. They combine numerous useful applications in a single device.
In the past, it was really difficult to comfortably fit a digital camera, mp3 player, GPS and a phone all in your pocket at the same time. However, this is no longer a problem thanks to today’s cell phones. With their apps, among which the most-used is the camera, they have made our daily tasks and entertainment easier in just a single device. At least for the past decade, these smartphones are probably the only camera many people have owned. Moreover, these devices have also become ebook readers, currency converters and handheld gaming devices.

3. They offer constant internet access.
There are tons of perks that you can get from having the web at your fingertips anytime and anywhere you need it. Whatever it is—checking all the local movie schedules, looking up the number of that restaurant you were supposed to have a reservation with, etc.—just pull out your phone and everything will be good with internet connection. Moreover, cell phones have been effectively solving friendly arguments about random trivia for years.

4. They are really useful in emergency situations.
Although critics say that cell phones do not guarantee safety, you can surely use them in making calls whenever you are faced with an emergency. Traveling with these devices is very important in a way that, in case of accidents, you can always contact someone who will be there to help you out.

List of Disadvantages of Cell Phones

1. They hinder real human interaction.
It cannot be denied that cell phones can do so much these days that some people are even having troubles with tearing themselves away long enough to be able to reconnect with the real world. Most likely, you have seen them while travelling with their eyes and fingers glued to their mobile devices. And instead of having interactions with the people around, they ignore such opportunities over the things they love to do on their phones. Because of this, many people believe that the younger generations would be actually less capable of socializing normally because they would be gotten to have so little practice that they would be simply not comfortable with chatting with others out in public. Since human beings are social creatures by nature, this would run the risk of becoming a big problem for society in the future.

2. They have become instruments for constant interruption.
Since people are always connected when they have their cell phones with them, it would become more difficult for them to ignore interruptions. They would be always on their devices receiving calls, chatting, checking out their friends, checking emails and listening to music, making it virtually impossible to avoid unnecessary interruption. What’s worse, they cannot even avoid work-related phone calls and emails when they are at home with their family or on a holiday.

3. They carry risks of privacy and security breaches.
While having all your data in a single helpful gadget can be advantageous to a great degree, it can also possibly be extremely unsafe. All it would take is overlooking your cell phone in some lavatory or theater, and all of a sudden, your entire life is revealed to another individual. Your contacts, records, online networking accounts and financial information would be his to do however he sees fit. Are there any photographs or sappy messages on your phone that you would rather not show to anyone? Simply leaving your device on a public sofa while doing other important things can be enough to give someone to snoop into your private life. And regardless of the possibility that you will never let your phone leave your sight, programmers still have the capability to break into your data remotely if they are interested to.

4. They can increase risk of getting into traffic accidents.
Distractions from using cell phones not only prevent people to interact with others, but also cost lives in the event of an accident it has caused. As you can see, drivers who shift their focus to texting or checking social media can lose control of their vehicles. Also, it is not safe to do it while you are walking either, as you might step into incoming traffic while staring at the screen of your device or fall down the stairs.

Considering all there is to them, cell phones can be considered one of the biggest boons the world has ever had. If used sensibly, they can definitely be a great piece of utility in life, where its disadvantages would simply be insignificant. On your end, what do you think?

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