8 ENFP Strengths and Weaknesses

There are many descriptions for people with this type of personality. Oftentimes, they are considered dynamic, enthusiastic, gregarious, and highly skilled when it comes to dealing with people. They are also praised because of their ability to look at the potential in every person and feel positive about it. Most of all, they are able turn a liability into an asset. In order to know more about these types of people, it is important to learn about their strengths and weaknesses first. Thus, it can clear out any doubts and disbeliefs about what they can do or not. Here are some of the traits that you can acquire in order to understand rather than judge them.

List of Strengths of ENFP

1. Curious.
People with this type of personality can have the ability to explore new things. Hence, they are not hesitant to go astray from their comfort zones just to learn about new ideas. Aside from that, they are open-minded and imaginative. Thus, ENFPs can see everything as part of a huge puzzle called life.

2. Enthusiastic and Energetic.
These guys aren’t afraid to form new ideas and connections. Hence, they get excited when finding new things and never gets tired of sharing them to anyone willing to listen. This enthusiasm can provide them with a chance to create more connections socially, while giving them experience and new information source.

3. Observant.
Their belief that there are no actions that are irrelevant gives them the conclusion that every idea and every move is definitely part of something huge. Their thirst for knowledge enables them to notice things without missing a moment.

4. Excellent in Communication.
ENFPs have the ability to communicate to various people. Thus, they can enjoy deep conversations or even just little chit-chats. For them, these are just sides of a coin.

List of Weaknesses of ENFP

1. Practical Skills Are Down.
They truly have talent when it comes to starting projects or conceiving ideas, particularly when it regards to people. However, they struggle on their skills to administrate, maintain, and follow-through on such projects.

2. Hard to Focus.
As they have excellent philosophy and interpersonal connections, they lack the ability to maintain interests when it comes to routine or administrative issues.

3. Overthinking Things.
Even in simple things, they don’t consider things just by looking at them. More often than not, they see things in the underlying motives. Also, they rather lose some sleep than never asking themselves why people did the things they do.

4. Easily Get Stressed Out.
Their overthinking ability makes them very sensitive individuals. Since ENFPs care about others’ feelings deeply, they often get stressed out just by doing this for the benefit of others. As they can’t agree with each request, they sometimes get overwhelmed. As a result, they easily get tensed.

If you know people with these qualities, perhaps you now have a better understanding about their personality. There are many individuals with this type of character even those whom you work with. Perhaps the reason why you can’t get along with them is that you haven’t any idea about what you’re dealing with.

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