9 Best Jobs for ENTJ Women and Men

ENTJ (Extraversion, iNtuition, Thinking, Judgment) is one of the 16 personality types included in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment test. ENTJs are highly motivated people, natural-born leaders, driven, critical and brusque at times, ambitious, decisive, out-going, friendly, objective and many more. ENJTS are also described as assertive, confident, energetic, and competitive. Moreover, they have the skill of persuasion, which, if overused, can give an impression as being manipulative to other people. They are also interested in gaining power and influencing other people. Albeit the few seemingly negative traits, ENTJs are great motivators and visionaries. They are hard-working, career-oriented and team players.

Some of the strengths of ENTJs include skepticism, critical thinking, ambition, level-headedness, being goal-oriented and having organizational skills. Conversely, the weaknesses of ENTJs include arrogance, narcissism, self-centeredness, being opinionated, stubbornness and being intolerant and critical about inefficiency and incompetency.

Meanwhile, only around 5% of the male population and a mere 3% of the female population are said to be ENTJs, making this personality type one of the most uncommon of the MBTI personalities. Here are some of the careers ENTJ men and women can excel in.

1. Sales

ENTJs have a penchant for working and can be passionate about something they believe in. They are also great motivators and ambitious. These traits make them great sales persons because they have the capability to sell whatever product or service they want to offer the target market. Moreover, they are also great leaders and have a commanding authority that they can inspire members of the team to sell the merchandise. Because of their flair for selling, ENTJs will do great in the field of marketing such as being insurance agents, real estate agents, financial advisors and managers.

2. Education

As natural-born leaders and have the charisma to influence others, in this case, students, ENTJs can excel in teaching. And since they are also objective and critical at times, they can guide and point out issues and concerns to students without having to let their emotions get in the way. These people are also critical thinkers and use common sense when dealing with things which make them great educators, mentors and influencers to students. Their intelligence and sensibility are two helpful traits for them to teach not only theories, but also skills.

3. Business

Being strong-willed and strategic thinkers, ENTJs can be successful entrepreneurs and business managers. This is because they are equipped with great minds and they focus on results. Also, they have decision-making skills, initiative and interpersonal skills that make them capable of making the right choices, being proactive to seek clients and being comfortable in the presence of other people and guiding them. Because of these qualities, they can perform well as CEOs, managers, logisticians, budget analysts and personal financial advisors. Their resolve and focus on results make them best-suited for careers in the corporate world.

4. Social and Physical Sciences

ENTJs have the leaning for statistics and science being the leaders that they are. These people can be great scientists, statisticians, chemist and even urban and regional planners. They also have passion for work that they will try their best in every endeavor they take. These are the people who are dependable when it comes to creating long-term plans for developing communities and addressing problems in urban cities.

5. Engineering

Another career path for ENTJs is in the field of engineering as civil, electrical, geodetic engineers, among others. This is because are interested in scientific knowledge which will make them excellent engineers. Also, they can be aerospace engineers since they have the knack for designing aircrafts and satellites. When they get their minds into something, they do not stop unless it is completed while scrutinizing details in the process and conducting tests. Other professions related to this include software, nuclear, health and safety engineers.

6. Health Care

In the health care field, it is imperative to be efficient and full of zest since working with patients and separating emotions in performing duties. These are also the characteristics ENTJ possess. However, people with this personality type sometimes do not tolerate some situations and actions that a career in the health care industry should be well selected and thought of. These are as dentists, optometrists, surgeons and pharmacists.

7. Law

ENTJs have the charm to influence people as well as the drive to get results. They can also be direct when criticizing others, are analytical thinkers, decision-makers, logical thinkers, persuasive, possess organizational skills and passionate about work. All these qualities make ENTJs excellent as lawyers, judges and law enforcers.

8. Public Speaking

ENTJs are innate extroverts that they get energized being with other people and can carry themselves in public. And since they love to influence and inspire people, being able to communicate with others and engage other people to listen and notice them make them stand out as public speakers. Their ability to inspire others and be accurate and detailed can make them effective life coaches, politicians and public information officers.

9. Construction

Despite being good at working with others in a team because of great interpersonal skills, ENTJS can also perform on their own and work alone. They are also good at assessing other people and can be emphatic when necessary. This is also due to the fact that they are organized and want to finish what they have started. All these traits make them fitted for careers in the construction industry. And as leaders and planners, they can become efficient construction managers who can oversee projects from planning, designing, construction and completion. They can also be good as building inspectors because of their focus on details.

ENTJs will excel in whatever chosen field they have because of the traits they have. Although they might not fit in other jobs such as caregivers, restaurant servers, data entry clerks and the like, there are numerous careers ENTJs can get into and excel in. And being ambitious and dreamers, they can succeed in whatever they set their minds and hearts into.

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