Cael Sanderson Salary

Cael Sanderson is a current wresting coach at Penn State University. Peen State is known for having a prolific wresting program that is due in part to the efforts of Cael. Not only is he a prestigious head coach, but he is also widely regarded as one of the best amateur wrestlers in history. He wrestled at Iowa State University and competed in eth 2004 Olympics where he won gold. During his tenure at Iowa State University, he was never defeated in a wrestling match. He had a record of 159-0. His accomplishments and achievements have helped him to build a substantial net worth and high salary throughout the years.

College Career

Due to his undefeated record in college, Sports Illustrated actually named his college achievements as the second most impressive collegiate athletic feat. He was ranked only behind Jesse Owens. Owens set for world records in only an hour during a track and field competition in 1935. It was his collegiate career and wrestling accomplishments that helped him to earn the position as head coach of the Penn State wrestling program.

Accomplishments at Penn State

Cael has had a number of achievements during his career and this only continued as he took on the position of head coach at Penn State. The Penn State wrestling program has been to 4 straight conference titles and four national titles during his tenure as head coach. The program has received honors for 19 all Americans, 8 national championships, 3 Gloriaran winners and a two time NCAA tournament outstanding wrestlers while Sanderson has been head coach.


Sanderson is known for his many different styles of wrestling, but had to work to become known as a freestyle wrestler. His freestyle wrestling skills were not always on par with all others, but overtime he developed these skills and is known for being able to teach all style of wrestling to those in his program.

Salary and Earnings

His base salary with Penn State is close to $200,000 each year, but there are incentives and bonuses that can be earned due to eth overall performance and achievements of the men’s wrestling program. He signed an extension that runs through 2017. At this time he will be up for a new contract and willable see a salary increase due to the accomplishments he has already achieved. His salary will most likely make him the highest paid men’s wrestling coach in the country.


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