Careers for Nonconformists

With more college students graduating every year with debt and entering into a job market where jobs are slim, it has many wondering if college is the right path for them. Now there are plenty of careers that can offer the benefits and income of a college degree without the cost and debt.

1. Dog Trainer

The pet industry is a $55 billion industry. This leaves a lot of room for pet training and specifically dog training. On average, dog trainers can make $20 an hour, while some make upwards of $150 an hour with experience and strong marketing efforts. If you are an animal lover this might be a great career for you. There is no official requirements or ways to get started in this field, though there are organizations and associations that can help you get a certificate.

2. Financial Advisor

Financial Advising is consistently ranked as a top career and expected to grow as the baby boomers begin to retire. Financial advisors get paid a salary and they can be paid on commission. The average salary for a financial advisor is $75,000. This career does not require a degree, but does require licensure by state. In the US most advisors must hold a Series 7 and 65, but they can get by with a Series 6 and Series 63.

3. Entrepreneur/Business Owner

Entrepreneurship is the backbone of America. As long as you can provide value to customers, you will be able to make money. The average income for a business owner can range greatly. I have met business owners who make $7,000 a year and others who make $500,000 a year. There is no official way to get started down this path, but most people start businesses they have worked in and have experience in.

4. Web Design/Developer

With more and more businesses moving to the web and constant changes on the internet creates demand for website designers. Experience is valued more than education in this field. If you pursue a traditional education, then it is best to get experience. Web designer’s average salary is $62,000.

5. Trucking

Trucking has come a long way from what most people think about it. With the shortage of drivers there is no lack of jobs available. To be a truck driver though you will need your CDL License. This could cost you nothing to $6,000. Some companies, such as Primer and Swift, will pay for your education if you can get hired by them. However, you must commit a certain amount of time to them. Going to school would take about 6 weeks to complete, then you could be on the road earning $40,000 for a rookie.

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