Choleric Personality Type Traits Explained

One of the most ancient theories of personality types that was used to evaluate people was based on specific temperaments. Each temperament in Greek and Arabic medicine was based on specific physical fluids in the body. If one of those fluids was dominate over the others, then that was the personality type you had.

If you had the choleric personality type, then it wasn’t because you were diagnosed with cholera. It was because your yellow bile was the predominant fluid in your body. That yellow bile would then determine your psychological type and your temperament.

What Does It Mean to Have a Choleric Personality?

People who have this personality type today tend to have higher levels of testosterone present in their bodies. Although it is usually assigned to those with a male gender, it does occur in women as well. Most people who have a choleric personality are active, quick-tempered, strong-willed, and impatient.

A majority of people with this personality type are extroverts, but there are certain introverts who have this personality type as well. In the Meyers-Briggs personality test, the most common type of introvert who would have a choleric personality is the INTJ.

People who have this personality type also tend to be independent. They prefer to work on their own or on a team which allows them to work independently from others. These people are confident in the decisions they make, practical in their choices, and they don’t hesitate when key issues require action.

They are also active people who enjoy the process of staying fit mentally and physically. There is a tendency to be athletic, which can turn into a career for some. They want to be in charge, be the captain of the team, and will be aggressive in obtaining, then maintaining that role. They don’t panic under pressure, but that can also make them seem like they are unsympathetic at times.

Finding the Strengths of the Choleric Personality Type

1. Optimism
People with this personality type tend to see the whole picture. They focus on their goals to create positive outcomes whenever possible. Even when something negative is lurking around, they tend to look at events in an optimistic way through their goal-oriented approach.

2. Leadership
People who have the choleric personality type are born leaders. Their desire to be active allows them to engage with others at a core level. They’re willing to make changes when the situation calls for it, while still knowing when the time is right to let others learn. They aren’t afraid to delegate tasks to others or help teach specific skills to let others finds success.

3. Decisive
People with this personality tend to make quick choices. Most of their decisions tend to be correct. On the off occasion when the wrong choice is made, they move to make things right as quickly as possible. They are also willing to correct others if they feel like something wrong is going on. Their strong will can be uncomfortable for others at times, especially in social situations, because they don’t care about the rules of engagement. If something needs to be fixed, then they fix it.

4. Motivational
Choleric personalities set goals constantly. They encourage their teams to work together, which is a skill that comes home with them as well. That makes these people very reliable, showing up when they are needed to push others toward a positive conclusion. Their independent nature allows them to succeed when there are numerous friends or only a handful around at any given time.

Finding the Weaknesses of the Choleric Personality Type

1. Details
People with this personality type tend to focus on the big picture only. They want to make fast decisions to maintain forward momentum toward that goal. Because of that haste, they can sometimes overlook or analyze details that are required for individual goal steps. That leads to mistakes, which can impact the quality of the work they perform.

2. Manipulation
Choleric personalities are extremely good at manipulating others. They push people who make mistakes in their eyes to the limit, often driving them away. Then they create emotional circumstances which place the blame on the person being pushed away. It is not uncommon for this personality type to create false results, which make it look like goals were achieved, and then be able to live in that fantasy world for quite some time.

3. Overbearing
People who have this personality type are constantly pushing others to be their best. They leave no room for other people to breathe. Results are expected, and they want them constantly. This creates an environment where everyone is busy all of the time. They are intolerant of interruptions or setbacks, preferring a “tough love” environment where the negative tends to be the primary focus of feedback.

4. Narcissism
This personality type sees high levels of narcissism because the choleric personality sees itself as the most important contributor to the team. They are the ones with the ideas. They set the goals. They see the bigger picture. That makes them better than the average person. If left unchecked, someone with a choleric personality can put themselves on such a high pedestal that they believe there is nothing that they could do that is wrong. They refuse to apologize for anything, manipulate the emotions of others, and blame others for any shortcomings that might be detected on their radar.

Lessons Learned from the Choleric Personality Type

People who have the choleric personality type have a strong drive. Their energy levels seem to be almost limitless. Although they are often quick to be egotistical, which can lead to future problems, this personality type can also be inspirational. Their confidence rubs off on others, creating mutual levels of success that might not be available to other personality types.

It is important to recognize the aggression which occurs with this personality type. People can become too aggressive with their personality, driving others away despite the potential gains everyone could achieve. Even though they’ll redefine success from an independent perspective, overly aggressive personalities could find themselves isolated and alone.

By keeping the weaknesses in check, the strengths of this personality type can shine through, helping the world to become a better place for everyone.

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