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Chris Dailey is the assistant basketball coach at the University of Connecticut. She has been the assistant to Geno Auriemma since 1985 for the women’s basketball team. Most assistants are not well-known, but Chris Dailey is a prestigious assistant coach that gets a lot of respect and credit for her efforts. She is the top assistant and Geno often refers to her as the backbone of the program. She handles much more duties and responsibilities than most other assistant coaches. Along with these additional duties comes a high salary. Chris Dailey is known as one of the highest paid assistant coaches in all of college sports.


Her high salary is most often linked to the achievements and successes that she has had in her career. As a coaching duo, Geno and Chris have had more than 900 wins and 9 national titles. The University of Connecticut women’s basketball team is one of the most touted dynasties in college sports. Chris Dailey is known as a great basketball mind and has had a lot of success during her career, but she has never been tempted to leave Uconn.


One of the biggest reasons that she has never chosen to leave the University of Connecticut is job security. She has a position within the basketball program that is secure and has a long standing relationship with Geno. Dailey is comfortable where she is right now and has no urge to be a head coach. She has numerous responsibilities within the program and is completely fulfilled with her current position. Her salary is over 300,000 a year, which makes her one of the highest paid assistant coaches. Due to her high salary and job security, it is possible that Chris Dailey might never be a head coach. She most likely will spend her entire career content with being an assistant coach for one of the top women’s basketball programs in the country.

Turned Down Jobs

There are few assistant coaches in any sport that have turned down the number of head coaching jobs that Dailey has passed on over the years. Her name is always on the top of coaching candidates lists, but she never has any desire to step away from the University of Connecticut. There really has never been an offer that has caught her eye yet. She has learned to be happy with where she is and her current salary.

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