34 Impressive Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Resume Objective Examples

The objective statement is one of the most important parts of your Certified Nurse Assistant application. As the first thing any potential employer sees, it determines how closely they will look at your application. Your objective statement allows you to draw the reader in and make the case that you will add value to the organization, beyond your competitors who are applying for the same position. This post will help you write a strong objective statement for your resume to set you apart from other applicants and get your foot in the door.

Below are a variety of examples of objectives statements for CNAs with a range of experience to guide you in writing a strong objective statement for your resume:

Experienced Certified Nurse Assistant Objective Statements

  • Dedicated nursing professional with detailed observation skills and two years of experience seeks to join Evergreen Hospice as a CNA to provide quality and compassionate end of life care, bringing a Washington State Health Care Assistant Level A certification.
  • Patient and compassionate nursing professional looking to obtain a CNA position to provide quality care for patients and their families, bringing over 14 years of experience in broad nursing assistance, including orienting new staff, participating in quality improvement programs, and supporting changes in hospital policies.
  • To obtain employment as a CNA at East Hospital to work collegiately with registered nurses and doctors in an outpatient setting, coming with over three years of experience in clinical care and experience documenting using PointClickCare software.
  • Detail-oriented CNA of the highest integrity looking to join a patient care team, bringing over seven years of experience providing quality care to patients and undertaking clinical duties and administrative tasks as required.
  • Hardworking registered CNA with a dedication to safety, seeking a position in a medical office to apply my five years of experience assisting RNs and doctors while providing professional, high-quality patient care in a fast-paced, high-volume environment.
  • Adaptable and patient CNA looking to apply my skills checking vital signs, drawing blood, performing EKGs, and providing high-quality nursing assistance gained over three years working in a fast-paced emergency setting.
  • To obtain a CNA role at Central Hospital, bringing over two and half years of experience and demonstrated dedication to providing high-level care to patients in their daily care and rehabilitation while undertaking related documentary and clerical support and maintaining the resident quarters.
  • Highly organized and detailed-oriented CNA with six years of experience looking to contribute my experience in using medical technology, including digital medical records and patient information management software.
  • Patient-focused CNA with three years of experience providing professional and compassionate palliative and post-mortem care looking to join the staff of Oak Grove Hospice.
  • Detail-oriented and adaptable nursing professional with over a decade of professional experience in assisting doctors and nurses in both clinical and hospital settings, holding a New York State CNA certification and bringing knowledge of electronic patient management.
  • Dedicated and safety-minded nursing professional with absolute integrity and a passion for patient care, seeking to apply my five years of experience in hospice care where I worked to achieve the physical and emotional comfort of my patients while shepherding their family members during their time of need.
  • Hardworking and meticulous medical professional seeking to undertake the role of CNA at Queen’s Hospital to apply my three years of experience in a fast-paced setting, performing and recording vital signs, calculating weight and fluid intake/output, performing palliative and post-mortem care, recognizing and reporting changes in body functioning, and performing routine care.
  • Friendly and energetic CNA with four years of experience looking to join the team at Seven Oaks Retirement, bringing experience in providing patient-centered assistance in dressing, toileting, and bathing.
  • Responsible and compassionate individual dedicated to patient recovery, coming with two years of experience in rehabilitation settings and a current State of California certification, seeking CNA position.
  • Trustworthy and dependable self-starter with one year of experience looking for CNA position to utilize caregiving skills to help seniors feel loved, bringing clean background check and references.
  • Patient and friendly certified CNA with excellent communication skills seeking CNA position to perform a variety of tasks to help clients with daily living, bringing registration with Department of Social Services and US citizenship.

Entry-Level Certified Nurse Assistant Objective Statements

  • Diligent and dedicated individual with a willingness to contribute and learn new skills, looking to apply my recently gained understanding of patient care through a CNA position with Hearthstone Medical, and work alongside fellow caregivers to provide high-quality compassionate care.
  • Recently certified CNA looking for a position to assist a busy healthcare team, bringing a clean driving record, the ability to transport patients, excellent interpersonal skills, and attention to detail.
  • To undertake the role of CNA on the pediatric team at St. Alphonse Hospital, bringing a passion for providing high-quality health care, an understanding of basic nursing techniques, compassion, and a caring demeanor.
  • To obtain a CNA position in a fast-paced healthcare setting, looking to apply skills in patient care, hygiene, and pain management gained through a recently completed certification course, as well as native English language skills and impeccable penmanship.
  • Detail-oriented individual with utmost integrity seeking a CNA position with Greenview Community Hospital to work alongside doctors and nurses and contribute to a team delivering safe bedside care and assistance.
  • Newly certified CNA looking to undertake a full-time role with Providence Health. Punctual and patient individual with excellent attention to detail and a dedication to providing patients and their families with high-quality healthcare.
  • To obtain a CNA position at Sloane Medical and work collaboratively with clinicians to provide a range of support tasks, including cleaning medical instruments, patient preparation, and administrative tasks as needed.
  • Friendly team player looking to work as a CNA in an elder care facility to support patients and their families, being a champion of quality care, dignity, and quality of life for elderly customers.
  • Reliable, hardworking, and dedicated individual looking to undertake work as a CNA. Able to lift and bathe patients, take on a range of administrative tasks, and ensure a clean and hygienic care environment for patients.
  • Seeking a CNA position at Sunrise Health, bringing a state-certified qualification in nursing assistance and phlebotomy as well as a knowledge of digital medical recordkeeping.
  • To obtain a position as a CNA in a hospital setting, bringing dedication and compassion, 24/7 availability, and a long-term focus on a career in patient-oriented health care.
  • Compassionate and trustworthy individual with good listening skills looking for a role to support and care for patients, respond to requests, and contribute to the functioning of a nursing team, bringing my state certification in nursing assistance.
  • Recently certified CNA seeking a CNA position at Newell Manor, bringing strong capabilities including resident hygiene (bathing and oral care), sanitizing patient rooms, and responding to patient requests as appropriate.
  • Detail-oriented and adaptable CNA seeking a part-time role at Newgate Hospital, bringing a compassionate demeanor and a strong focused desire to interact with patients and their families in a high-intensity emergency setting.
  • Looking for a CNA position with Town Green LLC to help Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients have a better quality of life, bringing clean background, ability to learn quickly, and strong team-player mentality.
  • Certified CNA seeking position utilizing commitment to assisting patients with activities of daily living, bringing CPR certification and clean background.

Career Change Certified Nurse Assistant Objective Statements

  • Recently qualified CNA looking to build on seven years of experience as a hospital office administrator to transition into a patient care role, bringing compassion and my knowledge of the hospital setting to supporting a nursing team at West General Hospital.
  • Experienced hospitality professional seeking to switch careers and apply my friendly person-centered approach to providing high-quality health care, bringing a Bachelor’s in Administration, and a CNA certification from the State of Ohio.

To write an eye-catching objective statement, be sure to read the job posting carefully and tailor your experience, skills, and education to fit the requirements of the advertised vacancy. By clearly and concisely presenting your strengths and understanding of the role in your objective statement, you are communicating to the employer or Human Resources department that you are a qualified and serious applicant who understands the needs of the organization and should be asked to interview.


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