Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist Salary

There are some jobs that are more technical than others. An electroneurodiagnostic technologist is a career that involves diagnosing problems within the brain and nervous system. Not only is the name of this position intimidating, but the requirements of this job can also be demanding. There is complex diagnostic equipment that must be used to evaluate the brain and nervous system. This means that not only do you have to have a working understanding of the brain and nervous system within this field, but you also have to be trained to sue this diagnostic equipment effectively.

Variety of Tests

The job of an electroneurodiagnostic technologist is to run a wide variety of tests on patients that are dealing with brain, nervous system or sleep issues. These tests are designed to determine exactly how the brain, nerves and muscles are working together. In most cases, there could be something improperly function that is result in symptoms that need to be properly diagnosed. These tests are not only performed by the technologist, but also reviewed and explained to the doctor. This means that in most cases, the doctor will relay the finding of the tests to the patients. Since there are a variety of tests that can be done, it is important for all electroneurodiagnostic technologists to be familiar with all testing equipment and methods.

Where Do They Work?

A technologist of this type will typically work in a variety of settings including clinics, research facilities, sleep study labs and hospitals that are more dedicated to research. There is a demand for this type of technologist, which means that finding employment is not difficult, You normally have your choice between the setting that appeals most to your work preferences. The setting that you find employment will often dictate your starting salary and expected raise over time.


One thing that most people consider before they pursue a career in this field is salary. The median salary for a technologist of this type can range depending on the education and experience that has been gained. Most electroneurodiagnostic technologist make a starting salary of $49,000. This can be as high as $63,000 in certain regions of the country and different types of clinical settings. The median salary for this position is higher than most typical jobs, but education is an essential requirement that you have to meet when looking for employment.

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