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Esthiology involves skin care. Estheticians are trained in the processes of waxing, makeup application, facials, and general business knowledge. One of the leading esthiology programs is offered at Aveda Institute, where the program averages 750 hours of classroom time over 27 weeks, offering insights into the theories, practice, and clinical studies of skin care.

In the United States, the median salary for estheticians is about $31,000 per year. That creates an hourly wage of about $14.50 per hour. Most geographic locations require estheticians to have some type of certification or license to perform services.

Through 2024, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that job growth within this field will rise by 12%. More than 55,000 people are directly employed as an esthetician today.

More than 200,000 people are licensed to practice esthiology in the United States today.

What Influences an Esthetician’s Salary?

Besides geographic location, estheticians who work in a private practice that is well-established can find themselves in the top 10% of salaries in this field. Estheticians in the top 10% of incomes may earn more than $100,000 per year.
To reach the top 10% of income earners in this industry, an esthetician needs to make about $57,000 per year. To be in the top 25% of income earners, the annual salary must be about $40,000.

At the other end of the scale, there are entry-level estheticians who are currently working at the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour in the bottom 10% of esthiology salaries

Estheticians in New Hampshire have the highest average salary for geographic locations in the continental United States, reported at more than $42,000 per year. Those earning an esthiology salary in Hawaii have the highest average annual salary, at nearly $51,000 per year.

Most estheticians (71%) work in salons or day spas. The average salary for those employed at these locations is slightly higher than the industry average, at $33,000 per year.

Estheticians working at surgical locations and hospitals earn the highest average annual salary, which was reported in 2013 as $47,430 per year. Those working at physician’s offices have the next highest average annual salary, reported at $41,000 per year.

With more education and experience, those working in the esthiology industry can earn a higher salary over time. Some work on a straight commission structure, while others are paid from a percentage of the gross sales.

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