Examples of Virtue Ethics in the Workplace

How you conduct yourself at work says a lot about your sense of ethics. Ethics and behavior at work can help make or break a company because values and ethics helps to maintain order in the office, helps the company’s operations run smoothly and they help maintain the company’s profitability. Virtues often work hand in hand with ethics when it comes to an employee’s behavior at the workplace.

There are many employees whose positive traits and moral character guides their decisions, but unfortunately, these employees are often overlooked. People are expected to act in an ethical manner at work, including displaying virtues such as honesty, trustworthiness, respect and empathy. Their virtue ethics are often displayed in the workplace in many ways.

Examples of Virtue Ethics

An employee who displays ethical behavior at work based on the virtues they hold dear are often seen as more reliable and dependable by their superiors. Even though that behavior is to be expected on the job, seeing examples of it at work can make an employee stand-out from their colleagues.

Displaying Trustworthiness

As a trusted employee, your superiors and co-workers are able to count on you in any given situation. They know you will put 100 percent into your job and you are always forthright with others, but you also display compassion and empathy during your encounters with them. You are seen as a team player and you always have your colleagues back.

Being Respectful

In order to get along with others at work, whether co-workers or members of management, you always treat people with respect, listen to their opinions and you accept others for whom they are. This makes you respected in return and a valuable part of your company. Being honest is important to you and you don’t gossip about others behind their backs.

Taking Responsibility

If you do make a mistake, you own up to it instead of trying to blame others for the failure. This makes you a responsible person in the eyes of your superiors and they know they can count on you to give your all at work and they often allow you to have more responsibilities at work. This may mean assisting them on a project, being a team leader or taking on bigger clients.

Even though you don’t do it for the rewards, displaying virtue ethics at work can help you achieve more than others who don’t have your character.

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