Funny Charades Words List for Adults

Charades is the perfect parlor or party word guessing game that allows people to work in teams and guess the words that are being acted out to win the gold. Here are some great funny charades words list for adults that will help to up the ante on your next social gathering.

Ace of Spades
Bill Clinton
Black Friday
Circus Tent
Eating spagetti
Finger Painting
Fire Engine
Flying in airplane
Football field
Funny Bone
Hello Kitty
Hong Kong
Kung Fu
Laugh out loud
Little Miss Muffet
Making a pizza
Mickey Mouse
Mosquito bite
Netlfix and chill
Ozzy Osbourne
Playing Chess
Root beer
Setting up a tent
Swing or Slide
Thunder and lightning
Winnie The Pooh

Here is an easy to follow video that teaches you how to play charades and improve your game skills for your next party.

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