Good Career Choices for Introverts

Do you want to work independently? If yes, then you may enjoy working alone and feeling re-energized with your own thoughts. Apart from it, you may be regarded as an introvert. Due to this reason, there are good career choices for an introvert like you to excel at.

Actually, there are recommended professions for those who have introverted personalities that call for concentration, attention to detail, expertise and focus. If you are hesitant in working around a team, then read on for the six careers that may be fit to your personality.

Career Choice #1 – Accountant

If you are interested in working with numbers instead of spending some time with clients and co-workers, then being an accountant is a perfect career choice for you. Although every career needs human interaction, a huge portion of the job of an accountant is spent through the use of a computer.

In the previous workday, the duties of accountants include of handling taxes, organizing finance record of clients and firms and studying financial statements.

A career strategist and expert suggest that this career is a perfect choice for those who have introverted personalities. This is a good way for them to enjoy the opportunity behind the closed doors and not to become interrupted.

Career Choice #2 – Graphic Designer

Being a graphic designer is a career choice that allows you of expressing yourself creatively and not verbally. Graphic designers may design and create logos for the companies by the use of computer software or by hand. They can choose for styles and colors on the websites and develop layouts for magazines and advertisements.

Although graphic designers should also interact with other people, there are still features for those introvert people. They can even take time in enjoying the opportunity of working independently through their projects.

Graphic designers are working on a one-on-one basis. There may be time that they need to meet up a client and then continue to work.

Career Choice #3 – Health Information and Medical Records Technician

Are you interested in working in the medical or health field? However, you do not likely prefer interacting to people on a day-to-day basis? A health information and medical records technician is a good career choice.

Apart from it, technicians can likely spend most of their time at the back of their computer. They can enjoy their time to review patient records, analyze data and maintain databases.

With the career on medical records, it is more on the records and not about meeting up and talking to people.

Career Choice #4 – Financial Analyst

Do you like studying investments and stock market? Being a financial analyst is a good career to start. For this career choice, the daily responsibilities may include of studying the business trends, analyzing the bonds and stocks and their performance and writing fiscal reports.

And although investment recommendations are discussed with investors, you must be happy because the job only focuses on figures and facts, and not on people.

Career Choice #5 – Computer Programmer

Learning on software programs and working on various computers during spare time? Being a computer programmer is a good career choice for you. The main duties include of fixing errors on programs and writing codes that fit on software programs. Thus, you are more likely to spend the workdays at the back of the computer screen.

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