33 Examples of an Internship Resume Objective Statement

The objective statement is one of the most important parts of your internship application. As the first thing any potential employer will see, it creates an immediate first impression. Your objective statement allows you to draw the reader in and make the case that you will contribute to the organization and are interested in its work. You will need to show that you are the kind of person the company will want to hire, not just for the internship, but also for a full-time position.

Examples of Internship Objective Statements

Below are some examples of objectives statements for various types of internships to guide you in writing a powerful opening to your resume:

  • Enthusiastic computer engineering graduate with an excellent academic record, looking for a summer internship with CD Engineers to gain industry experience and apply classroom learnings to real-world challenges.
  • Final year mechanical engineering student with a successful record of executing school projects, a demonstrated ability to work independently, strong analytical approach to problem-solving, and excellent organizational skills, seeking an internship in an automotive or manufacturing company to further develop skills.
  • Energetic and nurturing early childhood education student looking to gain practical teaching experience in a classroom environment through an internship in Smith Independent School District.
  • To obtain an internship with Brown Publishing applying utilizing writing, editing and creative skills gained as an English literature major, aiming to contribute to skills while simultaneously gaining professional experience in publishing.
  • Detail-oriented, organized, self-disciplined computer science student and aspiring software developer, seeking a summer internship to gain real-world experience with the latest technology in a team environment and hands-on SDLC experience, bringing MSSQL, Bootstrap and C# experience.
  • Driven and creative computer science student looking to gain practical experience in web design, looking for a summer internship to help contribute to ABC Net Design’s work and learn how to deliver high-quality products to clients.
  • Driven and energetic nursing student with high attention-to-detail, seeking an internship to work under nurses to provide a safe, comfortable and confidential environment for patients.
  • To secure a summer pharmacy internship with Hospital Corporation to apply passion for patient care to a professional environment while pursuing B.S. in Pharmacy.
  • Looking for a lab tech internship with Medical Diagnostic Laboratories, bringing ability to learn quickly, perform detailed tasks accurately, function well as a member of a team, and work night shifts.
  • Recent electrical engineering graduate (GPA 3.8) with leadership experience through extra-curricular activities and ability to relocate, seeking a summer internship to participate in assignments and work in a fast-paced cross-functional corporate environment.
  • To contribute to Investor Inc.’s macroeconomic forecasting team to deliver cutting-edge analyses of macro trends and synthesize information for client-facing products.
  • Outgoing and driven biology student with excellent communication skills seeking an opportunity to intern with an orthopedic device company to gain experience in medical sales.
  • Self-starter with strong analytical skills gained through data science studies, looking for an opportunity to support FinTech Company’s analytics team as an intern.
  • Business management student with a background in marketing, seeking an internship to apply business administration and marketing skills to support the organization’s growth while expanding professional experience.
  • Focused recent graduate of a top tier Russian language program, seeking summer internship with XYZ Translator Company to apply linguistic skills, experienced in writing new articles and blog posts in Russian in addition to academic papers.
  • Hardworking recent statistics graduate (GPA 3.7) looking to gain applied experience in market research, bringing strong quantitative analysis skills and knowledge of multiple data analytics software including SQL and Tableau.
  • Highly organized management student seeking to obtain a summer internship at LG Construction to gain experience in project management and planning for the construction industry, bringing a proactive approach and dedication to mastering new skills.
  • Incoming college-junior seeking a summer internship position in the management consulting industry, bringing enthusiasm, sharp intellect, solid work ethic and an exceptional ability to develop fresh ideas for the benefit of the company.
  • Aspiring accountant with excellent mathematics skills seeking to gain practical experience through a summer internship in TelPort’s finance and accounting division, coming with a high attention-to-detail, desire to contribute to the division’s functioning, and an eagerness to learn new skills.
  • To obtain an intern position in the advertising department of the Digital Agency, looking to apply data analytic skills to mass marketing campaigns using analysis of consumer behavior.
  • Final year English literature student with strong writing and editing skills, looking to apply abilities in a fast-paced journalistic setting through an internship at Daily Tribune and gain experience in print and digital media.
  • Performance-driven and focused recent business graduate (GPA 3.8) with deep understanding of data analytics, seeking an internship to provide business analytics support and develop experience in a professional setting.
  • Enthusiastic and creative illustration student seeking a six-month internship with Fashion Magazine, looking to apply sketching and watercolor skills and learn about creative design for a leading international publication.
  • Self-motivated and resourceful business student looking to gain experience in logistics and supply chain management, seeking an internship to gain insight into end-to-end business processes and to contribute to a team.
  • Dedicated pre-law student seeking to gain a greater understanding of legal practice through an internship at Stone & Johnson Partners, bringing an understanding of criminal and constitutional law gained through political science studies as well as excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Detail-oriented and creative marketing student with a strong academic background seeking to gain practical experience developing innovative marketing strategies as an advertising intern, aiming to contribute to enhanced sales for key clients.
  • To obtain an internship with Green Mountain, looking to apply a theoretical understanding of green finance gained through graduate studies by contributing to the background research and modeling used to inform investing decisions.
  • Recent behavioral psychology graduate with an interest in human resource management, seeking to gain experience in the human resources team of a large corporation to gain greater experience in the application of behavioral psychology to business management processes.
  • To obtain an internship with XO Design to utilizing graphic design skills gained as a student at Art Academy, looking to contribute to both XO Design’s web design and print products.
  • Aspiring dentist looking to gain experience in a dental office setting, seeking an internship in a dental office providing administrative support and shadowing dentists and hygienists when possible.
  • Creative and energetic problem-solver with demonstrated analytical skills, seeking a three-month internship with Future Consulting to manage data and business analyses, develop dashboards, construct statistical and financial models, and perform other duties in support of the business analytics team.
  • Self-motivated aspiring marine biologist seeking an internship, eager to learn more about the conservation of marine life and to contribute to tasks as required, leveraging problem-solving capabilities and ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment.
  • Committed and engaged communicator looking for an internship in the human resources team of a Fortune 500 company to gain experience in delivering HR services, resolving people-related issues, and promoting leadership effectiveness.

Your objective statement is your chance to succinctly pitch your candidacy for the internship you want. It is best to tailor the objective statement to the job posting for the internship so that the person reading it sees you are the perfect match. Tailoring your objective statement for each job application is more work, but you will likely need to put in that work to get the job you want.


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