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Jeff Smisek is an American business man that has a net worth that is relatively high. He is known as the CEO of United Continental Holdings Inc. This is essentially the holding company for United Airlines. United Airlines is one of the most popular airlines in the world. There are close to 6,000 flights daily through United Airlines. This airline fly into and out of almost 400 airports in six continents. Before his current position at United Airlines he was the president and CEO of Continental Airlines.

Pay Increase

As the CEO of United airlines, he has seen his salary increase at a substantial rate recently. His pay has more than tripled in the past few years as CEO of United Airlines. In 2010, his annual salary that was 5 million, but now his annual salary is closer to 15 million. This salary increase came when United Airlines merged. Most of his salary increase is due to restricted stock grant value that has increased.


His salary had increased and tripled, but he recently resigned as president and CEO of United Airlines. This means that his salary will substantially decline until he finds a new position. His resignation in September of 2015 came after their were many claims and allegations that Smisek Used his power to influence officials at the Port Authority in New York. These claims came after there was a government investigation into United Airlines. When he resigned from United Airline, Smisek was given a severance pay that was close to 9 million. Smisek was then replaced as president and chairmen by Oscar Munoz.


Smisek made a name for himself in the world of business when he became the senior vice of Continental in 1995. From this position, he became the president and CEO of United Airlines and also served as a board of governs of the International Air Transport Association. He was given a lot of criticism in 2014 when the customer service and employee treatment was called into question. United suffer great losses during the final years of his stay as CEO and president. He also lost some pay due to work performance at the end of 2014 after he was given a substantial raise in 2010. This means that his salary has fluctuated greatly over the years.

The exact salary that Jeff Smisek is currently making is not known due to his departure from United Airlines this year.

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