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Kate Bolduan is a news anchor at CNN. She is relatively young for this type of prestigious job title and is only 33 years old. She got her start at CNN in 2007, but worked as a production assistant for NBC news before gaining employment with CNN. She is one of the most notable news anchors in the industry and has a salary that is comparable to some of the biggest players within the industry.


Kat got her start on CNN as a co-anchor to Wolf Blitzer. This means that she would also cover all of the biggest news stories. Kate has covered the Senate and US House hearings as well as the second OJ Simpson trial and other congressional events. Kate was even a member of the Capitol Hill Unit of CNN for a time period. Her career has been very quick, but there have been a number of controversies along the way. Her reporting of president Obama’s healthcare overhaul caused Blitzer to give the wrong ruling due to the reporting uncovered by her. Her past is also marred with controversy when her family came under attack after her mother was forced to pay over a million dollars for killing and injuring a 10 year old on a jet ski during a motor boat accident.


Kate gets a lot of notoriety and attention for her appearance as well as her position as CNN anchor. She has been linked to many celebrities over the years, but she wed a real estate businessman named Michael David Gershenson in 2007. They had their first child together in 2014.

Salary and Earnings

Kate Bolduan is one of the most popular anchors on CNN and has a contract and salary that matches this level of notoriety. Her net worth is believed to be over 3 million and the actual terms of her current contract with CNN are not completely known. However, she is believed to be one of the highest paid female news anchors in the business. She has received many awards over the years for her reporting including a news and documentary Emmy for outstanding live coverage of a current news story. Her achievements have helped to earn her a higher salary and more prestigious positions within CNN. She is up for a new contract with CNN shortly and will most likely get a substantial pay raise that will keep her on top as one of the highest paid female news anchors.

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