40 Extraordinary Letter of Interest Templates

Letters of interest are the best way for job seekers to apply to potential employers, even if they aren’t hiring. A letter of interest is different from a cover letter where you are applying for a specific job and thus can tailor the letter to a job description. It is also different from a letter of intent, which is very similar to a letter of interest, but shows a stronger commitment to a specific position.

We give you letter of interest templates so you have the words to write for various situations:

You’re a Student or Recent Graduate
You Admire the Company
You Read Something About the Company
You Heard an Executive Give a Speech
You Learned about a Possible Position Opening
Your Experience Makes You a Good Candidate
Crossing Over from a Competitor
Relocating to a Different Geography

When you write a letter of interest, it is possible there is no advertised job opening or job opportunity. Put simply, a letter of interest is a prospecting letter.

Sample Letter Template for Inserting Your Body Paragraphs

Writing a letter of interest includes a formal greeting, an introduction first paragraph, a second paragraph (and perhaps additional paragraphs) that include your demonstrated research on the target company, and a closing paragraph. Your closing paragraph should contain a call to action, your contact information for an informational interview, and a formal signature or your signature block.

Tailor the following letter of interest sample template to your needs:

[Your Name]
[Street Address]
[City, State Zip Code]
[Email Address]


[Hiring Manager Name]
[Company Name]
[Street Address]
[City, State Zip Code]

Dear Hiring Manager:

This letter of interest is to inquire about a position within [company name]. I would greatly value the opportunity to demonstrate what I have to offer your business.

[Insert your body paragraph(s) here. See below samples.]

Attached you will find my resume. If you have questions or are open to scheduling an interview, please contact me at [telephone number] or [email address]. I would greatly appreciate being able to meet you and discuss potential job opportunities with [company name.]

Signature (if a hardcopy letter)
[Your Printed Name]
[LinkedIn Profile, if you have one]
[Facebook Page, if it will help you get the job]


Best Letter of Interest Template Body Paragraphs

Here are 40 sample body paragraphs to plug into the template to create your own letter for that potential job at your dream company.

You’re a Student or Recent Graduate

Body Paragraph #1:
After graduating from [name of the institution or university] with a degree in [name and type of degree received], I’m looking to join a company in line with my career objectives and values.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about [company name] over the past [the amount of time you’ve heard about it]. It is precisely the environment in which I would love to work because your company demonstrates innovative thinking and attention to detail in [name field or industry].

Over the [amount of time in your current position], I have worked as a [name of position]. My background in [mention strengths and qualifications] will make me an ideal candidate for this position and your company.

Body Paragraph #2:
I am a recent graduate from [school] in the [field of interest], I believe I could bring some fresh ideas to [company name]’s [department]. I saw you [recent news of target company], and I would love the opportunity to join your team.

I am impressed with your [track record] of [achievement] and am confident I can bring additional knowledge to your already successful campaign.

Body Paragraph #3:
I am in the final year of [field of study] at [school], and I feel I have a lot to offer the [specific area/division] of [company name].

Based on my background, you can see that I have a strong foundation in [field of interest]. As part of my experience, I have spent [years] in [position], and I was in [position] for [years]. During my time at [previous job], I was able to further develop and enhance my [relevant skill[s]]. I believe that my team-based experience and positive work ethic will prove beneficial to your company.

Body Paragraph #4:
About two weeks ago, I read that [company name] had begun a project in [field of interest]. Having just graduated from [program of study] at [school], I believe I have a lot to offer your team.

Along with a great attitude and innovative ideas, I offer [level of experience and position] from [previous company]. There, I managed to [insert 2-3 accomplishments here]. My availability is flexible.

Body Paragraph #5:
I read about [company name]’s training program in [publication], and I would like to add my name to the list of applicants for this program. It has been a long-term goal of mine to work for [company name], as I understand the company’s structure and appreciate its mission to [end goal].

I recently graduated from [school] with a [degree] in [field of study]. Additionally, I have [years] experience working with [field of interest] and have developed [relevant skills] that I feel would make me a strong candidate in your company.

Body Paragraph #6:
This is my final year of study in [field of study] at [school], and you’ll see from my work history that I have a strong educational background for this position.

My grades enabled me to be awarded a full scholarship for my final year of study (transcript attached). My experience includes [years] at [company time] where I learned to [skill]. During my time at [previous job], I was able to [accomplishment].

You Admire the Company

Body Paragraph #7:
[Company name] has long been a favorite of mine. From the moment I heard about your [company name] at [name the event], I wanted to work for you. Being part of such a fantastic team and culture would be an honor.

A highly organized, creative, and time-efficient individual, I am extremely hard-working and creative. With my experience in [insert qualifications and strengths], I believe I can be a real asset to your organization.

Body Paragraph #8:
I have been intrigued by [company name] since the launch of [product or service], and I believe my experience with [field of interest] could be a valuable asset to your organization.

On your LinkedIn page, I recently saw that you expanded [product or service]. I feel strongly that my proven expertise in [field of interest] could be precisely what you’re looking for to further develop and grow [product or service].

Body Paragraph #9:
With your proven track record of [a fact about target company], I hope you will consider me for some additional support in [field of interest] to boost your sales. In my current position, I have [list achievements and relevant skills gained], which will support your sales goals.

In my current role, I have [list skills and achievements], which I believe are a good match for your business. I bring [years] of experience and knowledge in [field of interest], which would directly benefit your market penetration goals.

Body Paragraph #10:
My interest in your company began [years] ago, the moment I first heard about [target company accomplishment]. Due to my experience as a senior [job title] at [current company], I understand the challenges of creating compelling [products/services] and putting new life into [the field].

I achieved [strategy] in my current position, which led to [achievement for the current company]. [Insert statistics here.] If you give me a chance, I am confident that my expertise and experience would be a good match for your company.

Body Paragraph #11:
[Company name] has a long-standing reputation as one of the best places to work, and I believe my qualifications set me apart from my peers. I would love to discuss ways I can contribute to your objectives.

My [department] experience gives me a unique ability to apply [skill] to [company name]’s mission in [filed of interest]. Some of my knowledge in this area includes [list three aspects].

Furthermore, I have experience with managing [things managed in the past]. I have delivered [field] large-scale projects on time and within budget, in alignment with company targets.

Body Paragraph #12:
Having read about [company name] and its mission statement on [vision], I would like to be considered for a position at [company name]. I strongly believe that my contributions to your company would have a great impact.

As an experienced professional in [field], I believe [company goal] and [company approach] are crucial to helping customers get the products/services they need. My work history shows my proven track record of [achievement[s]], which will allow me to significantly contribute to [company name].

Body Paragraph #13:
I have always admired the success of [company name], particularly in their [location division], where I will be relocating in [month] of this year. Joining your team would be an incredible honor, and I feel I have significant contributions I can bring to your team.

My background is in [industry], and I have just completed a [project] that closely matches your company’s goals. I have achieved excellent results within my previous companies, as evidenced by [achievement] with [current employer]. In order to accomplish your vision for [location], my expertise in the development of applications in [relevant software] would be invaluable.

Body Paragraph #14:
I am reaching out to you because I have been admiring [company name] for [number of years], ever since you launched [product/service]. I have been working as [job title] and I feel my experience and skill set could be of great value to your company.

Here are a few things I have accomplished in my [years] as a [job title:]
· [Previous accomplishment]
· [Previous accomplishment]
· [Previous accomplishment]

Body Paragraph #15:
[Company name] has an incredible track record in [field], and I want to be a part of your team. I am a seasoned professional with a long record of being among the country’s top in my [field], and I would love the opportunity to discuss how I can contribute to your organization.

The experience I gained in [company name]’s [department] gives me the unique ability to relate [skill] to [file of interest]. The following are some of the aspects of my knowledge in this area: [list three].

Aside from that, I have experience managing [past management experiences]. To align company targets, I have successfully completed [field] large-scale projects on time and within budget.

You Read Something About the Company 

Body Paragraph #16:
According to [publication], your [department] is looking to expand [product/service line]. I have followed your company’s progress since [timeline], and I would love the opportunity to join your team.

With my deep understanding of your company, I am confident I could bring some fresh ideas to your company. My experience with [competitor] spans [years], and I believe that my expertise and background would be a great contribution to your company’s vision and strategy.

Body Paragraph #17:
I have read [something interesting and specific] about [company name] and would like to find out if there are any openings. I am interested in a career in [field of study]. I’m interested in learning more about [company name] and what opportunities may be available.

I hold a [diploma/degree] in [field of study] as well as [years] of experience in [field]. In addition, I have completed [additional education] and have received [award[s], nomination, etc.,] at [previous employer], due to my [accomplishment[s]].

Body Paragraph #18:
[Company name] has caught my attention due to the recent news of [recent news]. I have [years] of experience working with [competitor]. I graduated from [school] in the [program]. While there, I developed [accomplishment], thus [a problem you solved].

I feel I am qualified for this position because I have a complete understanding of customer service problem solving, and I have had an excellent track record of informal leadership among my peers.

Body Paragraph #19:
Last week, I read an article about [company name]’s new approach to [a facet of the business], and I believe I have a lot to bring to your team and your vision for [product/service].

I have [years] experience working in [field of interest]. During my time in [role] at [previous company], I accomplished the following: [list 2-3 accomplishments], and in doing so, [increased/decreased] [sales/costs].

Body Paragraph #20:
Last week I read a post about [company name]’s CEO, where he/she described the company’s plans to restructure its operations in [field]. Motivated by this news, I am reaching out to inquire if you need an expert in this field.

With [years of experience] in [field] for [employer], I have an established background in developing [business target]. The successful implementation of [accomplishment] helped decrease overhead costs by 7%, saving the company tens of thousands of dollars. When reorganizing its local operations, [potential company name] could take advantage of my expertise.

Body Paragraph #21:
I read about [company name]’s management trainee program in the newsletter and would like to learn more. It has been a long-standing interest of mine to pursue a career in management, and I believe I would be able to benefit from this program.

Since I’ve been employed with [company name] for [years], my attendance has always been perfect. I am interested in learning more about the company and exploring available opportunities. In addition to my [degree] in [field], I have experience managing [field]. Additionally, I have completed two internships in [field]-related fields. I would like to discuss the management trainee program further and provide further information regarding my candidacy.

You Heard an Executive Give a Speech

Body Paragraph #22:
I’ve long been fond of [company name]. Hearing you speak at [name the event] amplified my interest even more. The opportunity to be part of [name of the product] would be an honor. I have a lot to bring to the table.

In addition to being highly organized, creative, and time-efficient, I am extremely hard-working and creative. My experience in [insert qualifications and strengths] makes me a valuable asset to your organization. Your consideration of my request is greatly appreciated.

Body Paragraph #23:
Your organization may find it useful to hire me. I have a long-standing appreciation for [company name]. When I heard you speak at the event [name the event], my interest in your company grew even further. To be able to contribute to [name of product/service] would be a privilege.

My talent, diligence, and dedication make me a highly productive and reliable employee. I am a valuable asset to your organization due to my experience in [insert qualifications and skills].

Body Paragraph #24:
Last week I attended a lecture by [company name]’s CEO, where she/he described the company’s plans to redesign its strategy in [field]. Inspired by this presentation, I want to find out whether there are any positions available in your department.

Having worked in [field] for [years] for [current employer], I have extensive experience in growing [business target]. Most recently, I [accomplishment], which helped increase client satisfaction by 10% within six months of being implemented. This experience will be valuable to [company name] as it considers integrating [field strategy] into its business approach.

You Learned about a Possible Position Opening

Body Paragraph #25:
The announcement that [employee] will be leaving in [month] recently came to my attention. While it is unfortunate to see him go, I am interested in taking over his duties as [job title] when he leaves.

For the position of [job title], I am well qualified after working in the [department] of [company name] for [years]. As you know, I was instrumental in bringing about [achievement] that positively impacted customer satisfaction almost immediately. I feel confident that I am qualified to be a leader in this role.

Body Paragraph #26:
I was referred to [company name] by [mutual contact], as he/she believed I would be a good fit for a position with you. I was highly impressed with your reporting stats on [field of interest] and how you developed [company accomplishment].

Knowing I have experience with [field of interest], I believe I would be a good fit to oversee or otherwise add value to [project] and help you develop your intended mission for this [goal].

Body Paragraph #27:
I learned that [employee] is retiring from her position on [date]. While it is unfortunate to see her go, I am interested in filling her position upon her departure.

I have been working at [company name] for [years], and I feel I would be a perfect fit to take on the responsibilities of [position]. I bring excellent [specific skill set[s]] and a fantastic attitude.

Your Experience Makes You a Good Candidate

Body Paragraph #28:
My work history contains an extensive record of achievements and their impact on [current company] through my role as [job title]. As you can see, I was instrumental in achieving success for [current company] by obtaining [goal] in the [project]. On this project, I have had the pleasure of working with individuals from an array of backgrounds, giving me a good idea of the diverse projects that [company name] undertakes.

With [relevant experience], I am familiar with the inner workings of [department]. Currently, it is my understanding that [company name] could greatly benefit from a key player to help it accomplish [goal].

Body Paragraph #29:
I believe that your company could benefit from my experience. I have been an integral part in obtaining the [goal] in the [project] that made it possible for [current company] to achieve its desired goals with this project.

Throughout this project, I’ve had the opportunity to work with numerous subcontractors, which has given me an understanding of the wide variety of projects the [company name] undertakes. With [relevant experience], I am well-versed in the policies and procedures of [department].

I would be grateful for the opportunity to show you how I can partner with you to achieve [company name]’s goals and objectives. My work history evidences a significant record of accomplishments as well as the impact I have had as [job title] on [current employer].

Body Paragraph #30:
My [number]-year tenure as a [job title] includes demonstrated proficiency in core [field] functions, including [list three functions]. I can manage the [department] without supervision, handle multiple tasks effectively, and maintain confidentiality with highly sensitive materials. Additionally, I have experience managing high-profile clients and supervising staff. As a representative of my employer, I maintain professional optics and remain calm under pressure.

Body Paragraph #31:
I have been successfully [doing my job] with [current company] for the last [number of] years. I feel as though I would not only be of great use to the [person you would report to] but also be a successful team player to my co-workers. I am confident that I would be a knowledgeable and relatable mentor to your junior staff and could bring unique and workable ideas to your company.

Body Paragraph #32:
With [number of] years’ experience as a customer-focused and energetic [current role], I am confident that I would be a positive addition to your staff.

I have demonstrated competencies in [list 3]. I have had the opportunity to work in [relevant department[s]] during my career. Moreover, I have current [qualifications] and possess both [experience] and [experience], which makes me a good contender for various [department] positions.

Body Paragraph #33:
I have a broad background in [field]. My expertise lies in [list two facets of this field]. Also, I have [years] of [associated] experience, allowing me to develop good [skills] and [skills]. Working hard, being dedicated, and persevering has helped me achieve my goals in the past.

When you hire me, you can count on me to work hard, learn new skills, be detail-oriented, and stay up to date with [field and industry] development. It is a point of pride for me to be reliable and able to work with others well. With me on the team, I am confident that your [department] at [company name] will see an improvement in [milestone].

Body Paragraph #34:
With my extensive experience in this [line of work], I have [years] of professional experience in the [industry] [company name] is in.

I received [accomplishments] during my [years] at [previous company]. I was responsible for [tasks] and [people] when I lead [department/project]. The [skills], [skills], and [skill] I have acquired through my education and experiences have prepared me well for a position in your [department] and can help you greatly.

Body Paragraph #35:
My experience and expertise could prove valuable to your [department] at [company name]. I have [years] of [associated] experience, which has enabled me to obtain good [skills] and [skills].

Aside from that, my work history shows that I have a wide range of experience in [field]. The two main facets of my expertise are [list them]. As I have achieved my goals in the past, I have been diligent, committed, and determined.

You can count on me to work hard, to learn new skills, and to keep current with [field] developments when you hire me. Working with others and being reliable are both things in which I take pride.

Body Paragraph #36:
This letter is to inquire about the restructuring of the [department] at your [division] in [location]. In transitioning to this new approach, I can draw on my experience in managing this type of team. In my current position, I have gone through a merger, and subsequent restructure, so I understand the delicate intricacies of laying off staff while maintaining the company’s reputation. During the merger of [current company], I was successful in relocating 90% of our staff. I believe I can do the same for [company name].

The person in this position must be diligent, detail-oriented, and have excellent personnel skills. I have demonstrated the ability to bring this to the table, as well as a team-oriented approach to [industry] and a commitment to safety and confidentiality.

Crossing Over from a Competitor

Body Paragraph #37:
I have been working with [competitor] for [years]. I am specifically looking to join your team at [location].

As you can from my experience, I have a strong background in [field of interest]. My work history includes [years] in [position], and prior to that, I was [position] for [years]. My time at [competitor] allowed me to further develop and strengthen my [relevant skill[s].] If you would like to discuss how my professional experience and skills could benefit [company name], I would appreciate the opportunity.

Body Paragraph #38:
I have had broad experience in [line of work] for [years]. What I like about your company is [insert what you like here].

My [years] at [previous company] included [accomplishment]. When I oversaw [department/project], I was responsible for [task] and [personnel]. I believe that my [skill], [skill], and [skill] have prepared me well for a position within your [department] and that I could be of the utmost value to [company name].

Body Paragraph #39:
I am a graduate of [school] in the [program], and I have [years] experience working with [competitor]. While there, I was the go-to person for [accomplishment] and worked to improve [accomplishment].

I believe this makes me a good candidate to implement your company’s mission right from the beginning. I learn quickly and enjoy working with people.

Relocating to a Different Geography

Body Paragraph #40:
My curiosity was piqued when I noticed you were running a promotion for [product/service] in [city]. I am planning to relocate to [city] in [month], and I have extensive knowledge about [product/service]. Since I have [years] of experience with [current role], I’m an expert in the evolution of said [product/service], and I believe I could contribute meaningfully to your company’s goals.

You will see from my work history that I have a solid background in [industry], making me a good addition to your team. I would love the opportunity to speak with you further about your company’s vision and how I can be a part of your future goals.


As you can see, there are many great ways to draft statements of interest that include market research about your target company and the important skills you can offer your potential employer, even if you don’t know about a particular job or specific role. Doing your due diligence on the company’s website and having a deep understanding of the company is essential to making an impact and getting yourself noticed in your letter.

Be sure to take the time to look at the company’s vision and mission to stand out from the competition and create a positive impression. Showing how you can provide value to your prospective employer is the key to writing a high-quality letter of interest and landing your dream job.

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