List of Homophone Words

Homophones are what words are referred to that have two different meanings but are pronounced the same. Homophones are commonly spelled differently with their own set of symbols. Here is a short list of homophone words commonly used in the English language.

aisle, isle
bare, bear, bear
be, bee
cell, sell
cent, scent
cereal, serial
dear, deer
die, dye
eye, I
fir, fur
flour, flower
heal, heel
him, hymn
hour, our
idle, idol
in, inn
know, no
made, maid
mail, male
none, nun
oar, or
one, won
pair, pear
plain, plane
pray, prey
real, reel
right, write
sea, see
sight, site
sole, soul
stair, stare
steal, steel
tail, tale
their, there
to, too, two
wait, weight
way, weigh
wear, where

Check out this video on some of the most confusing words that are spoken with the same pronunciation, but have different meanings.

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