35 Best Managerial Resume Objective Statement Examples

Hiring managers can receive hundreds of applications for a given position, and unfortunately, many resumes might be passed over once the selection pool has been chosen. One way to help your application rise to the top is through a clear and effective objective statement. This short, concise introduction to your resume is a glimpse into who you are as a potential employee and is the first opportunity you have to set yourself above the competition.

Here are some examples of powerful objective statements for managers:

Experienced Manager Objective Statements

  • Seasoned grocery store manager with 15 years of experience leading stores to new sales goals and customer satisfaction levels, seeking an opportunity with Carol’s Grocery Outlet to oversee and lead new or existing storefronts to new heights in service excellence. Hoping to join the Carol’s Grocery family and contribute to the mission of “quality food for every table, every meal, every day.”
  • Experienced salesperson with eight years of demonstrated success and industry knowledge-seeking sales manager position with international firms. Consistently high marks with sales performance metrics and client retention, willing to be a team player and seek the good of the team while meeting goals for short-term and long-term success.
  • Responsible and knowledgeable technician with 10 years of experience in paper manufacturing seeking plant manager position. Exceptional history with quality control, working knowledge and industry certification of all major components of plant mechanical equipment, plus practical knowledge of required daily and monthly tasks for team reporting to upper management.
  • Dynamic and dedicated I.T. professional pursuing next career with Mainline Technology as a Team Leader and Manager, with passion for the tools and techniques of the industry matched by pursuit of premier service to customers. Maintained industry certifications in major programming languages and software suites for the past six years.
  • Experienced hotel manager looking for an opportunity with an established boutique hotel location. Nine years of experience managing all facets of hotel management, including night shift, concierge, front desk, custodial, and restaurant; have met sales and occupancy goals for the past four years, and have been recognized by chain leadership for outstanding performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Fast food manager seeking new opportunities with Arby’s, highly-rated performance over a 13-year career with the company as a Shift Manager and Store Manager; have received high marks for store cleanliness, food service delivery times, food quality, and customer satisfaction. Have led sales for the southeast region for the last eight quarters, employee turnover among the lowest in the franchise area.
  • Energetic and committed sales executive seeking a Team Manager position with Ellipsis Solutions. Three years in the industry invaluable in learning how to exceed client expectations, while delivering exceptional value to the branch and the company, which has led informal sales teams to meet quarterly goals – ultimate long-term career goal to become a branch manager.
  • Exceptional performer with high sales numbers and strong base of repeat customers looking to advance within the Chevrolet family to a Sales Department Manager position. Have led the Stoutsville dealership to record sales four years running, then reversed downward trends at Harrisburg to become the leading auto dealer in the county, receiving high marks from customers (many of whom ask for me by name).
  • Experienced and compassionate professional looking to make an impact in employees’ lives as a human resources manager. Skilled and certified in critical aspects of conflict resolution, ethics complaints, and information governance; industry certified for eight years as a crisis communication manager; and achieved accreditation as a sexual harassment counselor.
  • Creative and passionate Marketing Executive seeking to leverage valuable community connections as a Marketing Manager with Leading Edge Marketing. Seeks to client relationships to the next level by leveraging team dynamics and deliver outstanding results for all accounts, boasting two years of progressive responsibility with client accounts, often running point on all sales interactions on nationwide projects.
  • Experienced restaurant manager seeking opportunities with upscale-market locations. Have eleven years of experience in various positions, including server, host, and bartender, as well as knowledge of all aspects of restaurant operations; and have supported general manager as team leader for the past three years. Seeking opportunities to promote fine dining experiences in the Lake Alice area.
  • Office supply retail professional searching for managerial experience with six years at locally-owned supply stores as well as big-chain companies. Dedicated to excellent customer service, helpful knowledge of all office supply product categories, and committed to learning the latest office technology trends to anticipate customer needs.
  • In pursuit of a Front Desk Manager position for a destination resort or hotel location within the Marriott Bonvoy. Boasting 14 exciting years of hospitality experience, including four years as the manager for Orlando and Kissimmee locations across the enterprise, achieving superior marks in overall customer satisfaction as well as corporate partnerships with tourist destinations and retailers in the area.
  • Reliable and high-performing sales team leader seeking to grow career in cell phone sales by beginning the Store Manager track. Willing to work all shifts and apply seven years prior experience to managing storefronts to reach sales goals, including expansive knowledge of the latest cell phone technology, and ability to present all applicable promotional opportunities to best serve customer needs.
  • Shift manager seeking to gain employment as a store location manager willing to apply five years of experience in fast-casual dining to a back-of-house role. Educational background in business and HR management, working knowledge of all kitchen equipment maintenance, thorough understanding of food supply chain and ordering, and consistently high-performance ratings.
  • Lab technician seeking management experience in order to advance to Research Lab Leader with LabCorp. Eight years of progressive experience with all lab operating functions and roles, consistent attention to detail and focus on a safe working environment. Also currently pursuing Chemical Sciences doctoral degree with the long-term goal of laboratory specimen containment science.

Entry-Level Manager Objective Statements

  • Seeking to advance in foodservice industry, searching for Shift Manager position within Jack’s Jerk Chicken – open to any location in the Great Plains region. Three years of experience as a front service clerk with reliable marks on customer service and satisfaction, hoping to start by the end of this year.
  • Applying for a position as the stocking manager for grocery store industry. Stocking experience throughout high school and college, with educational background in Business and Supply Chain Management. Spent the past six months shadowing current manager, seeking to advance to store manager as long-term career goal.
  • Working musician, skilled instrumentalist of multiple instruments, and aspiring music producer seeking day job as Floor Manager of Stuckey’s Music Emporium, leveraging knowledge of recording and performance equipment, and willingness to workdays and weekends. Hoping to support local music community through excellent customer service.
  • Aspiring sales executive hoping to gain valuable experience in the serveware industry. Currently completing bachelor’s degree in Finance, plus two years of department store sales experience in kitchen and home goods. Looking to learn about inventory ordering and gain practical knowledge of team leadership dynamics to meet sales goals.
  • To secure employment as the next Concierge Manager for the Island Paradise Hotel. Friendly and dedicated professional with demonstrated track record of punctuality, cleanliness, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Hoping to grow in knowledge and expertise in the hospitality industry, with the long-term goal of owning a boutique hotel in the Paradise family.
  • Data management service tech seeking to utilize frontline experience in back-of-house management, seeking full-time position to increase connections with clients. Successfully implemented process streamlining concepts to increase productivity and decrease customer downtimes, also able to work nights and weekends, as well as on-call as needed.
  • Looking to grow in knowledge and experience in the human resources world, seeking position that involves constant interaction with teammates and solving problems with staffing and conflict resolution. Recently completed undergraduate program in Business, with certificate of study in Human Resources; desired position would ideally become a pathway to corporate-level management.
  • Versatile and energetic salesperson ready to provide Warren’s Custodial Services with top-notch leadership as a Sales Office Manager. Demonstrated track record in various industries, professional certificates from industry associations for custodial equipment and human capital management open to new opportunities, and seeking to provide quality service to clients.
  • Excited to contribute to the thriving nightlife of downtown West Garfield as Dining Room Manager, seeking to thrill and delight customers with an out-of-this-world dining experience, and to make SoCal’s Southern Delights the first choice for families and group gatherings. Culinary certificate from Service Tech College, and pursuing Hospitality degree from Lighthouse Southern.
  • Construction specialist and foreman hoping to advance as Office Manager, willing to learn employee leadership programs and assign teams to onsite jobs as needed. Committed to quality craftsmanship while maintaining the company’s bottom line; certified in job site safety and procurement processing; responsible, focused on the job at hand, and dedicated to the company’s mission of excellence in manufactured structures.
  • Previous sales expert hoping to join the Eagleton brand of stores as Clothing Department Manager, with past experience in office paper goods, bookstore warehouses, and sporting goods. Dedicated to supporting all members of the team through clear direction and collaboration, passionately committed to premier customer service.
  • Professional and knowledgeable aspiring manager with direct sales and customer service experience, including exposure to customer relationship management software, supply chain management, and back-office accounting. Pursuing a master’s degree in Continuous Improvement Science, with a focus on Project Management and Human Capital Management.
  • Reliable sales professional with proven track record hoping to advance to the next level in High Mountain Camping Gear by becoming the next Hunting Department service manager. Recent experience in other retail settings, hoping to gain managerial experience alongside master’s education in Entrepreneurship.
  • Friendly and capable employee hoping to give back to the community as a Store Manager. Passionately committed to the success of locally-owned businesses, and excited at the opportunity to join this mainstay of the Vineland Midtown Complex, seeking to maintain the 60-year history and impact this business has had through top-tier customer service and a pleasant shopping experience for everyone. References upon request.
  • Doctoral candidate for Advanced Aerospace Design seeking managerial position with Aurora Gliders. Designs for Composite Drafting program featured in Aircraft Monthly spotlight, presented at National Aviation Conference last year; seeking experience with a successful aircraft manufacturing firm with composite material production.
  • Applying for a position as the Weekend Shift Manager of Frankie’s Fabulous Fun Center. Always ready to make someone’s special day even more special through party planning, special event coordination, and front-house upkeep to ensure every single customer leaves with a smile on their face. Frontline experience coupled with current education in Organizational Development; willing to work nights, weekends, and holidays.

Career Change Manager Objective Statements

  • Knowledgeable and hard-working executive seeking management opportunity with Cold-Stor Manufacturing. Willing to bring experience, leadership skills, and team-building techniques to bear for small- to mid-sized team in a manufacturing, production, or quality control setting.
  • To enter a management-level position after amassing 16 years of valuable knowledge and experience in the field of data management and security, with the goal of leading teams into the next chapter of database management, information security, and project management techniques. Storied background in several industry sectors.
  • Experienced motivational speaker and career counselor seeking new opportunities to train and lead a powerhouse sales team to defy all expectations. Willing to apply track record of surpassing sales goals year over year to teaching up-and-coming salespersons and coaching them to new levels of success.

Feel free to take any one of these objective statements as a template for your own resume. Always remember, however, that you should tailor your objective statement for each and every resume you send out so that the company you’re applying to knows that you are committed to that opportunity. Be your own biggest champion, but be honest while doing so. With objective statements like these, you’re well on your way to the job of your dreams!


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