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Mike Trivisonno is the American broadcaster from the Cleveland radio station of WTAM on AM 1100. For those who are in the Cleveland area or who are able to listen to the radio show via internet know him and refer to him as Triv.

He was first known for his notoriety in the 70’s as being one of the most frequent callers to the show of Sportsline on the same radio station. Back then the show was hosted by the host Pete Franklin. The show was focused clearly on the Cleveland sports. While most callers who would call the radio station would be cut off rudely by Mr. Franklin, he gave some slack to Triv due to his extensive knowledge of sports, focused more solely on the Cleveland Browns however. He then started off by mocking Triv by referring to him as the Mr. Know it all. This same mock would carry onto his own show however.

Mike started out with his own career in the late 80’s when he started working for the radio station WNCX where he worked in the sporting broadcasts. He went on to becoming a full time personal radio host in 1989 and continued with that same radio station until 1992.

Mike, Triv better known as went onto start hosting his own Sportsline show in 1994. The show first started out at the 6 to 11 p.m. The show started out doing well even though it was brought up against the Cleveland Indians games on the opposing radio station of WKNR. Since the show did so well it would end up being moved to the afternoon driving hours until the year 1998 when it would go on to be named the Mike Trivisonno Show. Since then, it has ranked in the top three slots in that market.

Mike was born in Ohio and married a long term girlfriend from high school who he went onto have children with, a daughter and then 2 sons. He ultimately buried his wife in August of 2009 when she died from brain and lung cancer at the age of 61. Then he went on to marry his girlfriend in 2011 while in Las Vegas.

Overall since he has begun his first call to the show up until now, he has clearly made a name for himself. The Mike Trivisonno show is well worth what his salary is as he entertains all of the Cleveland area as well as long distances thanks to the courtesy of the internet and the ability to listen over the internet.

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