O Neg Blood Type Personality Explained

There are four primary blood types that are found in humans: A, B, AB, and O. The blood types are based on the antigens which are present in the blood. If you have an A blood type, then you have A antigens, but no B antigens. If you have the B blood type, then you’d have B antigens, but not A antigens.

People with AB blood have both antigens. Those with an O blood type would not have any antigens at all.

Those blood types are either positive or negative, based on the presence of a protein that is referred to as the Rh factor.

If you have the protein, then you are positive. If you do not, then you are negative.

Someone with O-type blood without Rh factor would therefore be an O Negative blood type. What is unique about this blood type is that it is a universal donor. Anyone can accept O Negative blood as a donation should they need it.

In the 1930s, Tokeji Furukawa published a paper where he claimed that the blood type of an individual contributed to individual personality development. Whether you believe in this correlation or not, you may find that if you have O Negative blood, many of these personality traits apply.

List of the O Negative Blood Type Personality Traits

1. You are thought of as a person who is cold emotionally.
People with the O Negative blood type personality traits tend to see emotions as a tool instead of a reaction. It is another way to get stuff done during the day. They don’t see any benefit to having a mood swing or creating purposeful drama with other people. Unless it helps to push life forward, it is a pointless use of energy. Any emotion can be useful, including anger and grief, to create a world that is better.

2. You staple your pants to your work chair.
People with these personality traits are also hard workers. They respond positively to pressure because their emotional reactions to it give them extra options. You will find them working harder than ever on tight deadlines or difficult tasks because they are able to draw upon more internal resources to get the work done.

3. You are often seen as an arrogant person.
People with this blood type tend to exude confidence in everything they choose to do. It is a domineering type of confidence that is often mistaken for arrogance. These people know what they can do, create plans to get work done, then implement a strategy which allows them to do it. Instead of listening to fear, they fuel the energy from their emotions into action. Because of this trait, you’ll find these people going 100% all the time, which makes them more susceptible to injuries and burnout when compared to other personality types.

4. You can be unpredictable at times.
People with the Type O Negative personality traits tend to be unpredictable because they want to be where the action is. They want to let their skills and experience help others in the best possible way every day. One could say that the only thing that is predictable about this personality type is that they are so unpredictable. Their choices are always based on the best possible outcome that can be achieved. If something does not make sense, then they aren’t going to pursue that option.

5. You like to stay in your comfort zone.
People with these personality traits don’t like the idea of exploring “outside the box.” They prefer a comfortable routine, then stick to it for as long as possible. Change happens only when it is absolutely necessary. Because O Negative blood is more attractive than other types, there is a natural instinct to stay indoors, away from other people, which can lead to times of social isolation. These people weigh the consequences of each action, then choose the best option, accepting whatever consequences may come because of it.

6. You tend to focus on yourself first.
This personality type wants to make sure that they take care of themselves before taking care of other people. They push hard for the things they want, even if that means pushing other people down to achieve success. Narcissism is a trait that is always in danger of developing with this personality type if this issue is allowed to spin out of control. When it can be controlled, people with this personality type can achieve amazing things that others thought would be impossible to do.

7. You listen to your intuition.
People with Type O Negative blood often listen to their intuition. They’ve learned to trust their gut feelings because it is usually right. Many people feel like they receive consequences if they fail to listen to their instincts, which creates an internal war sometimes for the person. Their heads might be telling them one thing, but then their intuition tells them to take a different approach. If this war happens during a critical moment, it may cause a hesitation that can lead to incomplete results.

8. You like to get the basics of life into a routine.
Although people with these personality traits thrive in environments where unpredictability reigns, they do like to create routines for themselves that are outside of the public eye. People with Type O Negative personality traits tend to go to bed at the same time each night, wake up at the same time each morning, and do something to take care of themselves before heading off to work. For some, that might mean reading or watching the news. For others, it might mean meditation, Yoga, or prayer.

9. You purposely create feelings to give yourself energy.
One of the dangers that comes with this personality type is that emotional energy becomes the primary source of fuel that is used. Some people will purposely create feelings through their interactions with others to give themselves an extra boost. That may result in hurtful encounters, broken relationships, and it might even cost some their jobs if they push this issue far enough.

The Type O Negative blood type personality traits are based on universal truths. If you work hard, focus on your strengths, and use all the tools which are available to you, then you can accomplish almost anything. If you don’t work hard, then you won’t achieve the success you want.

At the end of the day, this personality type defines itself on the actions taken each day more than the results that are produced. The work being done becomes a personal reflection of who you are as a person. That means they work hard to help everyone succeed because that will help them be able to take credit for all the success which happens.

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