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The longest running syndicated game show in the United States, Wheel of Fortune has been around for multiple generations, providing a nightly half hour of entertainment as guests attempted to answer phrase and guess letters. While the show has had a series of hosts over the years, none is more iconic then Pat Sajak. Adding his own personal skill and talent, Pat Sajak is as recognizable as the game itself. With all of this in mind, lets take a moment to examine Pat Sajak in closer detail, as well as what we believe his salary to be.

Pat Sajak

Born in 1946, Pat Sajak has worked to build himself up as a recognizable television personality. Having spent a great deal of time on television in a number of different roles, Pat Sajak become best known for hosting the syndicated version of the Wheel of Fortune. Having played this role for more then three decades, Pat Sajak has become increasingly recognizable as a TV personality, increasing his own potential worth as a result. In addition, there are a great deal of cultural references to Pat Sajak as many consider him a cultural fixture of American TV life.

The Salary of Pat Sajak

With such a storied career on air along with incredible recognition, Pat Sajak has a great deal of earning potential at the moment. For continuing his role in the Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak makes about $12 million dollars every year. What this does not take into consideration is any money he can make outside of the Wheel of Fortune, including product placement, advertising, and more.

Future Earning Potential

At 68, Pat Sajak is still going strong. Over the last three decades, Pat Sajak has made more and more money through his role. With every passing year, the broadcasting company has paid him a little more because Wheel of Fortune has consistently brought viewers to that timeslot. With this commanding role over a game that Americans love, Pat Sajak’s greatest gift is his name recognition and familiar face.

As Pat Sajak gets older, the potential for him retiring may lead NBC to pay him more in order to keep him on. At the same time, Pat Sajak can also earn money through separate deals with other companies looking to grow their own brand with Sajak’s recognizable personality. At the current moment, Pat Sajak has an estimated worth of 45 million dollars.

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