Pat Sajak’s Salary

Have you ever had the opportunity to stay home from work and watch daytime television? Or perhaps you enjoy watching game shows on your time off. Regardless, you have probably heard of the Wheel of Fortune, which is an incredibly popular game show that has been broadcasted in countries around the world. The host, Pat Sajak is one of the most popular game show hosts on television today, as is his assistant and co-host, Vanna White. Below is some interesting information about Pat Sajak and his salary.

The Beginning Years

When Pat Sajak attended Columbia College in Chicago, his instructor told him that their local news station was looking for a new anchor. Taking the advice of his broadcasting instructor, he decided that he would apply for the job and ended up being awarded a position in the morning time slot. During 1968, he joined the United States Army and served in the Vietnam War. During his time in service, he was the DJ for the Armed Forces Radio and was said to be the first radio DJ to start his show with the saying, “Good morning, Vietnam!” After serving his time in the Army, he moved to Los Angeles in search of becoming a part of the entertainment industry. Soon after his decision to move, he became the weatherman for KNBC-TV in 1977.

Wheel of Fortune

After becoming a reputable television personality, Pat Sajak was offered the opportunity to host Wheel of Fortune after Chuck Woolery but the President of NBC decided against it as Sajak was deemed “too local.” After this, the entire show was shut down and the producer refused to film any further unless Sajak was hired, which he was. For the past 32+ years he has been the faithful host of the worldwide game show phenomenon which has landed him an ample amount of recognition and awards. As an example, he has won 3 separate Emmy’s and even has a star on the walk of fame in Hollywood.

Pat Sajak Salary

The annual salary that he receives from his work on Wheel of Fortune is approximately $12 million. With the combination of the popular game show and the time that he put into other careers he has developed an overall net worth of approximately $45 million. With his annual salary he is one of the highest paid television personalities in the world and he is also deemed as one of the richest celebrities because of his net worth.

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