Rene Rancourt Salary

Rene Rancourt became famous for his rendition of the national anthems played at home games for the Boston Bruins of the National Hockey League. In April 2018, he decided to retire, singing his last national anthem after 42 years of performing at home games.

Rancourt’s career as a singer began with an opera audition on local radio. He began to sing the national anthem for the Boston Red Sox, performing in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series.After each anthem performance, Rancourt offers a signature fist pump. He often performs before local car races and charity events around New England. He’ll also bring his trademark voice to nursing homes to perform.

There are no reports available to how much Rene Rancourt earns for singing the national anthem before Bruins games. “I’ve never had a contract,” Rancourt is reported as saying once. “I’ve always just shown up and I’ve become associated with the Bruins.

He worked with Curtis Knight Entertainment and Murray Hill Talent Events for his appearances.

Early History of Rene Rancourt

Rancourt graduated from high school in 1959. He was already singing the national anthem before local games them. He auditioned at Boston University, earned a partial scholarship, and continued singing.

He won a singing contest in 1969, which allowed him to join the GI traveling show instead of serving in Vietnam. For several years, his voice could be heard on the radio through recordings of the show.

Rancourt’s big break came when John Kiley, long-time organist at Fenway Park, heard his booming voice over the radio. That gave him the opportunity to sing during the World Series, which eventually led to him singing at the old Boston Garden.

“I’ve been thinking about retirement since the age of 68,” Rancourt told local media, when announcing his retirement. “I’m 78 now, so maybe I’m a little behind on things.”

Rancourt is a native of Lewiston, Maine.

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