40+ Best Resignation Letter Templates to Use When Quitting a Job

Resigning from a job isn’t usually an easy process, especially when you like where you work. Alternatively, it can be challenging to resign gracefully from a position that you have had serious issues with during your employment. And in some cases, you think you should just go ahead and “rage quit.”

Below there are tips for writing your resignation letter, a skeleton template for resigning, and several body paragraphs to choose from depending on your reason for resigning. Just plunk a body paragraph from the below choices into your skeleton template, and you’re finished!

Your Situation Has Changed
Family Reasons
You Hate Your Job (Rage Quitting)
You Found Something Better
Unfair or Bad Company Treatment
Your Job Isn’t a Good Fit for You
Lack of Work/Life Balance
Resigning without Giving Two Weeks’ Notice
Forced Resignations or When You Don’t Want to Leave
Minimal Effort Resignations

These tips and this resignation letter template are a good starting point to help you quit your job more easily, and, if you choose to, on good terms. Many employees prefer to continue a positive relationship with their former employer so the employer can be used as a reference later on in their career.

5 Tips for Your Professional Resignation Letter

  • Include the current date of notice and the date of your last day of work
  • Try to provide two weeks’ notice
  • Express gratitude for the opportunity at the organization for a positive tone
  • Offer help with the smooth transition of your job duties
  • Sign it for a personal and professional touch

5 Mistakes to Avoid

  • Do not use it as a platform to rant about your issues
  • Do not resign over the phone or email if possible
  • Do not insult the company or staff
  • Try not to quit a job and leave immediately the same day
  • Do not include specific and elaborate details for reasons of your resignation

Sample Letter Template to Use When Inserting Your Body Paragraphs

You can tailor the following free template to your specific work situation when using these sample resignation letters. Remember to use the best practices to keep your own letter professional and avoid any slanderous comments.

Ideally, the first paragraph will contain your personal contact information as outlined below, with you altering the second and third paragraphs with some details of the resignation. In using these examples of resignation letters, remember to give as much notice as possible so your present employer can find a suitable replacement for your position.

This short document will include key information for the appropriate person in the human resources department to update your employment records.

[Your First Name and Last Name]
[Street Address]
[City, State Zip Code]
[Email Address]

[Today’s Date]

[Your Boss’ or Manager’s Name]
[Company Name]
[Street Address]
[City, State Zip Code]

Dear [Mr./Ms. Boss’/Manager’s Last Name]:

This formal letter provides written notice of my resignation from my current position of [title]. My last day of employment here at [company name] will be [end date].

[Insert your body second paragraph here. Depending on your situation, you may have the third paragraph as well. See below for some resignation letter sample choices to suit many personal circumstances.]

Please let me know how you prefer to transition my remaining work. I can continue to be reached at 777-777-7777 and email@email.com.


Signature (if submitting a hard copy letter)
[Your Printed First and Last Name]

Here are the 45 template body paragraphs for various situations. Submitting a cordial letter with a sufficient notice period goes a long way in giving you a positive referral for future employment, even if you are seeking a job in another industry.

Some of these samples will help you leave your job on a positive note and ensure that your exit interview will be stress-free. Other samples help you remain tactful when you need to rage quit.

Why You Are Resigning: Your Situation Has Changed

1. Giving Your Resignation to Go Back to School
I plan to return to school in the coming weeks to further my education in the marketing sector. I am thoroughly grateful for the positive experiences and opportunities under your direction at [company name]. I know the skills I have learned as a [position title] will benefit me as I continue my career path.

2. Relocating to Another City or Town
Although I have thoroughly enjoyed working as a [position title], I am sorry to inform you that I will be relocating to [city/town/state] soon. Unfortunately, this movement prevents me from continuing my employment with your organization.

My time at [company name] has been a terrific experience for me working as part of your team. I have made many friends and have always felt supported during my employment.

3. Retiring from Work Permanently
Even though I have enjoyed my time here at [company name], after 24 years of service, it is time to enjoy the next phase of my life. Therefore, this is my formal notice of resignation as I transition to retiring from my [job title] position.

Even as I look forward to my upcoming retirement, I will miss all the friends I have made along the way and our connections. I appreciate your continuing support as I complete my career with [ABC Company].

4. Leaving Work Due to Health Reasons
Recently, I have been in contact with my doctor concerning some health issues that have come up. Because of my current job workload, I have been experiencing unfortunate complications with my health. After consulting a specialist, I will follow my doctor’s advice and leave my position as the best way to focus on getting better.

I am thankful for the endless opportunities here at [company name] and appreciate the supportive team I worked with during my time here.

5. Resigning Because of Personal Reasons
Unfortunately, some pressing personal circumstances have recently arisen, interfering with my ability to perform my job duties effectively. Therefore, for personal reasons, I am resigning from my position of [job title].

I cannot focus my energy and attention on my position as it requires. So, since I need time to take care of these matters, stepping away is the best solution at this time. I am grateful for my time working at [company name].

6. Quitting Your Job So You Can Travel Extensively
Currently, I am resigning from my position of [job title], so I can travel extensively, which makes working at [company name] impossible. This action is the best solution, so there are no hard feelings with other staff members who work hard for their vacation hours.

However, I am thankful for everything that I have learned during my employment here.

7. Leaving Your Job to Work in an Entirely Different Industry
While I have enjoyed working as a [position title] at [company name], I am submitting my formal resignation letter as a professional courtesy. I have decided for a career change in a different direction.

Although I will be working in another industry, I know that the skills I developed while employed here are beneficial as I continue my new job. Thank you for all the training and positive reinforcement I received while working at [company name].

8. Resigning to Start Your Own Business
As you may not know, I have decided to branch out and start my own consulting business. This way, I can utilize the skills and knowledge I have gained to benefit the private sector.

I will forever remember my time at [company name] as I continue my career path.

9. Leaving Because You Don’t Need the Money Right Now
Although I have found my time at [company name] a positive experience, I have recently had a change in financial circumstances that allows me the opportunity not to work any longer.

I am grateful for the supportive team I have had the chance to work with through the years and will always think fondly of my time here. I would be happy to provide you with some referrals to find a replacement for [job title] position within the team for an easy transition process.

10. Resigning Because You Need a Change
Unfortunately, I need to step away from my position of [job title] for a change of employment. Although [company name] has been a terrific place to work, I need to resign and explore other opportunities outside of this niche.

Thank you for the training I received under your direction during my time here. I have learned a lot and will take many of the lessons and knowledge with me as I expand my horizons for my career.

Why You Are Resigning: Family Reasons

11. Quitting Because of Lack of Childcare Options
Unfortunately, it is difficult to hand in my resignation, but I have no choice. Currently, I am out of options for stable childcare and cannot fulfill my job duties. I wish I could do more, but without a dedicated place for my children to go to each day, I cannot adhere to my employment contract’s scheduled work hours.

I am grateful for the time working with the team at [company name], and one day I hope to return when it is feasible for my family and me.

12. Leaving Because of Family Responsibilities
Unfortunately, I have had some serious family responsibilities that have been interfering with my present job duties. Since these personal elements are affecting my work progress, I feel it is best to resign to tend to these matters with the attention they need.

I want to thank you for understanding this delicate matter and appreciate the opportunities that [company name] has given me through the years.

13. Leaving Your Job for Maternity/Paternity Leave
As I prepare for my first child, I feel it is best to submit my formal resignation as a [job position]. Since I am unsure if I will return to work after my maternity leave is complete, I feel it is best to allow a suitable replacement to take over.

This way, I do not put the management team at [company name] in a difficult situation later. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the team here, and I would like to keep in contact for a possible return to work in the future.

Why You Are Resigning: You Hate Your Job

14. Rage Quit: Quitting Because You Hate Your Job or Current Boss
With the recent escalation of events at [company name], I am resigning from my position as [job title]. Unfortunately, I cannot continue my employment contract due to the lack of communication from my supervisor and the inability to complete my tasks correctly under improper guidance.

These circumstances are not ideal for me to perform my duties effectively or responsibly as a [job title]. However, without a supportive team, I cannot remain at an organization that does not value its employees or holds management to their codes of ethics and in a professional manner.

15. Rage Quit: Resigning Due to Conflicts with Your Coworkers
After careful consideration, I am submitting my resignation because of the toxic work environment and inability to maintain a professional workplace. With an escalation of personal attacks on my character and ability to perform my job as a [job position] from other team members, I have no other choice but to leave to pursue an appointment with a future employer.

I do hope that this situation will bring to light some of the serious issues that the company has within your Sales department. Without proper intervention, it could escalate into further problems for other team members.

16. Rage Quit: Resigning Due to Discrimination
It pains me to submit a formal complaint along with my resignation, but I have no choice but to pursue further action on this matter. I have faced discrimination several times during my employment as the [job position] with [company name]. Even when using the proper channels for resolution, it has gone untouched.

It should come as no surprise that I will not remain here to face this disparaging behavior continually. However, I hope that your organization will address the individuals in question so further employees are not susceptible to this type of toxic workplace.

17. Rage Quit: Leaving Because You Were Overlooked for a Promotion
Through my entire career here at [company name], I have put forth more effort and dedication to my position as a [job title] than others on the team have in the past few years. I previously understood that once the Floor Manager retired, I would be next in succession for the position.

Unfortunately, I was overlooked for this promotion as it was offered to a colleague who has less work experience and schooling. Because of this change, I cannot continue working for a company that does not see my worth and professionalism.

18. Rage Quit: Resigning Because of Workplace Abuse and Harassment
This resignation notice accompanies my formal complaint, which outlines the workplace abuse and harassment I have been the subject of during my time at [company name]. From racial slurs to personal attacks, I find this continuing behavior unacceptable in a professional environment.

I cannot remain at an organization that allows threatening and belittling behavior from management and their staff to continue even after filing a grievance with the union.

Why You Are Resigning: You Found Something Better

19. Quitting to Accept a Better Job Opportunity
At this time, I have decided to accept a position with another organization where I can continue with my career plan. This way, I can further my skill set and knowledge in my market niche.

Even though I am thankful for the opportunities I received while employed here at [company name], I look forward to exploring further advancements in a new position.

Why You Are Resigning: Unfair or Bad Company Treatment

20. Quitting Due to Lack of Benefits
While I have found my job at [company name] stimulating and productive, I find the lack of health and dental benefits frustrating. However, these attributes can help offset lower wages and family circumstances where these benefits are helpful.

I am unfortunately resigning to search for a job that can accommodate my needs for including these additional elements in an employment contract. I thank you for providing the position of [job title] for the past three years, as I have enhanced many professional skills during my employment.

21. Resigning Due to Recent Pay Cuts
After the recent pay cuts that are effective throughout the company, I have decided to submit my formal resignation. Unfortunately, I cannot stay on with [company name] at the lower pay scale in my position and will need to find employment elsewhere.

I appreciate the time I had while working as the [job position], and I will continue to use the skills I have developed to further my career.

22. Leaving Because of a Demotion
I am resigning after the recent changes where my position was eliminated and demoted to a floor sales associate. I believe that my time as a floor manager was successful, and extinguishing my job is not a positive step in the right direction for my career.

I am unwilling to step back into the role of a floor sales associate and am motivated to find a position elsewhere that will effectively utilize my management skills. However, I am grateful for working here at [company name] for the past two years.

23. Quitting Because You Do Not Like the Company
After spending time in my role as a [job position], I realize that my personal and professional values do not align with those at [company name]. Because of this discrepancy, I think it is best to part ways to pursue future employment in an organization that mirrors my principles.

24. Quitting Due to Lack of Training
As the scope of my job advances with ever-changing technology, I find it challenging to keep up to date with the necessary tools required to perform my job as a [job title]. Therefore, since I could not have the opportunity for further training to help me with my job tasks, I am submitting my resignation.

Thank you for the chance to work at [company name], and I carry the knowledge I have learned here as I continue my career.

25. Quitting Due to Refusal for Leave of Absence
After my direct supervisor refuses a potential leave of absence, I am inclined to submit my resignation. Although I understand your company’s position on an extended leave of absence, this limitation does not align with my current priorities.

I thank you for the time working as a [job position] while at [company name].

26. Leaving Your Position Because You Do Not Feel Safe at Your Job
I am submitting my resignation because of increased employee incidents regarding personal safety at [company name]. As a proactive measure, I feel it is the best time to quit my position as [job position].

I hope my resignation will open up lines of communication within [company name] to follow safety procedures for all employees going forward.

27. Quitting Due to Ethical Concerns of Client Requests
During my time here at [company name], several clients have approached me with unethical requests concerning their case files. Unfortunately, I cannot remain at an organization that operates with a client base that feels these business practices are suitable and legal.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with the team as a [job position].

28. Leaving Because You Cannot Change from Full-Time to Part-Time
After consulting with my department head regarding a change of work hours, it has become apparent that I will not be allowed to modify my full-time employment to part-time hours. Since switching to a decrease in work hours is not feasible for my position as a [job title], I have no other choice but to resign and find a job that can accommodate my reduction of hours.

I am grateful for the time I have had here at [company name] and am thankful for the supportive staff on my team during my employment.

Why You Are Resigning: Your Job Isn’t a Good Fit for You

29. Resigning Because You Have No Room to Advance Within the Company
Because of the insufficient future opportunities for growth here at [company name], I am choosing to leave my position as [job title]. Without room to advance, I feel stuck in a place that does not fulfill my success needs.

However, I am grateful for my time with the supportive staff and management team here as I continue advancing my career in a new role elsewhere.

30. Leaving Your Job Because You Are Not Using All Your Skills or Knowledge to the Fullest
After careful consideration, I am submitting my resignation due to the stringent limitations of my job position as [job title].

Unfortunately, I am currently not using my background knowledge and education in this role to the full extent. Because of this, I will be exploring opportunities elsewhere where I will grow and develop my skills during my career.

31. Leaving Because You Are Not Satisfied with the Position
Unfortunately, after some deliberation regarding my job duties, I feel that they do not align with my career goals for the future. Therefore, I will be looking for a job that will better suit my training and skillset.

I appreciate the opportunity presented to me for employment at [company name].

32. Leaving Your Position Due to a Change of Duties and Responsibilities
Unfortunately, I cannot continue my position after the recent changes in my job duties as a [job title]. In addition, I am not confident that I can give the necessary attention this job requires with the modifications.

Thank you for the many opportunities I received while employed at [company name].

33. Resigning Due to Seasonal Layoffs
Because this position is a seasonal job, I cannot remain available until the market picks up and requires me to return to [company name]. In addition, with pressing financial concerns, I must find full-time employment with another company.

I am grateful for working as a [job position] and thank you for the opportunity to be part of your team for the past six years.

34. Giving Your Resignation After a Change in Ownership, Management, or Restructuring
After the recent changes [in ownership/the department] at [company name], I am unable to continue my employment as [job position]. I am grateful for the time I have had while here at [company name], as the skills I have gained will be beneficial through the next steps of my career path.

Why You Are Resigning: Lack of Work/Life Balance

35. Quitting a Position for More Flexibility in Your Life
When examining my current home and work-life balance, it is apparent that I do not have enough flexibility necessary for my family’s benefit. Working as a [job position] has been a good experience for me, and I am grateful for the opportunities provided through [company name]. However, I must step away to explore a more balanced lifestyle between my career and my family.

36. Resigning Due to Lack of Remote Work Options
Unfortunately, the lack of remote work options present at [company name] has made my employment as a [job title] inconvenient for my current circumstances. Although I can continue my job duties remotely, I believe being present in the office three times a week is unnecessary and not cost-effective. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the time I had here, and I will carry the skills I have built during my employment through my career.

37. Quitting Your Job Because of an Increased Demand of Work Duties
While I have enjoyed my time as the [job position] at [company name], I am resigning due to increased job duties. Unfortunately, I cannot perform my job to its full extent with this addition of tasks.

With overwhelming gratitude, I feel it is in my best interest to allow someone else the opportunity to work in this position. Thank you for the chance to work as the [job title] with [company name] for the past two years.

38. Leaving Your Job Because of Extensive Commuting
With recent changes regarding the commuting options available, the lengthy traveling does not allow me ample time to spend with my family and maintain personal relationships. As a result, I find it increasingly difficult to keep my position here at [company name] and submit my resignation to find employment closer to home.

Resigning without Giving Two Weeks’ Notice

39. Leaving Your Job and Giving Less Than Two Weeks’ Notice Letter
I understand this is short notice, but unfortunately, I cannot continue after this date. However, I appreciate the opportunities here at [company name] and will do my best to tie up any loose ends of my current projects before this time.

40. Resigning on the Spot Without Any Notice
Unfortunately, this immediate resignation letter is effective today. Although not ideal, I believe it is best for everyone involved that I terminate my employment contract.

However, I am grateful for the opportunity to work here at [company name] for the past four years. The skills I have built while working as a [job position] will be valuable as I continue my career.

Forced Resignations or When You Don’t Want to Leave

41. Quitting Instead of Being Fired
Under the guidance of the Board of Directors, I am resigning from my position as [job title]. I appreciate the many opportunities I received while at [company name]. However, after the recent events, it seems that resigning would be the best course of action at this time.

42. Heartfelt Resignation When You Wish You Could Stay
It is with sadness that I provide my formal notice at [ABC Company]. It is a difficult decision for me to leave the position as a [job title]. However, I can suggest a suitable candidate from my team who could successfully take over my job.

As I have made many friends through the years, I will deeply miss the supportive environment and personal connections which made my time here memorable.

43. Resigning Because You Cannot Renew Your Work Visa
Although I have thoroughly enjoyed working as a [job position] here at [company name], it saddens me to submit my resignation. Unfortunately, I cannot renew my work visa and cannot continue legal employment with your organization.

I appreciate the time your company has invested in my training and advancing my skills during my employment here.

Minimal Effort Resignations 

44. Giving Your Resignation Notice Through Email
Although I would have preferred to give my notice to you personally, certain circumstances have made that impossible to do and still provide you with sufficient notice. Nevertheless, I hope you understand my position and accept this email as a written acknowledgment of my resignation.

I appreciate the opportunities I had here at [company name] and am grateful for the support of everyone who has worked with me during my time of employment.

45. Quitting Your Job Without Providing a Reason to the Employer
I am grateful for all the opportunities you provided to me during my time here at [company name]. I am giving my two weeks’ notice to allow ample time for interviewing a replacement for my position.

I have cultivated many professional relationships and contacts while acting as the [job position title], and I will miss everyone.


Resignation letters are necessary even when you do not like your job or are changing career paths. This official document is to provide your final day of work and not to go into detail about your grievances. You should craft your own resignation letter that has a great deal of professionalism and refrains from burning bridges that could help you later with your career path.

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