50+ Greatest Resume Summary Examples of All-Time

A resume summary is a one or two-sentence statement located at the top of your resume which highlights your skills and abilities. It should immediately communicate the value you would bring to a potential job, making it easy for potential employers to see how your talents would apply to the position.

Here we cover 70 resume summary examples, but first, let’s cover some critical tips and mistakes to avoid when drafting your own resume summary.

5 Tips for the Perfect Resume Summary

  • Focus on your biggest selling point in the first sentence while summarizing your career background
  • Outline your greatest achievement or relatable work experience
  • Be concise but include specific details, such as numbers and applicable data
  • Include exact tasks or duties that are in the job description
  • Tailor the summary to the specific job whenever possible

5 Mistakes to Avoid

These five mistakes can have a hiring manager skip right over your application and onto the next individual.

  • Your opening statement is too vague and lacks detail
  • Using complicated language or proprietary abbreviations a potential employer may not know
  • It is extremely lengthy, making the hiring manager avoid reading the entire section and passes over your resume
  • Do not include a general statement that you want to work for their company
  • Not including the same terminology and skills that are listed in the job description

70 Greatest Resume Summary Examples to Use Today

You should craft your resume and application to the open position you want, and the resume summary should be customizable to match each job. While you may have one or two resume variations, you can adjust the summary with each application to help make your chances better at getting an interview.

With dozens of industries for job seekers, these 70 resume summaries are crafted for many situations, helping you find the best sample resume summary to use on your job search.

General and Non-Specific for Anyone Anywhere in Any Profession

If you do not have a current specialization or are unsure which direction you want your career to take, having a general resume summary can help get your foot in the door to your next job.

1. General Professional Resume Summary
Dependable and dedicated employee with over 15 years of previous experience in the supply chain industry. Highly motivated individual to advance current skill set and build on existing knowledge continuing through a professional career.

2. Non-Specific Industry Work Summary
Extremely motivated team player with experience spanning customer service, supply chain management, and the service industry throughout 9 years of employment history. Exceptional time management skills to maintain tight deadlines and complete tasks within the necessary requirements set out by management.

3. All-Encompassing Professional Summary
With over 10 years of professional office experience, possess extensive working knowledge of multiple computer software programs, including database entry. Holding advanced time-management skills that are useful when handling various projects that require alternating deadlines in the workplace.

Students Without Work Experience

Often individuals in school or recently graduated from an educational institution will not have work experience. In these situations, using a career objective can be effective at getting your resume noticed.

4. Recent Graduates Summary Example
A dedicated recent graduate of XYZ School with an MBA specializing in the accounting stream. High aptitude for regional and federal tax laws for both personal and business returns. Extremely motivated to use recent schooling as the new Junior Accounting Clerk at XYZ Company.

5. Upcoming Graduate Sample
Upcoming graduate from XYZ School bringing ABC Certificate and an excitement for entering the marketing industry. During school hours, volunteered as the Student Mentor to help individuals who required additional resources after-hours. This task has provided the tools and skills necessary to join the production team at [Company Name].

6. New Graduate Resume Summary
New graduate of the Journalism Program at ABC School, with previously published work featured in ABA Online Magazine. Excited to begin a career using existing talents and education to benefit the team at XYZ Company.

High School Students

High school students just starting in the workforce will need all the help they can get with a professional-looking resume summary to stand out among other potential candidates.

7. Summary for Students Without Previous Experience
Recent high school graduate with Valedictorian and Honor Roll achievements for junior and senior school years. A contributing member of the student newspaper for all school sports and local activities.

8. Students Seeking Part-Time Work
As a motivated member of the school newspaper, The Voice, aiming to expand working knowledge of the industry by using current education in a part-time position at your organization. Possessing a typing speed of over 55 words per minute, and having impeccable attention to detail, which is beneficial for any office setting requiring a file clerk.

9. Resume Summary for Student Internships
Current high school student at ABC School with courses focusing on economics and finance, eager to put educational background to work during an internship at XYZ Company and apply knowledge of statistics and finance when providing monthly reports to the Board of Directors on your newest product line.

College Students

Completing college training is an excellent way to use your current knowledge on your application for obtaining the career of your choice.

10. Entry-Level Positions for College Students
Highly skilled graduate from ABC College with relevant experience working with the Student Body President on several social club activities. A member of the Social Club for three years, with a passion for event planning and budgeting.

11. College Students Applying for an Internship Position
Highly motivated student with a GPA of 3.8, possessing the education and comprehensive knowledge of database systems that you are looking for in your next summer intern. Previous working expertise surrounding a programming project, designing and implementing a formula to extract data from several sample client records for creating reports quickly without any security breaches.

12. Ideal Resume Summary for College Students Seeking Part-Time Work
Local student with ABC College seeking a part-time position as the Receptionist at XYZ Organization to build work experience while managing current course load. Bringing time-management skills gained while in school through completion of courseload while maintaining a 25-hour workweek and building workplace knowledge.

For Multiple Jobs

Sometimes it is necessary to have a resume summary that will suit multiple job applications, depending on the industry.

13. Suitable Summary for Using to Apply for Multiple Jobs
An efficient and talented customer service representative possessing over 6 six years of industry training and past experience. Extremely motivated to advance current skill set and evolve a career path that focuses on customer satisfaction and fulfillment.

14. Versatile Summary to Use for Similar Positions
A professional and effective customer service representative with over 8 years of experience regularly handling cash and credit transactions. Possess up-to-date certifications for First Aid and CPR, as well as the Food Safety and Handling certificate.

15. Ideal Resume Summary for Identical Positions
A dedicated and professional administrator with 12 years of shipping and receiving experience in a warehouse setting. Highly skilled at maintaining stock levels and coordinating shipments to maximize effectiveness during deliveries and reduce overhead costs.

For Entry-Level Jobs

Securing an entry-level job is easier when potential candidates use a practical resume summary to show off their skills and training.

16. Great Resume Summary for Entry-Level Candidates
Highly organized and adaptable employee ready for a full-time position. Acted as the Student Mentor for the English Department at ABC College and aim to continue a career path of advancing skills and experience through the HR Department at XYZ Company.

17. Terrific Resume Summary for Entry-Level Job Applications
Effective and efficient professional who is ready to use education to learn the ropes in the marketing industry from the ground up. Motivated to put advertising background experience to the test as the new Junior Executive at ABC Company.

18. Ideal Summary When Applying for Entry-Level Positions
An experienced customer service representative, regularly handling confidential client files and managing product shipments. Exceptional background knowledge of database management and client invoicing, seeking to contribute this experience in the XYZ position at ABC Company.

Showing Leadership

Showcasing essential soft skills, like leadership ability, are terrific additions to a professional resume summary.

19. Project Manager
Highly effective Project Manager with 4 years’ experience handling a team of co-workers across two district offices. Efficient time management, which aided in completing all projects from last quarter ahead of schedule.

20. District Manager
Proficient District Manager overseeing 7 east-coast branch offices for the past 10 years while working at the XYZ Organization. Exceptional leadership skills, helping to keep employee turnaround at only 2%, the lowest it has been at with the company in the past 20 years.
Successfully organized the annual corporate conference for all employees 3 years in a row.

21. Shift Supervisor
Valuable shift supervisor overseeing designated team members to always ensure ultimate customer satisfaction and efficiency. Received Employee of the Month for improving the company’s quality rating. Additionally, initiated the Employee Continuing Education Program during employment at ABC Company.

Showing Management Expertise

Management expertise is a crucial element in many positions throughout several industries. If you are applying for a management position, ensure your work experience reflects this transferable skill.

22. Branch Manager
Successful Branch Manager with experience leading a team of individuals throughout the office. Helped to increase productivity by 10% while ensuring ample communication throughout each department for supply orders.

23. Shift Manager
A seasoned shift manager for 4 years, overseeing a team of 12 individuals. Entirely responsible for all shift scheduling, approval of work hours, and handling any employee disputes with grace and effectiveness. After 4 years, received a promotion to Floor Manager, further enhancing current management skills and continuing a professional career path.

24. Floor Manager
Working as the floor manager for the past 7 years, responsibilities included all scheduling complaints and disputes for a team of 15 employees. In addition, acted as the employee liaison between the floor staff and the management team to ensure proper communication when processes changed or required adjustments.

For a Career Changer

Changing careers is more common than ever before, and a professional summary that highlights your background experience will be beneficial.

25. Changing Careers Across Industries
Dedicated and focused manager with transferable skills including exceptional customer service, and innovative problem-solving attributes. Initiated on-site training with a team of employees, beginning a path for following a career in Human Resources and Employee Development.

26. Changing Careers Due to Layoffs
An accomplished professional with 17 years of experience in the foodservice industry is motivated to take the next step in a career path, including marketing and advertising. A background expertise in dealing with clients for over 25 years has provided the tools necessary to appeal to clients of all demographics.

27. Changing Careers Due to Relocation
Experienced branch manager with 9 years in previous position, seeking to utilize management background in the production industry in [location]. Extremely excited to leverage history of facilitating schedules, budgets, billings and communication in the role of a production coordinator at ABC Company.

Administrative Resume Summaries

Administration positions require a great deal of professionalism and time management skills, which are beneficial to include in a summary at the top of your resume.

28. Administrative Assistant
Highly proficient administrative assistant with 5 years of professional experience handling multi-line phone systems and all inbound and outbound communication. Possess Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint certifications and can handle various database management software programs.

29. Receptionist
Professional receptionist with 2 years of front desk experience. Possess exceptional typing skills of 65 words per minute and can successfully manage and operate computers using both Windows and Mac operating systems with ease.

30. Executive Assistant
Accomplished executive assistant for the management team at XYZ Company for over 7 years. Working knowledge of proprietary database software and a proven track record at creating annual budget spreadsheets and reports in a timely manner.

31. Office Manager
Dedicated office manager for over 8 years, overseeing administrative personnel and handling all incoming and outgoing company communication. Acted as the liaison between front-end staff and Human Resources department for several years.

Customer Services Resume Summaries

Many industries require exceptional customer service attributes, making this skill critical to include in your professional career summary when applying for these jobs.

32. Customer Service
Knowledgeable customer service representative with over 12 years of experience in the retail industry. Extremely attentive and thorough with both opening and closing shifts with stock supply management.

33. Cashier
Experienced cashier for the past 20 years in the supply chain market. Highly meticulous in ensuring cash floats and bank deposits balance each shift for smooth operations with less than 0.5% margin of error throughout professional employment.

34. Floor Sales Representative
As a floor sales representative for the past 5 years, gained the customer service skills necessary to help clients know what they need in a product. Intuitive nature and approachable demeanor were vital in gaining customer trust and building a connection during each transaction, which helped for repeat business.

Medical Resume Summaries

The medical field involves essential training and skills for many niches, so highlighting your education and experience for any medical resume can help you get an interview for your next job.

35. Caregiver
A knowledgeable professional caregiver to the elderly for over 10 years. Background experience focusing on patients with Diabetes and other diet restrictions, such as Celiac Disease and lactose intolerances.

36. New Graduate Nurse
Recently graduated with honors from the Bachelor of Science in Nursing through ABC University. Highly motivated to begin a career in pediatrics, focusing on long-term patient care and recovery.

37. Nurse
Accomplished RN with over 5 years of experience working in the emergency department and on the palliative care ward. Aiming to expand current knowledge of pediatrics while advancing through the industry and building on current skills.

38. Medical Assistant
Proficient medical assistant with 4 years of office experience at the ABC Clinic. Knowledgeable with appointment scheduling, maintaining current patient records, and keeping files up to date. Exceptional time-management skills when balancing patient needs with demands from the office staff.

39. Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
Qualified CAN with 6 years of working experience at the XYZ Care Facility. Specializing in personal grooming, administering medications, and compassionate care for long-term patients.

General Business Resume Summaries

A general business resume can encompass human resources, project management, or other critical business processes that involve specialized skill sets. The skills needed for your potential job need to be front and center on your resume summary to grab the hiring manager’s attention right away.

40. Human Resources
A qualified HR Manager with over 8 years of experience. Specialization in handling staff records, recruitment, and staffing, hiring, and dismissal procedures with professionalism.

41. Data Analyst
Dedicated data analyst with experience creating necessary quarterly reports for the Board of Directors at ABC Company to help guide stakeholder decisions. Productive even under tight deadlines and multiple requests from the management team.

42. Business Analyst
Successful business analyst with over 4 years of consulting experience in the manufacturing industry. Proficient with multiple supply chain processes and determining the most effective procedures for ultimate efficiency and customer satisfaction.

43. Project Manager
Seasoned project manager with extensive background experience handling multiple clients simultaneously while meeting strict deadlines. Knowledgeable with Microsoft Project, database management, and creating progress reports for customers throughout the process for maintaining exceptional client communication.

Education Resume Summaries

The education field consists of degrees and accreditations that can help you stand out against other potential candidates when applying for a childcare or teaching position.

44. Childcare Worker
Seasoned childcare worker with 10 years of professional experience with children ages 5 and under. Possesses both Standard and Emergency First Aid and CPR, along with Infant First Aid and CPR certification.

45. Case Manager
Highly efficient Case Manager handling over 100 files in the Child and Family Services Division at the County Office for the past 5 years. Knowledgeable with local and regional court guidelines, making processing paperwork easier for families.

46. Teacher
Devoted and dedicated teacher with experience in grades 2 through 8 at the ABC School. Initiated the After-School Homework Club for students with additional learning needs. Aiming to continue a career in the primary education system.

47. Social Worker
A registered social worker with over 12 years of work history surrounding at-risk youth in the inner-city. Helped start the recreational basketball league for underage kids living in the group home. Extremely dedicated to continuing a career in this industry by helping children and young adults in the city.

Food Services Resume Summaries

The foodservice industry focuses on customer service and professional food handling procedures. Any accolades or safety training is vital when crafting the ideal resume summary for this niche.

48. Server
Expert server with 8 years’ experience in the fast-food industry. Proficient with Point-of-Sale registers and possess exceptional customer service skills. Up to date with all safe food handling courses.

49. Hostess
An experienced hostess with exceptional customer service skills and over 3 years working history at ABC Restaurant. Greeted customers, provided drinks and menus, along with helping dedicated servers during rush hours.

50. Bartender
An accomplished bartender showcasing over 5 years’ experience in the night service industry. Highly efficient customer service representative while meeting all stock needs throughout the shift. Possess additional flair training, which helps to draw in more interest with repeat customers and build customer connections.

51. Line Cook
Educated and knowledgeable line cook with designations for European and Western cuisine at XYZ Restaurant. Currently completing Asian and French cuisine courses to advance current skill set and further a career within the foodservice industry.

General Labor Resume Summaries

Labor positions require a great deal of organizational ability and ingenuity, which are excellent soft skills to include on your resume summary for these job applications.

52. Warehouse Worker
Accomplished warehouse worker with over 4 years of packing and shipping orders without any product deviation. Experience in monitoring stock and handling any shortages, and maintaining timely ordering processes to increase the chances of stock availability for clients.

53. Housekeeper
A professional housekeeper, possessing state-of-the-art industry training on eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning solutions. Bringing meticulous attention to detail, which helped to grow existing client base by 25% in the first year of operation.

54. General Laborer
A capable and energetic laborer with over 6 six years’ employment experience working in both indoor and outdoor settings. Extremely knowledgeable and certified to operate heavy machinery, including items such as a forklift, pallet jack, and skid steer.

Sales Resume Summaries

It can be helpful to include details on sales statistics and other employment details when crafting a sales resume summary that will be effective.

55. Sales Associate
Proficient sales associate for over 3 years, working with a team of 5 others on the floor. Received the Top Sales Award for last quarter and came in second place four times over the past two years, giving the attributes necessary to continue a career in the sales field.

56. Product Sales Representative
Successfully maintained above-average closing sales each month while at ABC Company for over 12 years. Extensive experience in closing strategies has provided the expertise to leverage current skillset for the benefit of XYZ Organization in the Floor Sales Manager position.

57. Software Sales Rep
Top software sales rep at ABC Company last quarter, committed to helping the team at XYZ Organization achieve monthly quotas for software sales on the East Coast. Coming with personable approach to clients’ needs and ability to build professional relationships that foster repeat business.

Technical Career Resume Summaries

Technical skills should be the first thing a hiring manager sees on your resume when applying for specialized jobs in various professions. These details will help grab attention to your application, so that you can land an interview.

58. Engineer
Professional Mechanical Engineer with certification focusing on research and development. Worked on a team to develop the recent upgrades to the manufacturing plant to help improve efficiency and safety for production line workers.

59. Military
Decorated military personnel with over 10 years of dedicated service to the Light Infantry Division at ABC Base. Highly motivated to continue a career with the Armed Forces and extend current skills to include a wide range of industry knowledge, including finance and budget planning.

60. IT Specialist
An experienced IT customer support staff with extensive technical skills dealing with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Proficient in both hardware and software upgrades for all models in the market.

61. Software Engineer
Knowledgeable software engineer with extensive experience for Windows, Mac, and Oracle Linux operating systems. Highly proficient in database software, with a specialization in network applications across multiple platforms.

Marketing Resume Summaries

The marketing niche requires specialized out-of-the-box thinking and other soft skills that potential employees should be sure to highlight in their resume summary.

62. Marketing and Advertising Executive
Marketing and Advertising Executive with more than 12 years of experience in the medical supply industry. Exceptional knowledge of up-to-date medical devices and supplies essential for private and government-regulated physician offices.

63. Advertising Assistant
Worked as a proficient and effective advertising assistant for ABC Company for over 6 years. Gained exceptional knowledge of the business processes and procedures pertaining to various client files to meet customer demands.

64. Advertising Clerk
Gained a working knowledge of many marketing procedures and processes necessary for success while working as a professional administrator in the advertising department at ABC Company for the past five years.

Financial Services Resume Summaries

Attention to detail and minimal errors are key elements to any financial services position. These resume summaries should showcase a proficient level of skills that emulate what the employer is looking for in a candidate.

65. Accountant
Certified Public Accountant with 10 years of industry experience. Highly proficient when following tight deadlines and dedicated to ensuring all annual reporting follows local, regional, and federal guidelines.

66. Bookkeeper
Proficient bookkeeper with 5 years of experience with accounts payable, receivable, and payroll processing. Accurate ledger records and monthly reconciliations for multiple clients throughout my accounting career.

67. Financial Analyst
A highly experienced financial analyst with 4 years of budget forecasting background for ABC Company. Created multiple financial analysis reports to present to shareholders annually for all management levels.

Retail Resume Summaries

The retail industry is customer-driven, focusing on supply and demand principles. Resume summaries that show practical knowledge regarding inventory and high customer satisfaction will help you the most.

68. Retail Sales Associate
An enthusiastic retail sales associate with 7 years of exceptional customer service experience in the fashion industry. Received Employee of the Month award last quarter for top sales in the store. Knowledgeable with sales trends, floor stock models, and weekly supply orders to maintain sufficient available products for customers.

69. Real Estate Sales Associate
Professional and customer-driven real estate sales associate with extensive market knowledge spanning 7 years of experience handling residential and commercial real estate. Received the Real Estate Agent of the Year award for top sales in the district for two years in a row.

70. Retail Mobile Device Clerk
Approachable and knowledgeable mobile device clerk in the retail industry with over 11 years of sales experience at the local depot location. Extremely focused on finding the best product to suit the client’s needs without using pressure sales tactics to close an unnecessary purchase.


We’ve covered some terrific ways to craft the perfect resume summary so your application gets the attention it needs for an interview. These resume summaries should be the first thing qualified candidates include to showcase their relevant skills that meet the needs of the company.

Experienced professionals who include this brief statement outlining their career highlights and resume objectives will find that it is the best way to get HR managers to read the rest of your resume and invite you in for an interview.

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