Rivkin Radler Salary

Rivkin Radler is a law firm in New York that is prestigious and known for their excellent track record. This is a law firm that has a legacy that dates back more than 60 years. It is headquartered in New York city and employs more than 150 professional lawyers. Gaining employment at this law firm is not easily achieved. There are very important clients that Rivkin Radler represents including Fortune 500 companies and other influential entrepreneurs. The legal services that are provided by Rivkin Radler are known for being the best in the industry.

Salaries and Jobs

Gaining employment with this law firm is not something that is easily achieved. There are a number of different jobs and the most prestigious jobs come attached to the highest salaries within the law firm. Associates earn about $114,000 in salary annually and lawyers typically earn about $178,000 each year. A senior associate earns closer to $120,000. This means that gaining employment with Rivkin Radler allows for high earning potential within the industry. There are few law firms that have higher median salaries than Rivkin Radler.

Leading Law Firms

The high salaries that are offered at Rivkin Radler are due to the reputation of this law firm. It is known as one of the leading law firms in the country. Not only are the lawyers that work for this firm respected, but they are also known for being very aggressive. Some of the most difficult and groundbreaking cases have been headed by this law firm. It is a firm that has been gaining momentum for many years and is now getting recognition for their track record and accomplishments. The firm began in 1950, but has come a long way over the years. It started as a small law firm, but has quickly become one of the largest and most well known firms in the country. Law students at the top of their class are the ones with visions of working for this law firm one day. Rivkin and Radler might offer high salaries, but this law firm is extremely selective.

Controversial Cases

This is a law firm that is not afraid to take on controversial cases that get a lot of backlash. They have taken on cases involving the World Trade Center, Bayer Pharmaceuticals and Columbia University. It is a law firm that requires hard work and dedication by their staff in order to earn the high salaries that are offered.

Famous Legal Cases

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